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  1. very old players

    Tashtar here, started out in DEL, Defenders of the Lands in 2006 after spine surgery put me down for 11 months. 10 years later I am still here from time to time. I see some of my old friends in DEL and have even met some of the in RL. I belong in EL group n Facebook too. Have fun here, cause the RL world can be NO FUN sometimes. Good Day!
  2. Update issues

    As far as I know there is no update version that will accommodate Mac OSX 10.3.9 ....yet *fingers crossed*. I have been searching the topics to try to catch one asap. This is a forum post in this regard from 0ctane today at 4pm: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...26812&st=20 and quote from an e-mail I received from Octane 2 days ago: "Well, 10.3.9 is not supported in this release. Sorry. I do not have a 10.3.9 system to build and test the game on anymore. Maybe we can get together some of the other 10.3.9 people and try to teach everyone how to compile the game. I know one other person was hoping to play under 10.3.9. Although, I might be able to change some compile flags to get it to work on 10.3.9 again... Hmmm.... I will look into it when I have some time." 0ctane is one of my heroes! I just love him. There is hope for me... to return and I cannot wait to see the new features. I love you too ent lol.
  3. Update issues

    I am sooooo sad I have been left behind. I am on PowerMac G4 with OS X 10.3.9. There is no new update that will work for me, and I just don't know what to do. 0ctane mentioned looking into a few possible solutions for me when he has some spare time. But I guess the number of regular EL community members that use this OS is so few...... i miss my guild members and friends so much already. and everyone else too. I hope 0ctane or some other mac programmer can come up with something that will allow me to play again. There's no way I can afford to upgrade my equipment right now......
  4. Fan Art Gallery

    here are a few drawings I did of my avatar and a few members of my Guild Defenders of the Lands. Magrass and Fluffy, Vento with Dragon.... and me, Tashtar of Del. Hope you enjoy. Magrass with Fluffy Vento with Dragon Tashtar of DeL
  5. Guild Members Meeting in RL

    hi folks, I searched and searched the forums and found no mention of this topic. I was wondering if any EL guilds have real life gatherings.... like meetings or parties. I think this would be a really fun thing to do cause. I love my guildies sooo much. I would like to hear/see some stories of RL meetings... of guilds and individual peoples. I would even like to see an International EL Convention maybe some day. Has this ever been done?
  6. Quote of the week submissions

    okay so here is my submission for quote of the week. [17:05:08] flexus fled the combat. Damn! Go get that coward! [17:05:19] flexus: im outta mana [17:05:42] You have been saved! [17:05:47] flexus: thx [17:05:54] Tashtar: my last lol [17:05:58] flexus: oh [17:06:15] flexus fled the combat. Damn! Go get that coward! [17:06:17] Tashtar: i got enough charge for two more restores [17:06:24] flexus: ok [17:06:37] flexus: how much for att? [17:06:44] Tashtar: 800 pts [17:06:55] Tashtar: so close [17:07:01] flexus: yes ^^ [17:07:56] flexus fled the combat. Damn! Go get that coward! [17:08:02] Tashtar: 400 [17:08:12] flexus: great dont hit to hard [17:08:20] Tashtar: lol lol [17:08:28] flexus fled the combat. Damn! Go get that coward! [17:08:44] flexus: ouch [17:08:59] flexus fled the combat. Damn! Go get that coward! [17:09:10] Tashtar: 250 [17:09:12] flexus: one more? [17:09:13] Tashtar: lol [17:09:51] flexus: hehe [17:10:00] flexus: one min then i can heal [17:10:01] Tashtar: you cant heal one more time....darn [17:10:10] You recovered 42 material points [17:10:26] Tashtar: 140 pt [17:10:33] flexus: maybe its enough ^^ [17:11:06] flexus fled the combat. Damn! Go get that coward! [17:11:26] flexus: lol one more hit right? [17:11:35] Tashtar: maybe two lol [17:11:42] Tashtar: no, only one [17:11:50] Tashtar: 28 pts lol [17:12:14] flexus: okay lets hope it will be not strong one ^^ (this is THE quote lol) [17:12:26] You advanced to level 49 of attack! [17:12:26] Angels have been sent to assist flexus [17:12:30] [PM from flexus: lol] [17:12:47] [PM to flexus: lol I got my lvl lol] [17:12:55] [PM from flexus: gratz ] [17:13:26] [PM from flexus: come to beam?] [17:13:39] #GM from Tashtar: Whoo Hoo got my lvl 49 attack....with a high price.....poor flexus gave his life [17:13:55] [PM to flexus: okay lol thnx] sure was a lot of fun lol lol