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  1. Story & Quest Writers Agreement

    I,Quinticus, have read, understand, and agree to follow the above terms of the Eternal Lands Story and Quest Writers Agreement.
  2. SPOOKIE STORYS *vote here*

    On the thing with misspellings. Ember i love it Mystory. My Story, Mystery. That's so clever!
  3. Whats your favorite map?

    I love the Morcraven Marsh. It's a very interesting place there! Too bad they can't make it permanently dark and foggy. Maybe add a little bit greenish light to add to the effect.
  4. how to scam a stupid person out of money

    I can make 1 euro into 100 euros!?!?! SIGN ME UP!
  5. My idea

    I believe what ttlanhil is trying to say, though it might seem harsh (I don't think he's trying to sound this way), is this: While we appreciate you trying to help, the ideas that you came up with at time have already been thought of. Currently they are in the process of implementation, even. A few minutes of looking around the storylines forum would have been a great help to you as it would have saved you the time of typing all that out and allowed you to come up with other productive ideas. Your eagerness to help, though, is valued and if you would like to help out further, please let us know. We're always looking for more help from eager individuals.
  6. Storylines Development Plan

    I've been cowering in a corner for quite some time on number one. With the discussion of minor gods, and the lack of someone to write the appropriate backgrounds, it might be wise to concentrate on proofreading before finishing the Great War story. As i understand it (i've read all 4 chapters) The Great War needs to be finished as it leaves off at the conclusion of he battle in Killaran with the next target being Porland. Please correct me if I'm wrong. If minor god's are to be implemented their "promotion" could work hand in hand with the finishing of The Great War. Plus we will need someone willing to not only finish the story but also someone willing to write as close to Tumaros' writing style. At least I think it would more readable if the writing style of the beginning and body suit where the last part is picked up. This of course is subject to Roja's thoughts on all of it. As for proofreading, Brom I can help pick up on the chapters you still need to do on The Great War. I'll also start on the rest. Once that's done it's pretty easy to integrate. As far as #2 is concerned I think it's pretty well set, for the moment. Of course it is still pending the finishing of all stories thus yet incomplete. And #3 I haven't even looked at in light of all this other stuff. I would think it's pretty simple. The graphics for an appropriate background image has already been provided. That is we can use some of the same images that are being used for the in-game stories and poems, if they can be stretched to fit a larger area. So adding a background image is a good start to making it a little more interesting. I have Frontpage and can play around a bit with it, unless Roja or someon else has some input on it. That's it for the first three on my end. Lord_Vermor adequately commented on the status of #4 and #5. I'm willing to take a crack at finishing any of the stories, but theres some big shoes to fill and i'd need the dev's okay to finish and rewrite to fit the end. As always it would be a help if anyone else would be willing to help out with proofreading. Any other questions, comments, and/or concerns?
  7. This weeks math discussion

    .. .... ...... ........ ...... .... .. There went my last brain cell! Thanks dsb...you just ruined my century.
  8. The War of the Unicorn

    This post is being deleted. ONLY possitive feedback and/or constructive critism is allowed on these boards. If you can't say anything to help along the process or to voice a VALID oppinion then don't post at all.
  9. Haunted House!

    Just for some clarification: Only one submission per entrant? What if a winner cannot be at the event? And i'm assuming that the stories must be related to the scope of Eternal Lands?
  10. Haunted House!

    I would also like to add that the winner's stories will be placed in books in other spooky areas around Seridia and Irillion. Also there is plenty of space in the libraries for entries as well.
  11. The Art of Grue Fighting

    I'm almost thinking we're going to need a Grue Theory section in all the libraries. There are some others about the Grue as well.
  12. The Art of Grue Fighting

    I would agree, this would be a great work to place in game. Especially near somewhere that newbs gather a lot. This gives a great in-game and in-character explanation of what the grue is. When I first joined EL it took me forever to understand what had happened when a grue struck...and then I thought it was a technical term.
  13. Role Player Guild

    I'd love to join the guild under Lord_Carmien as well. What name can i PM you by ingame?
  14. A new EL newspaper!

    I would love to throw my lot in with this crowd as i know it would be fun. However things need to get moving in storylines. Therefore i would like to inquire about reserving the right to write an article every once in a while. Would this be possible ttlanhil?
  15. Divorce Court

    I'm inclined to agree with Aderan. There really is NO comittment in EL for marriage. Spiritually i could see there being something with the gods mixed in. But it's not like there are tax concerns, property sharing or anything of the like. Certainly no children. Judicial divorce is a humbling thing to go through...i don't think something of this caliber is no neccessary in EL. Perhaps something in the clerical region is more appropriate. Since i'm confronted with something pertaining to this issue, i thought i'd add my two cents.