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  1. Guess the player name!

    Is it Sipcator?
  2. Incomplete Download?

    If it wouldn't be too much trouble I would like to ask if anyone could possibly send me the el.config file to rymjha@hotmail.com maybe that will help me get ingame. Thx for your time and if any advice on how to fix this also would be appreciated.
  3. Fallen from Grace

    Chapter 4: The Ides of War Upon arriving in Portland, Storm Shadow was met with a sight he was not prepared for. He could see in the distance, to his suprise, the same hooded figure that he had sent on his way. "How could I be so stupid?," he said to himself. "I should have destroyed him when I had the chance!" This day was one that would not soon be forgotten. He watched, helplessly, as his father slayed his family with a great force of lightning. Enraged, Storm Shadow ran towards this DARK lord, with tremendous speed. Upon reaching him, he pulled his saber and beheaded this evil person with one single motion. Then, he woke up from that dream to find the same figure standing over him. "Indeed you are powerful, young Storm Shadow. You want to know the power to save your wife, now is the time to choose. Every single KotR is now an enemy of the Republic! Do what must be done, Storm Shadow. Do not hesitate, show no mercy. Only then will you be strong enough in the DARKside to prevent those you love from dying." These words were cold, and methodical. Clearly thie figure knew he had the leverage to make Storm Shadow do anything he wanted. And so, Storm Shadow went, with the words stated under his breath, "Yes, my master." Arriving in Kileran Field, Storm Shadow could sense the presence of KotR, and readied himself for battle. Approaching these young knights, he was greeted but his return was not so cordial. "Hey, Storm Shadow whats up man we were beginning to wo...." He was cut off mid-sentence as Storm Shadow cut him in half with his Jagged Saber. Turning to the other KotR members, he dismembered them before they could recover from the shock. Collecting their deathbags, he proceeded to Desert Pines to seek out their leader in the arena. "Storm Shadow issues an open challenge to the leader of KotR. All weapons allowed, no hold barred at Desert Pines Arena. To the DEATH!" The signs could be read from sea to shining sea. All who were literate, knew of this clash of the titans that was about to take place. Storm Shadow was known for dismembering his enemies, and for having such powerful magic that even the great Unolas feared his wrath. Can this mean the end for Eternal Lands as we know it? Has Storm Shadow turned evil all of a sudden? What will happen at the battle of the century in DP Arena? Tune in next time to find out!
  4. Incomplete Download?

    I am a returning veteran, and for some reason when I reinstalled the game, it was missing several files. For instance, the C://MyDocuments/EternalLands/main/el.config isnt there. Acually only 4 files are there, the chat log files, the game exe file, and two object files. I downloaded the full version for windows from the U.K. mirror. My PC runs on windows Vista and I have no idea of why it wont work for me I mean it worked before obviously because I am a returning veteran. However, there may have been a problem with the download itself, which is what I thought at first aswell so I redownloaded it and still it is misssing same files. I did this seven times, and now I am dumbfounded. Can anyone help me figure out about the missing files? Thanks for your time and God bless.
  5. Quote of the week submissions

    By far the funniest thing i heard all week....
  6. NPC buying serpent swords

    I am not so sure if that would be good for the economy...
  7. Rule the World

    WTF!! Is it not good enough that the EL economy is as it is alread without people screwing with it?!
  8. Selling a couple of things

    i offer 1450gc for both swords.
  9. Selling a couple of things

    2.5k for SRs
  10. Useless items

    Acually, I tend to take the viewpoint that if the medallion's stats increase, its value would also increase. Just thought I would put my two cents in on that.
  11. Austrailian8's Birthday party

    I'm sorry I missed the location part, and I missed this... Im holding another party at apporoximately 7pm eastern standard time on the 16th. Thats Saturday. Location is Portland Library. We talk then we parade summon through the streets of Portland city.
  12. Journey of a warrior

    Looks like its about time for Storm Shadow to make an appearance and even the odds a bit aye?
  13. To whom it may concern, Hello, I am the real person behind the character Storm_Shadow and I have come to the realization that over the past 2 weeks, my character has been a very bad boy. I am here to clarify things. First of all, I had a friend in Real Life that was staying here in my home during that time. His house was forclosed on and he was without a home, so out of the kindness of my heart I allowed him to stay here. I was not home alot during this 2 weeks, as I was busy trying to fight for his home, as in this town I am very well politically connected (having inherited my parent's company that pretty much runs things in this neck of the woods). And during that time, my friend, who I'll only divulge his name is Chris, (no last name for legal reasons) found my eternal lands acct name and password on my desk in my pc room, and used it. Its obvious that he did, as one time I returned home to find him on the EL client and recognized my own character up there. I did get upset, and I placed him in an apartment, since he made it obvious that I cannot trust him in any capacity alone with my property in my home. I do apologize openly and publically to any and all people this may have caused any discomfort to. I also want to try to remind everyone that since I was not there and this was done without my knowledge, I had no knowledge of this going on. I do NOT even attempt to say that its not my responsibility, I am responsible for my character, and its actions as I created it and its password is mine. If I had hidden my password and acct name, instead of letting it be in plain sight for all who come here to see, I wouldnt be having tp explain this. It was an irresponsible move on my part and for that I am truly sorry. I assure you all that I have already changed my password, I found out about my bio and changed that too. My password will remain hidden in a safe place, where no one but me will have access to it. As far as my bio, my story in fan fiction MAY be similar, but it does not reflect upon my own opinions and beliefs as far as an EL character. YES ITS TRUE I DONT LIKE MORTOS BUT ONLY BECAUSE IF YOU SERVE MORTOS YOU CANT SERVE ALUWEN. I choosing defense, magic, and alchemy gods when the alchemy god is introduced.
  14. Fallen from Grace

    Chapter 3: The Dispute Within As Storm_Shadow transveresed the terrain on his way to Isla Prima to confront the hooded figure, he sensed something was amiss. Although he did not know exactly why or how he knew this, but he knew he had to make haste to get there before newbies started dying. So he stopped at Raven storage to arm himself. As he armed his Iron Plate and Serpent Sword, he remembered that it was PaulB who supplied his sword. "My sword has served a great warrior and ally for time past, and now I will honor that warrior by using it to put down all evil," he said subtly as he observed the trees around him. The grass in his immediate area was of an irish greenery color, and there were leaves fallen off to the distance in the nearby woods. It must have been sometime in late July, early August, he thought, the colours of fall are all about us. It was then that time seemed to stand still, but within seconds he realized he was distracted, and imediately beamed to find something before him that made his blood run hot and his skin become like embers. "Run you mortal scum, feel the full power of the DARK side," the voice seemed vaguely familiar to him. The blood of mortals covered the ground, as body parts were tossed like stones about Isla Prima. There in front of him lay an army of undead skeletons, being controlled by a DARK lord of summoning, loyal to Mortos. His cloak hid the top half of his face, but Storm_Shadow could sense that a DARK power surrounds this person, and somehow he felt he was obligated to put this person down in combat. Pulling his serpent sword, he approached the figure, and placed the tip of his blade at the back of his head. To his amazement, the figure didn't even flinch, instead he took in a deep breath and began to taunt Storm_Shadow, trying to turn him to the DARK side. "You want to kill me, don't you Storm_Shadow?" the question was cold, emotionless and without hesitation. Storm_Shadow took a breath, thought for a moment, and replied. "I would certainly like to," was his response. "Yes, I can feel your anger. It makes you stronger, gives you focus. Go ahead, strike me down, kill me to save these insects. Do so and complete your journey to the DARK side. It is your destiny," the voice seemed cold as if the person who uttered it was already dead. Storm_Shadow sensed a trick, so he withdrew his sword, and instead with a single movement, he dismembered the entire undead army of skeletons and returned to the cloaked figure, who had been watching him. With this as his example, he gave the figure a choice... "Now you have seen MY power, leave Isla Prima and never return, or I will do far worse than kill you, I will place you under a spell to make you watch powerlessly the people you hate so much flourish here. You would be a statue, a figure to be laughed at. Just like those you hate most, you will be powerless to help yourself." The statement was made with a confident voice, and Storm_Shadow affirmed it with a wave of his sword. The cloaked figure replied, "very well I will leave this place, but you have not seen the last of me. You could strike me down, but my apprentice is more powerful than either of us!" With that, he vanished and appeared to have teleported out. Storm_Shadow returned his serpent sword to his resting place, and began to heal the newbies as the come out from the underworld. As he did this, he couldn't help but ponder over who this apprentice was the figure spoke of. Could he trust the word of such a person? Did he acually even HAVE an apprentice? And is this apprentice as powerful as he says? If so, then the mage/fighters are in trouble, is only chance, was to approach his teacher and master who educated him in the arcane arts. His only hope to understand these turn of events. And so he prepared to return home Portland....
  15. Acelon

    Okay not to stir up any boiling water, so I will just present my proof. We were talking about pre-crash EL and, well read for yourselves...