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  1. very old players

    2003-2004 nice to see some familiar names
  2. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Warken - 5k Sulfur (10k)
  3. MrHide spawned invasions

    Was a great invasion.. thanks.
  4. ELG Guild Shop

    10k Emeralds total 30k gc. Thanks you- Order Competed.
  5. ELG Guild Shop

    Name: Warken 2000 Tiger Lilly 2000 Sun Flowers 2000 Blue Quartz 2000 Rose Quartz 2000 Quarts 14200 GC Total Thanks
  6. Fluffies my Fanny!

    haha I just looked it up.. great translation... for anyone else that want to take a gander. http://english2american.com/dictionary/f.html
  7. How chinese treat animals

    Makes me want to go to China... Find those people.. bash them over the head and scalp them, then feed there remains to the starving Animals... that video just made me sick. I know how they kill cows, and at least cows are humanly killed ie. Nail gun to the head, and Pigs at least get electrocuted. These animals are just getting tossed around like there not even alive. But who cares.. there just going to be your next 500$ Coat lining.
  8. Huge Announcement!

    Thanks, I joined. What a great idea.
  9. Buying/Trading

  10. bot owners...

    I have signed up once before but still have not gotten access. Bot Owner : Warken Bot name: Elessar thanks.
  11. Training Question.

    I prefer Monsters and then Pvp when its safe.
  12. bot owners...

    My ingame Name is Warken, my Bot is Elessar, I would like to be added please. And thank you.
  13. Bad CRC [SOLVED]

    Ok, went to install EL for Linux Ubuntu. Cant seem to unzip two files, I get "An error Occurred while extracting Files." Output Bad CRC 8377e54f ( Should be 7dfab998) Bad CRC 66b9cdad ( Should be 7c6b64cf) any help is appreciated. Specs Sony VAIO 1.6 GHZ dual Core 1 gig ram, Dual Vista, Linux. thanks. Went to run what i had an it just went though to next line. No windows or anything coming up. thanks.
  14. Bad CRC [SOLVED]

    Solved. Thanks everyone for looking I unzipped it in Konsole, an now its working. Now im just getting Nice Book Errors, saying it couldnt open the book: But i just had to type in the ini file where it is located.
  15. WARNING: Current Scam

    Theres a Scam out there that sends you an email titled Password Fraud! here is the email in full Please ignore this email if you will get it. Eternal-lands would never tell you if someone was trying to change your password. They also sent this Phishy website http://articlever.com/stw/Sp/www.eternal-lands.com/
  16. WARNING: Current Scam

    well i visited this site and my guild site, an the email came in after that. So either this site has someone lookin on it or mysite does ^^ I'll check into it as well.
  17. WARNING: Current Scam

    yea mods dont know passes they dont need to know them. Only Entropy has access to the password file, i believe.
  18. WARNING: Current Scam

    because they already have it ^^
  19. WARNING: Current Scam

    im already engineering myself into there site. ^^
  20. Disposable armor

    I like the Idea. Great for PK as fighters wouldnt have to worry about losing there Expensive armour.
  21. bye for now

    see you soon
  22. who here turn off heater when it is snowing outside

    But yea heat is good. But i live in Florida, so if it gets 20-50 were have that heat on
  23. The Chimeran Card

    so whats the purpose of that item? I'll sell you a bone i found for 1k what does the person that do that bought it for 1k do? sell it for more?
  24. Windows XP Sp2 Exploit

    By INQUIRER staff 28 December 2005 F-SECURE, Bugtraq and a number of other security aware outfits have warned of a zero day vulnerability that's being actively exploited as we write. Fully patched Windows XP SP2 machines are vulnerable and there's no known fix as yet. A number of trojans are being distributed using the vulnerability, related to Windows' image rendering. Have a look, for example, at the F-Secure site, here [1], for more information. F-Secure says you can get blatted if you visit a site with an image file containing the exploit. IE users may automatically be infected. Firefox users can get infected if the image file is downloaded. There's more solid advice at F-Secure. We await a patch from Microsoft. µ * UPDATE Ken Dunham, director at iDefense, said the zero day WMF exploitation threat affecting fully patched versions of XP and Windows 2003 Web Server is underway. It has been exploited by multiple sites and added to the infamous Meetasploit tools. Attacks in the last 12 hours, said Dunham, have been minor. But systems so far attacked have shown clear signs of infection. He warned further attacks were likely. There is no solid workaround against emerging WMF exploits. Locking down WMF files on the gateway and building network detection signatures may mitigate known threats. The impact of attacks may also increase. [1] http://www.f-secure.com/weblog/
  25. libstdc errors

    Starting program: /home/Cryptic/Eternal/el.x86.linux.bin Reading symbols from shared object read from target memory...(no debugging symbols found)...done. Loaded system supplied DSO at 0xd76000 /home/Cryptic/Eternal/el.x86.linux.bin: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Program exited with code 0177. (gdb) Edit: Im running Fedora 4. I tried sudo apt-get install libstdc++5 sudo apt-get install libstdc++5 any soultions?|?