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  1. Tumaril Roleplaying Group

    Starman could see the figuer floundering to get out of the water. he slowly walked away from the lake. "Something isn't right about this place..." he thought. He decided to explore around the islands looking for anythinng unusual. After an hour exploring the main island anything unusual here was the cabin. he found a small clearing of trees in the forest he was in, when he emerged he found a lone dwarf standing around. "Hello Dwarf," Starman said as he approached him. " can you tell me your name so i can properly adress you? and what are you doing out here anyway? Starman Slowly resheathed his thermal longsowrd.
  2. Need Avater

    I was thinking about using this image as my avatar, but sadly when I enter the URL to it in the avatar options page It won't show up...not even a red X. if anyone could help it would be appreciated.
  3. Tumaril Roleplaying Group

    Starman was woken up by the sound of rustling outside. he quickly grabbed his thermal longsword and rushed out the door. in the distance he could see a strange figure paddling towards the center of a lake with Starman's boat. he runs to the shore, thrusts his arm out and out and yells, LIGHTNING SHOT! A bolt of lightning flashes from his hand and shatters the boat into pieces. Starman could feel the small energy left after the shot. he quickly sat down and waited for the thing to make its move.
  4. make your own hero character!

    Raven, open paint. and use the move tool, and make a box around the hero and move him to a corner. then take the little taps on the edges of the baint screen and drag then to fit the hero character.
  5. Tumaril Roleplaying Group

    Name: Starman Sex: Male Age: 26 Sexual Prefrences: None, not intrested Physical description: 6'2", Black hair just above shoulder length, Green Eyes, White Personality: Calm, but has a lust for battle and adventure. Items: Light platemail, Dark green cape, Thermal Titanium longsword, Titanium swortsword, 3 loaves of bread, 5 slices of salted pork, 2 fish, Numerous essences and sigils. History: After the long Mortos War in the battle of Nordcarn his family was killed by Mortos's armies. Starman Omega(full name) wandered around Seridia looking for battle and escaping civilization, while honing his skills as a swordsman and mage. he had nowhere else to go, so he took a boat to some remote islands miles away from Seridia. Race: Human Occupation: Former Commander of Nordcarn Powers: Advanced magic skills, lightning shot. After beaching his small boat, Starman quickly expoled the area around him. he found a small, friendly cabin. He slowly unsheathed his thermal titanium longsword and crept toward the cabin. he peered through the window, noone was there. Starman opened the door , placed his pack at the end of the bed and sat down to rest after the long journey from seridia, Nordcarn, Mortos. a Shiver went down his spine just thinking about him, and membories flooded back from the recent past. Starman cast a sleeping spell on himself and quickly fell asleep.
  6. selling gneneral axe construction

    gen axe book: 45k ANIMAL ITEMS: furs: 1-5 gc each bones: .25 gc each miscelaneous others: 1-5 gc each ARMORS: leather armor: 80 gc each RARE BOOKS: Human fight:7k Dwarf fight:4k others: 800 gc each
  7. selling gneneral axe construction

    Ashley, this isn't a free market. you are supposed to make your own topic for what you sell. basically, don't advertise in other people's topics and I don't have book of titanium mining, sorry.
  8. make your own hero character!

    Ok, here's my other Starman Omega, Commander of Nordcarn Starman Omega, the Commander of Nordcarn Ph34r his Titanium Thermal longsword!
  9. make your own hero character!

    I tried to make this one like my character in EL and I WILL Do more, these are fun
  10. NORMAL host

    if anyone knows, or is not lazy enough to look it up in their elconfig file, PLEASE remind me what the regulare host is. I can't remember and am practically stuck on mihaim's playground EDIT: nevermind, I found out thanks to soldus
  11. NORMAL host

    the port is 2000, but for some reson we had to change the host instead. I fogot the name of the host, if anyone would please post it here, that would be great.
  12. Linux

    why is everyone debating linux and windows? aero why not just get a windows program, sounds like your having trouble with linux.
  13. idea for books

    forgetting books? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously though, I think that some people jsut like to read all the books, and some people will never get the chance to build a serp sword, or summon a fluffy rabbit. besides, rare books like general axe construction will be constantly read, and it's no fun buying multiples of a 50k book.
  14. Linux

    why are we still fighting about linux and windows? Aerowind needs our help, and that's help i can't help him with...so you need to help him
  15. server down?

    back up! yay!
  16. Happy Birthday Platyna!

    Happy birthday platyna, have fun in the other MMO you're playing/in rl!
  17. Emathug A.k.a Bufu

    yeah, I kicked EMAthug out of the guild for scamming multiple people. NOONE let him in any guild, today i had the sadisfaction of killing him twice, he couldn't even kill me with a steel axe :D
  18. fishing maybe?

    I think this has been suggested before and it got shot down.
  19. server down?

    ah....guess it's not just me.
  20. server down?

    Is it just me or did it go out again?
  21. new metals

    Because this is a GAME, lobonar, and we AREN'T trying to make this GAME more like rl. Besides, I like that idea Derin
  22. who do you prefer

    Add me in the next poll
  23. TKoS

    TKoS is recruiting anyone with level 25 attack and defense or over 15 magic or 15 summoning.
  24. Random Spawns

    Well, I say Do It and just not give anyone a choice, you never gave the harvesters a choice on the mother nature thing or cut harvesting speeds, so maybe just make the spawns everywhere. I'd like to see it. EDIT: didn't mean to be rude, just never saw a choice for the harvesters. I would like to see the random spawns, it would make the game ALOT more fun
  25. Looking for guild

    We kicked him out of TKoS for scamming a while ago. I agree with jakie, no (good, decent, honorable) guild would want a scammer such as you.