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  1. Banned?

    I dont think he will misbehave again, but ill do this : 1. I won't tell him our IP's unbanned. 2. Ive uninstalled the client from his computer. 3. Ive blocked port 2000 on his comp. 4. Im not even sure if he'll play again, even if he found out he could. I can't think of much else i can do, its not like i can keep him off of it forever, but if i think of anything else, ill do it. Hes not likely to do it again, i told him its not suprising he got banned after the last time, so im assuming the message has sunk in by now. Thanks, Thom.
  2. Banned?

    Just my word really. Seriously though, im on a static IP so if anything was to happen again you could ban me from both game and forums (You obviously keep decent logs of these things, so you could do it quickly as well) and i wouldn't even bother trying to argue my point. If i was intent on causing havoc i would have spammed the forums since i got unbanned from them. Thom.
  3. Banned?

    Yus that would be the second offence i think. Like i said before, that was my little brother on his old account, hes pretty much forgotten about the game now (Hes playing Runescape now (Is that word banned? lol)), im hoping you can let me back on Also i should add that i apologise for any inconvinience this has caused, and assure you that nothing like this shall happen from my IP again. Thom.
  4. Banned?

    Hey thanks for unbanning me! (From the forums at least, just read through all the updates ive missed, quite a few it seems). Could you at some point unban my IP from the game as well? You may as well delete this whole thread, its not really needed now. Sorry to be a pain, Thom.
  5. Banned?

    Could you unban please? I will tell him not to spam. Thom
  6. Banned?

    Alrite. Last time i logged on to EL i found my IP has now been banned . Im sure this has got something to do with my little brother on his account (samuelwilhelm), i hope this doesnt sound like one of those 'it was my noob friend not me!' threads.... I just had a look through his chat logs and found he had been spammin channels etc. Which im assuming was the reason. Would be grateful if i was unbanned. Would make sure brat boy doesnt spam again Thom
  7. Game resets...

    Yeh at the moment running xp professional, and the Nvidia driver is latest one from nvidia.com, have got access to all older drivers though... Think i may have fixed it, EL has been running about 6 hours now no problem. As i was having this problem with other games started looking around other forums seeing if other people have had this problem. Found someone who had had similar problem, had been corrected by installing windows service pack 2 (Still in testing stages so may be unstable, but hey, ya gotta take a gamble to win right?). And results seem to be good.... Hope this keeps up.
  8. Game resets...

    Hmmmm im still getting that same problem, yet my computer does not restart as frequently now, maybe once every few hours or so. My PSU packed up shortly after i was thinkin about getting one which prompted me to get one sooner, now have 450W one, so i think ive canceled out the PSU problem. Changed drivers countless times now , as it happens Nvidia released some new drivers 4 days ago (designed around direct x 9b), hoping that would be the answer, is not. Then wondered if it would be my graphics card overheating or something, so moved my fans around, now graphics card is ice cold, still has the same problem though. Done all the other basics, Virus scanned, Disk checked etc. Although i am now sure it is the graphics card giving me the problem, as i took the graphics card out, ran EL through on-board graphics and doesnt have the problem, just it has to run fullscreen and i get 3-4 fps in crowded areas, impossible to play for long periods of time. The problem again is that the screen goes black whilst playing, lose all sound etc. and nothing is sent through the network, indicating the computer is pretty much dead until restarted. Yet the monitor still remains on, just black screened, any ideas as to why this happens? Or am i just going to have to live with this till i can afford a new graphics card, not a Nvidia though....
  9. Game resets...

    Right my PSU is 250 watts, and after using a calculator tool i should be using about 260 watt. So would a PSU upgrade to 300 watts or higher be recommended?
  10. Game resets...

    Ok i am now having problems with El.... The other day I re-installed windows and all the drivers etc. I then downloaded the EL client (0.9.9), and installed it all fine. The client started fine and logged me on ok but after 5-10 seconds the computer reset without warning and has been doing so ever since. I have tried re-installing my graphics card drivers (GeForce440MX) I have also re-downloaded/re-installed the game, yet i still get the same problem of it reseting after seconds of being logged on.... Any ideas? Thom