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  1. Auction: ICD Removal Stone

    38Kgc Name in game : Don_Jack
  2. Sell sto

  3. Sell sto

  4. New Engineering Items \o/

    i take 2 high explosive mines, 1 small mine,1 rc mine with the rc denotanor. PM ME in game -> Don_Jack
  5. Miquene have 2 month banned

    ah ok, then perhaps it was a misunderstanding: Sorry :s,and thanks!. Good luck Edit:i translate to english xD.
  6. Miquene have 2 month banned

    ? why? :S,i don't understand nothing , maybe is my traductor,i have unlocked 2 month ago aqualung by a new polize,and i see the logs and i see miquene have ban for 2 months :S.
  7. Miquene have 2 month banned

    i have the conversation [00:03:59] [PM to radu: hi] [00:04:15] [PM from radu: do you want me to ban you again?] [00:04:17] [PM to radu: im miquene can unbann Aqualung] [00:04:23] [PM from radu: bye] [00:04:31] [PM to radu: ban this] [00:05:20] [PM to radu: ok,im miquene,aqualung is unbanned?] [00:05:59] [PM from radu: no] [00:06:07] [PM from radu: miquene is banned for a month] [00:06:08] [PM to radu: ?] [00:06:16] [PM from radu: if you keep bothering me, it will be 2 months, and so on] [00:06:52] [PM to radu: im payed 5$ for recovery password,and miquene get ban and aqualung unban :/] [00:08:10] [PM from radu: you need to prove it is your account] [00:08:27] [PM to radu: i have 2 years of bann,i don't remember me] [00:08:38] [PM to radu: mm what prove?] [00:08:55] [PM to radu: my last day i purchased 1 Crown of life to ermabwed] [00:09:11] [PM to radu: and traded to Aqualung] [00:09:14] [PM from radu: what items you had in your inventory, where you were last time when you logged out, etc] [00:09:32] [PM to radu: uf,i don't remember much is 2 years banned mmm] [00:09:52] [PM from radu: sec] [00:10:14] [PM to radu: i thinks remember,have one col,1K o 2Kgc think,2 serpent sword in sto i think,mm atk 79 or 89] [00:10:52] [PM to radu: i im use reset of pickpoints,and i think oa 60 i don't remember much] [00:11:02] [PM from radu: ok, pay the fee then] [00:11:14] [PM to radu: moebird payed ] [00:11:17] [PM to radu: 5$] [00:11:27] [PM to radu: is this?] 00:12:07] [PM to radu: i have more cloaks of 1 each i think remember] [00:12:13] [PM from radu: didn't get any payment from her yet] [00:12:19] [PM to radu: not?] [00:12:23] [PM to radu: lol?] [00:12:39] [PM to Moebird: radu say me didn't get any payment from her yet] [00:13:06] [PM from Moebird: learner got the password payment] [00:13:17] [PM to radu: laerner got the password payment] [00:13:23] [PM to radu: say me moebird] [00:13:31] [PM from radu: then ask learner] [00:13:35] [PM to radu: ok] [00:13:42] [PM to radu: but first] [00:13:47] [PM from radu: not first] [00:13:47] [PM to radu: i need unlock say me learner] [00:14:14] [PM to radu: please help me,learner need unlock char say me] [00:14:33] [PM from radu: ok, I unlocked it] [00:14:41] [PM to radu: ok] [00:14:44] [PM to Learner: hi] [00:14:54] [PM to Learner: radu unlocked Aqualung now] [00:15:19] [PM to Learner: can recovery password?] [00:15:51] [PM to Learner: ups im miquene] [00:16:24] [PM to Learner: miquene get bann,and unlocked Aqualung,payed 5$ for recovery password of my char Aqualung] [00:17:45] [PM to Learner: hi?] [00:17:58] [PM to radu: :/ learner don't respon,is afk?] [00:18:17] [PM from radu: if you bother me ONE MORE TIME, I am goignto ban your IP for a month!] [00:18:20] [PM from radu: god@] [00:19:45] [PM to radu: but aqualung is unlocked] [00:19:51] [PM to radu: ups sorry] [00:20:01] [PM from radu: one more PM from you, and that's it!] [00:25:25] [PM to Learner: Hi,im miquene,Aqualung is unlocked,coming to the recovery password?] and blablabla i get password recovy by learner. u can see the log,miquene has bann for only 2 months :S
  8. Miquene have 2 month banned

    hi aislinn,i put here the pm from entropy [PM from radu: miquene is banned for a month] [PM from radu: if you keep bothering me, it will be 2 months, and so on] and i get unbanned from Aqualung,and later radu say me,miquene is banned for a month,and later will be 2 months.
  9. Sell HS Removal Stone

    Hello, Sell Hellspawn Removal Stone Actuation start in 150Kgc. only bid 10K~ ~closed~
  10. Hi guys, Sell Titanium Long Sword of Thermal for 120K.(Negotations) ~SOLD~ PM ME in game --> Don_Jack
  11. Miquene have 2 month banned

    Hi Entropy or Aislinn. 2 months ago you unlocked to Agualung, and you said that the miquene unlocked at 2 months, and i don't yet to be unlocked: s . When the char miquene get unlock? Thanks Post Edit by 1 name is wrong. Sorry
  12. Sell 1 Animal Removal Stone

  13. Sell 1 Animal Removal Stone

    Hey, auction for the stone mentioned in the title, starting at 150kgc -> Changed to 170Kgc's. auction ends when a suitable bit is done or to the highest bidder next Monday. happy bidding Only bid in 10Kgc~ Bot pay 170KGc in game...
  14. Sell books

    Hello. 1 Book of Iron sword of fire 1 Titanium Serpent Sword Construction Sold 5 Book of Potion of Vitality 1 Book of Titanium Axe Construction Sold 1 Portland Ring Building -> Sold 1 2 Book of Titanium Smelting Sold 3 Book of Troll Fighting Sold 1 Book of Iron Mining 1 Book of Iron Axe Construction 3 Book of Potion of Physique 4 Book of Crafting Potion 1 Disengagement Ring Building Sold 5 Titanium Chainmail Torso Construction 4 Book of Titanium Molding 5 Book of Bear Summoning 2 Book of Potion of Manufacturing 2 Book of Titanium Mining Sold 1 Titanium Short Construction Sold 3 Ring of Damage Building Sold 1 Book of Dwarf Fighting Sold 3 Book of Potion of Summoning 1 Book of Botanics 1 Sun Medallion Building Sold 2 Steel Shield Construction 1 Unicorn Medallion Building 1 Titanium Long Construction -> Sold 1 1 Book of Biochemistry 1 Book of Metal Molding 1 Book of Metal Mining 1 Book of Steel Axe Construction PM ME in Game -> Don_Jack
  15. Hellspawn Removal Stone