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  1. this game needs a new start!

    Well. There we have it lol good point
  2. this game needs a new start!

    i think this would be a fun idea. maybe even have the server so that shop items cannot be bought and used in. it would make the Market a lot better that way we dont have people buying shop items to sell on the market for gc, everythign would be NPC or character made. Another major change that made a lot of people quit was no drop maps, i would like to see no drop feature completely removed.
  3. Small Storage for sale

    Ill buy the NMT- contact me ingame
  4. Looking for a guild

    looking for a guild to join. main skills include alchemy. and fighting.
  5. illegal multiplay

    i was wondering if now that the illegal multiplay rule is gone. if i am now allowed alternate characters again.
  6. illegal multiplay

    is there any reason i cant share my characters with someone. as in. they have access to my account. not me to theirs.
  7. illegal multiplay

    so this is just going to be blasted on bans forum forever or what?
  8. Book of special swords

    Selling 1 book of special swords. from what i understand the price varies a lot. so offer me items or gold coin if your interested.
  9. illegal multiplay

    static and ixi0n
  10. illegal multiplay

    ok will do.
  11. illegal multiplay

    I just want to make a ranger. i will make my alt publicly known if that helps.
  12. =hc=

    can i get some
  13. Guild TDA recruiting

    The Devil's Advocates are currently recruiting, Looking for players who log on frequently enough to benefit the guild with skills such as harvesting and alching, engineering filling orders for guildmates, armor weapons etc. Also recruiting PKers, rangers, summoners etc. PM Monkeydoodle or Static to join. or leave us a message here and we will get back to you.
  14. Buying steel set

    No helm or shield
  15. Sandman trying to serp me

    does this count as "various stuff?"
  16. 100-120

    yes, me and aislin nwere having a discussion about it so i was posting t o prove that i was indeed helping during the invance. also idk why i can wear iron plate but not augs when augs is better, but rules are rules
  17. 100-120

    haha you cant even see Jared in there, can barley see his staff
  18. I need someone to make me a signature pic for forums, will pay gc, we can discuss what is reasonable also selling dmged titanium shield and dmged rd torso
  19. Selling armors/weapons

    steel plate-84k steel cuisses-33k titanium greaves-um offer titanium sheild-42k? scythe-14k jagged sabre-39k or trade for cutlass
  20. Static

    People in this game love drama, look how long this bj thread got lol, would like to add pk invances would be crazy , too many allies/enemies fighting alltogether
  21. Selling armors/weapons

    smartass this is a market post, only reply with marketing interests pls.
  22. Sto clearence

    how much for elven bow?
  23. Static

    Just wanted to point out, ive gotten bjed over 400k in armor this year in invances only, so got some back. not sayin it is right or wrong. its just blah its game. i tried being nice and i still got my stuff taken, not going to try n be nice anymore. i also pointed out we are a team in invance, still got stuff bjed several times. so what we are a backstabbing team ha might as well get used to it right>? i got lucky this time. who will next?