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  1. devilofwar & Devil_liveD

    Ok thank you. So just to make sure and so that there is no future trouble, we are not allowed to trade with each other at all? Or are we allowed to if trades are fair for both parties? I just want to make sure that I have my information straight.
  2. devilofwar & Devil_liveD

    Hello Aislinn. Thank you for still staying active with this thread. As far as alts go, the only other character that has been used is Greffith. This was my brother's character before I gave him Devil_liveD to use. He has used that character maybe once or twice and there has surely been no interaction between that character and devilofwar or Devil_liveD. Any other characters that have shown up on the same IP as me are not mine. It has been mentioned to me that bonecollector and warangel have been seen on the same IP as me. Both of these are my friend's characters. We used to go to the same house (not my house and thus not my IP) and play together, but this goes back several years. I believe bonecollector logged onto my IP on Saturday afternoon (EST) very briefly to show another friend that was visiting his character. Again, no interaction with my character at that time. I assure you that devilofwar is my only active character and Devil_liveD is my brother's only one. Other than the names listed above, I have no knowledge of ANY other account being logged on my IP. If you have other information, please let me know. I have seen no indication of any steps that can be taken to unlock our characters. The details given to my by chr0nik were slightly unclear, as I just reviewed my chat logs. I also have at least three different instances in my logs of me trying to contact you, some of which you were online but afk, so you should at least be able to see some of them. Also, I have PMs in my logs with Cordor, Radu, and chr0nik about whitelisting (I'm not sure if this is the appropriate term) all referencing me to you. All of these times I sent you a PM, but to no avail. So clearly I have and still do show and active interest in resolving this issue. I have been and always will be a respectful and rule abiding member of the Eternal Lands community. Many members of this game are like a second family to me (including PYE, who I thank for the supplemental information) and I would hate to not be able to play with them anymore over a misunderstanding, or unsuccessful case of Eternal Lands "phone tag" or whatever the case may be. My only request to you Aislinn is that you please let me know what measures you require for us to have our characters unlocked. You mentioned a picture or in game test. I am willing to provide either (or both) of those as proof that we are not using alts or abusing the game to gain any kind of unfair advantage. We are simply two guys trying to play fairly and enjoy our time in Eternal Lands with friends and family. If need be, I am also willing to make a donation to Eternal Lands as compensation for the time you have/will spend on this case. Please just let me know what you need us to do. As always, thank you and we are sorry for any trouble we have caused. EDIT: I am also not aware and have never been notified by moderation of any past infractions, so I am not quite sure what you have in mind there.
  3. devilofwar & Devil_liveD

    Thank you for the prompt reply, Aislinn. I am very sorry that I have not contacted you. As I mentioned, I lost your contact email and it has slipped my mind to try and contact you in game after that first night when you were not online. I apologize for not trying to rectify the situation sooner and would certainly like to cooperate in anyway possible now. As far as the use of alts goes, I have not used any myself but it is possible that my brother may have. I will have to ask him. Is there anything that I can do to resolve this issue? Once again, you have my sincerest apologies.
  4. devilofwar & Devil_liveD

    Hello, this is devilofwar posting on behalf of myself and my brother Devil_liveD. We have both tried to log on to our accounts today to find that they inaccessible. Upon speaking with Usl, I have found out that our characters are locked for rules violation. We currently both play on the same IP address and have done so at two different addresses. This includes our current and previous places of residence. While only completing some very small scale trades, I do not think that we have violated any same IP rules of conduct. While living at our previous residence, we were asked to contact Aislinn about getting our identities verified as two different people. However I was unable to make contact with her and in the chaos of changing residences, have lost the contact information that I was provided to reach her via email. Please let me know if there are any actions I can take to clear up the issues we have caused by playing on the same IP address. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience we have caused and look forward to resolving this issue. Thank you devilofwar
  5. (this is devilofwar. i never bothetred to make a new account:P) Anyways, i really liek the partying idea, it would add a new dimension to the game. some of the other thngs you suggested might chnage the whole style fo the game, btu chnage is good. Howver, in gmaes liek kal online partyng is very cool. if nothign else the editors should consider this feature to make fighting mroe fun. The other ideas are very cool as well, but i think this is the best. I think we should have some type of duel wielding in el. you shodl eb able to sacrifice the use of a shiled for another sowrd. you should have to get extra human nexus' to use this skill as well. The duel wielding shoudl give you faster attacking speed, but take away a little defense and perhaps accuracy. Also, the tow sword should not do 100% of the damage because that would make oyu too powerful. Instead they should do like 75% of the dameg or so, btu wiht the incresed attack speed you would still to mroe totla damge, making this skill worht while. please comment on wheter or not u like this idea.
  6. Depositing To Storage

    bingo! vegadark hit it right on the head. that type fo storsge would be the absolute ebstsolution. i hope that i some way this can be implemented
  7. Economy + Whole Game Great But Doomed To Fail!

    yo spock just cuz i got only 5 posts it dont make me a newb. so what are you guys telling me monsters shoudl not drop good items. well gezz juts take all he fun out of fighting why dont ya:). by the way the mm thing was just an example so dont go crazy bout it. im just as happy with a book or somehtign. just knowing i got a rare drop makes it fun. leave the mystery in fighting or it will become more like misery.
  8. Economy + Whole Game Great But Doomed To Fail!

    one thing that should never be done in this game as suggested previously is taking away monster drops and replacing them with resources. to me the drops of something like a sword or other type of eq are what make fighting so catchy. this si just my opinion and i believe that many players would be drawn away form fighint without that good old ..."oh wow i just got a mm cape"....type of fighting. but hey hey what do i know.
  9. why did i get banned

    yes i cannto enter any forum they all say "you have been banned form this forum"
  10. why did i get banned

    yes but why then does it say oyu have been banned from this forum on basicaly every forumi try to go to
  11. why did i get banned

    why have i been banned. i just registered and have not posted a single message yet, i do not see how i could possibly be banned