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  1. Signature Practice #2

    MasterZen's done
  2. Signature Practice #2

  3. Disturbed/Robin_Hood Scammers

    See what your saying, sorry for misleading
  4. Scarface

    wow rofl @ scarface
  5. Disturbed/Robin_Hood Scammers

    Paulb your wrong, that is not illegal if he gives stuff to a dif char and then sells the char to the other person that is legit. but Disturbed sold me a char not to long ago ... i wonder what happened to him
  6. Alchemy Shop #3

    sure just lemme finish these orders >.< P.s guys i'm doing all this from scratch so i'm sorry for delays
  7. Alchemy Shop #3

    Valcaz done almost done with deadhead
  8. Qunique Harvest SHop

    2k silver ore please
  9. Harvester medallion

    try when it's not to high thats what I mean zamirah. Not when it's negative oh no no no
  10. Complete Vanity

    flava flav wanna be?
  11. Harvester medallion

    Check your astro, if you got high harvest events don't harvest with one much. More likely for it to break.
  12. Buying

    What ever handyman. You are just like the rest of pk server thing your better then rest still banned on main? cool
  13. Buying

    quite the contrary i was letting you know before you got in trouble for it. You and every one else jumped on the fucking high horse because you thought something else :*( so sad. Maybe you should take a second to listen before jumping to conclusions
  14. Buying

    fyi i've been making siggys for a while now I know limitations. Mine is appropriate i've had it for quite a bit and no problems. Run your mouth when you know what your talking about. Might i suggest a good siggy? that 1 screams paint oh and fyi moron by text and images they mean the signature itself (like the pictures with lettering above them)
  15. Selling Iron Cuisses and Greaves

    Of yopic but... each peace is like 6-7kgc each. efe is 6-6.5kgc each. You are trying to buy em each for 5.5k? The poor manuer makes no profit Just buy em for 25k and help some peeps out And you've found the problem with most manuers
  16. P2P expiration, 5 October

    o>O good job reviving an age old thread guys :/
  17. Buying

    ty for both
  18. AUCTION:

    lots of ino's recently lol gratz
  19. Buying

    But it is the appropriate size >.> 80 x 640
  20. Dekke aka Macca

    lol every 1 jumps down my throat every 10 mins and i got removed from co list because I got angry, lmao so seems like repetative actions happening and same people whining over it
  21. Buying

    off topic ur siggy to large
  22. Alchemy Shop #3

    Supplying ing + food will cost a few gc not to much per essences (since it will take time out of my already busy schedule and WOW look @ all the orders I'll finish asap!
  23. Artwork Updates

    OMG i can't wait for a pet dragon! i'll pay anything for 1 ~!~!~!~!~! and the white dragon i wonder how strong THIS 1 will be...
  24. um...

    I got EL installed blah blah and i was trying to change servers to pk server the way i used to "right click > properties > target" and it won't let me change it like i used too... any ideas why?
  25. um...

    working now close thread #edit