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  1. Alchemy Shop #3

    No more orders.. were overflowing... got more orders then we have materials.... so please give us time to fill these orders! ty
  2. Signature Practice #2

    thank you all! bump 2 orders working on now Annatira Elwood
  3. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Ok here we go 8k Blue quartz 2k Rose Quartz 2k Quartz 24kgc
  4. Happy 5 Year Anniversary, EL!

    What amazes me the most is that EL was found by people mainly by word of mouth. so and so told so and so who told so and so. isen's grand dad showed him and isen showed me and i showed a few others lol! kind of cool imo
  5. I was thinking of maybe a stone that you can find that doesn't completely REMOVE an attribute but suppresses the attribute for a given amount of time (4 ingame days or so) and it won't give u a pp back but would just basically hold back ur p/c and each stone would hold back like 8 lowering emu and everything.. just an idea
  6. Attribute Suppresant stone

    that'd certainly stop some dp'ers
  7. Attribute Suppresant stone

    Vanyel all it was intended to do is help some people who wana train but put to many pp's into certain attributes and want to train
  8. 2cute2's buying & selling

    Did I SAY IT WAS??? I told her ingame they were 850. w/e prices she sets after that is her business. >.>
  9. 2cute2's buying & selling

    Hello genious i spoke with her ingame, i told her real prices. She's in my guild and we talked about it and i'm gonna buy at real price so stfu kk?
  10. 2cute2's buying & selling

    are these s2e prices real??? i'll buy 200
  11. Alchemy Shop #3

    down to working on the iron bars just about done the EnE for fatboy will be done soon Ermabwed's EnE delivered Added new essences
  12. Are We Going To Get Server Updates?

    we said few server updates months ago
  13. Need some advice

    yes keeps a decent balance
  14. Look at my goods

    for now i'm not gonna buy anything that don't help me train so i'm pulling out
  15. Need some advice

    if u wanna kill people i suggest you keep p/c like this 2/4 adding and dont' put phys to high or it'll mess up your training exp. ALSO I highly recommed once ur comfortable with your a/d and u wanna go pk u max coord out
  16. Scarface

    i'd believe that korrode
  17. Look at my goods

    you win this tiem deadhead
  18. Look at my goods

    fien 210k
  19. Look at my goods

    205 for CoTM
  20. Selling OSoMN

    *steps in* 290k
  21. Selling OSoMN

  22. Selling OSoMN

  23. We need to hear Radu`s plan for PK server

    would be cool to find out no?
  24. YAY! Summoning 100

    pr0est summoner i ever seen ^^