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  1. trade bug

    now before every 1 jumps to conclusions here is what it says 56/200 slots used.... so there is plenty of space in storage Now here are soem screenies.... 19:39:18] [PM to Jayim_Duinara: try just flowers] [19:39:42] Trade session failed. PyscHO can't carry all the items. [19:39:45] PyscHO: omfg [19:39:46] PyscHO: hold on [19:39:47] PyscHO: i'm asking a mod [19:39:53] Jayim_Duinara: Ok [19:40:01] [PM from WOLFERIEn: huh a mod what did i do!?!?] [19:40:21] [PM to WOLFERIEn: nothing, my trade is bugging up BAD] [19:40:22] Jayim_Duinara was notified, now wait to see if s/he wants to trade with you. [19:40:27] [PM to Jayim_Duinara: continue trying] [19:40:30] [PM from WOLFERIEn: oh ok] [19:40:32] [PM to Aislinn: hey] [19:40:38] [PM to Aislinn: remember the problem with trading?] [19:40:39] [PM from WOLFERIEn: try with me for a sec] [19:40:42] [PM to Aislinn: it's heppenign again] [19:40:45] Trade session failed. PyscHO can't carry all the items. [19:40:47] [PM from The_Piper: err. what did you try "in the book"?] [19:40:52] [PM from WOLFERIEn: are u trading with someone right now] [19:41:05] [PM to The_Piper: well before, i have enough slots in storage ALL THE "s" are beside the items in trade] [19:41:15] [PM from Jayim_Duinara: Lets try just one of something.] [19:41:18] [PM to The_Piper: aislinn told me to try re-logging/trading others etc] [19:41:22] Jayim_Duinara wants to trade with you. Use the trade icon then click on him/her in order to accept the trade. [19:41:24] [PM to The_Piper: and it keeps failing] [19:41:25] WOLFERIEn was notified, now wait to see if s/he wants to trade with you. [19:41:30] [PM from WOLFERIEn: it works] [19:41:36] [PM to WOLFERIEn: no try trading 200 he] [19:41:42] [PM to WOLFERIEn: it keeps sayign "not enough room"] [19:41:55] [PM from WOLFERIEn: thats all i got] [19:42:01] [PM to WOLFERIEn: that'll do try trad] [19:42:04] [PM from WOLFERIEn: im out lol] [19:42:09] You have been saved! [19:42:12] PyscHO: wtf [19:42:13] WOLFERIEn was notified, now wait to see if s/he wants to trade with you. [19:42:13] [PM from The_Piper: you can remove the "S" by right clicking on the items. does that help?] [19:42:15] PyscHO: here [19:42:25] [PM to The_Piper: i've done that a few times as well but to no prevail] [19:42:41] [PM to The_Piper: this has been happening for a fwe weeks now and not just on this account....it's quite annoying] [19:43:02] [PM from The_Piper: which client are you using? the official one or a self compiled CVS client?] [19:43:09] [PM from WOLFERIEn: maybe jayim gota a bug ] [19:43:15] Trade session failed. PyscHO can't carry all the items. [19:43:25] [PM to The_Piper: normal usa version] [19:43:44] [PM to The_Piper: whats weird is it just worked with some 1 else, i tried another trade and it worked] [19:43:52] [PM from The_Piper: so the one you can download from the EL website, right? which operating system are you running?] [19:44:03] [PM to The_Piper: XP] [19:44:06] Jayim_Duinara was notified, now wait to see if s/he wants to trade with you. [19:44:14] [PM from The_Piper: hmm.. xp should be fine for playing EL...] [19:44:27] [PM to The_Piper: I know, this happens to me and me alone [19:44:39] [PM from Jayim_Duinara: hmmm] [19:44:41] Jayim_Duinara was notified, now wait to see if s/he wants to trade with you. [19:44:49] [PM to Jayim_Duinara: that 1gc went to inv] [19:44:51] [PM from The_Piper: post it in "Bug reports", and add, of course, that you use XP and the official client. that sounds really strange for me.] [19:45:06] [PM to The_Piper: yes, everything i try tradng go's straight to inv] [19:45:17] [PM from Jayim_Duinara: It shouldn't have. I took it from storage. [19:45:18] Trade session failed. PyscHO can't carry all the items. [19:45:40] [PM to The_Piper: alright] [19:45:47] [PM to Jayim_Duinara: exactly] [19:46:01] [PM to Jayim_Duinara: i'm posting this in forums] [19:46:09] Jayim_Duinara was notified, now wait to see if s/he wants to trade with you. [19:46:24] [PM from Jayim_Duinara: What do you want me to try?] [19:46:28] [PM to Jayim_Duinara: ok do something for me i want you to put 100 sulf in trade window] [19:46:39] [PM to Jayim_Duinara: i need a "before" "after" screenie You have 56 out of 200 slots used. [19:49:33] [PM to Jayim_Duinara: ok try trading] [19:49:52] [PM to Jayim_Duinara: accept] [19:49:53] You have been saved! [19:50:07] [PM to The_Piper: weird how when i'm trying to dupilcate it it works >.>] [19:50:12] PyscHO: wtf [19:50:14] Jayim_Duinara was notified, now wait to see if s/he wants to trade with you. [19:50:17] [PM from Jayim_Duinara: It worked?!] [19:50:19] [PM to Jayim_Duinara: try another 100] [19:50:21] [PM to Jayim_Duinara: yes] [19:50:29] [PM from The_Piper: you mean, you try to reproduce the bug?] [19:50:34] [PM to The_Piper: yes] [19:50:38] [PM to The_Piper: i did it COUNTLESS times] [19:50:45] [PM to The_Piper: and when i'm doing screenies for bug report] [19:50:49] [PM to The_Piper: everythig worked] [19:50:52] Trade session failed. PyscHO can't carry all the items. [19:50:58] [PM to The_Piper: there we go] [19:51:20] [PM from Jayim_Duinara: Did the sulfur go to your inv last time?] [19:51:29] [PM from The_Piper: well.. that sounds really too strange for me. next time you can reproduce it, take a screenie and post in forums;)] [19:51:52] Sulath has logged off. [19:51:58] [PM to The_Piper: i just reproduced] [19:52:03] [PM to Jayim_Duinara: nope it went to sto] Ok now notice i'm running Windows XP, and using the USA mirror, this bug has been happening for quite soem time Just weird
  2. Perception: Instinct or Reasoning

    Balance the two together If your training to much reasoning can really mess up your training Instinct would help here So I agree with the people who said 4/4 of each thats an extra 4 coord imo
  3. New Tricks

    Hey guys thought I'd drop by For all my fellow speed runners etc etc Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time received a few shocking knowledges. It is possible to escape Kokiri forest with out completing deku tree (i've done it) It IS POSSIBLE to get passed the door of time doing nothing It is possible thanks to a bunch of very very strange circumstances to beat the entire game completing 0 temples. Strictly doing RBA stuff.. Read up on a lot of this @ www.speeddemosarchive.com Escape the Forest -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSmhtt1DWvw Skip the Door of Time -- PM me if you have any trouble / questions Or hit me up on AIM -- Stratsmansc13 H/f t/c -S
  4. steel armor and more | sell&buy

    eh it was some conversation i had with some 1 else who started manuing shortly after i quit thought it was you sorry
  5. Sig Feedback

    complicated to read =/ but not bad Try mixing up the fonts, blending ptions, layers, brushes (my specialty) layering (Saint's speciality) and go for an overall good design
  6. steel armor and more | sell&buy

    Told you SGoUD weren't hard to come by if u make enough of them
  7. Siggs & Avvs 2

    I took all your j0bs a month ago *rawr* lol j/k gl
  8. The best clan out there

    Not likely to be the best guild out there >.>
  9. Siggs & Avvs 2

    deviantart is great for some images and brushes for those like me who liek to draw
  10. Siggs & Avvs 2

    Very impressive work garnoo, do you rob Google for images or do you make them like i do? (not being a smart ass i'm generally impressed)
  11. Before I go how about a riddle?

    As the topic says I'm gonna hold a nice little contest, not a HUGE prize, but for a guy who doesn't have a char I have one on my hands =] Name is ShadoW not much, but he is WORKABLE but alas here we go: I'm going to hold a series of clues and riddles 5~ or so riddles and 5 or so questions. They are ALL EASY . They are all refering to me, things i did, things I liked. 5 Riddles posted first person who can answer them all wins. I ask that you make your answer public but if NECESSARY make it public. Just for a little public fun before I shell off for other things..... Ok guys I hope you payed attention. Question #1 On Eastern Atlantic time -5~ What were the MOST FREQUENT hours I was on. no minutes just hours for simplicity. A.M. and P.M. are REQUIREMENTS Question #2 How many levels did I gain in a single segment pvping with a friend of mine (he probably knows who he is ) and what level did I reach. [HINT: It is a fighting skill] Question #3 Complete the following of my most popular posts in channel 3 "Buying: Any and all ______ ______, ______, ______" <-- that one is a give away pretty much Question #4 What is the name of my bot? How many blessings did I pay for? Question #5 How many characters did i ever OWN (owned as in ever personally bought etc) [Hint: more then 10] Riddle 1 My most treasured of all of the fun filled day I did this the most most would say You'd find me here as much as I could Just because I felt that i should It was my favorite sport of them all Except for real life because thats basketball You don't see it that often infact it's quite dead You just got to hope one doesn't go over your head [i suck at riddles :/] Riddle 2 My favorite by far of the weapons in total A high critical ratio made it quite boastful With a lucky strike you could hit for more 150 with lucky leaving the enemy sore It won me a fight and it was custom made I liked to sit with it under the shade Sprakle and shine it was full of luster You don't see these often, but the sight makes you shutter Riddle 3 A skill which I find quite annoying I only did it because I felt like toying I leveled my best and made quite a few On hit from a BRoD and my speciality wasn't new This skill I praticed for a month or more I wanted to bang my head on the floor What was this practice that I do no more? Riddle 4 My money making skill not necessarily ingame I did this a lot and I never felt shame My work has improved since my very first post Since I learned the specialities which I love the most What was the program that I used quite a lot I would do as fast as i could even on the spot I used it for 2 mods that I know They are proof that my work is a good show [obvious answer ] Riddle 5 My enemy my foe the person I wanted to kill the most! I wished I begged I just wanted to boast I worked hard did my best so that he could not win For if he did that would be a mortal sin! What was his name the person who it might be? This is the hardest you all will soon see Pay close attention to the people I spoke too He is by far the person I was most rude... it's true Believe it or not to him i was over sour I could go on for hours Post his name and soon it will be known The person whom I never agreed with will soon be shown! Well not to easy :/ but not to hard, just figured heck might as well have a bit of fun no?
  12. Before I go how about a riddle?

    And congratulations to levinmage on trying I only wish more people would have tried any way I wish you all the best maybe i'll see you again sometime! TC all and best of wishes to you Radu i'm sure ur arrows will be nicer then anything so far HAVE FUN! and always remember it's only a game
  13. Siggs & Avvs 2

    woo hoo \o/ my idea looked excellent
  14. Before I go how about a riddle?

    congratulations superman \o/
  15. Before I go how about a riddle?

    1 Question is still wrong
  16. 48-hour Mario-thon

    Brawl is AWESOME btw just posting while i wait on the winner for my contest \o/ but yeah Brawl 10/10 =) some 1 pm me so i can play ya online?
  17. Siggs & Avvs 2

    superman u should see the stuff I have made (look for signature practice (in search) and tell me what you think now that i've had some practice
  18. Before I go how about a riddle?

    well well well levinmage only 1 riddle wrong and only 1 question wrong superman be careful now you are close but maybe u can steal some of his answers in the next 3 replies if the answers aren't shown i'll post a hint to what u aren't getting #edit now that i am looking @ levinmage riddle 1 there is more to it
  19. Before I go how about a riddle?

    Persistant? You keep changing 1 of your question answers (#5) and i might as well say 1 of them were correct still 2 of your riddles right, u changed 1 that WAS right and now it IS wrong and the day isen't an actual day it's something i did a LOT read it carefully i'm sure u KNOW the answer
  20. Before I go how about a riddle?

    2 of your 5 are correct \o/ (riddles) all the questions are right except for 2 (the 1 u cant work out and another ) heres a tip read them closely I touched on quite a few things that people SAY ingame and the market post lol just think buying any and all blank / blank / blank a tip for it is it made me lots of GC
  21. Before I go how about a riddle?

    Not bad, but your missing a few I won't say which ones (so others can't steal your answers)
  22. Siggs & Avvs 2

    hey i got an idea put a Crecent Moon behind the horse (big) and a night sky with stars and then put a white overlay with a really light red outline (1) and a outerglow it'd look nice (btw all that on text)
  23. DPA King Contest

    Throw me in i'll tell you ingame pm blox
  24. Help me name my cat!

    Call it Midna :> from legend of zelda =]
  25. I might be able to buy the JSoC Lemme check GC when i get online