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  1. Adrian_K

    Hello my character Adrian_k was banned about 2-3years ago. I want play again EL. I really sorry for break rules. I will never do it again. Can You unban my character please.
  2. Adrian_K

    Hello! My nick in game Adrian_K.Why i have ban ip and character?Please You can whitelist me.
  3. Adrian_K

    I buy this account . I never again illegal multiplaying.Please whitelist me This is my favourite game (
  4. Adrian_K

    sad.gif Hello! My nick in game Adrian_K.Why i have character ban?Please You can whitelist me. sad.gif Sorry for duble posting
  5. Adrian_K

    Hello writeing pls!
  6. Adrian_K

    PLs writing
  7. Adrian_K

    Sorry only Character ban.