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  1. Francophone

    La version francaise n'est pas ouverte aux joueurs pour l'instant (vous pouvez chercher un moment avant de mettre la main sur le client), c'est donc normal qu'il y aie moins de joueurs! La liste des alphas testeurs est close à environ 30 joueurs. Nous sommes en train de débugger, changer des trucs, et surtout de modifié les races (spécialités propres, attributs différents, nouvelles quêtes...). Exactly Roja, we dont want to have the same game in french (the same game will be pointless : EL is already a good one) so we are trying to change things (like race, magic, maps, quests...)
  2. Francophone

    juste un court passage pour vous saluer
  3. Selling Guild

  4. Storil, the nordcarn storage is a bit too close to the house, if you move him a litle we will havemuch more place to trade with him.
  5. El Ghost 2

    Well the bug isnt fixed, i just saw the "el" ghost in WSC arena
  6. Why need we only lvl 35 to summon a fluffy when we need lvl 40 to summon a bear?
  7. I Got Banned And I Don't Know Why?...

    It is possible Sailor. But i know him, he is young and they are no french mod or NH. He knows some english word, but he doesnt understand all that you say to him (he is learning english). At least, if he is annoying you and if i am online, speak with me, i will translate all for him. my name in the game > Aesharmor
  8. Moheb

    it is possibly to do such a macro with gmouse a programm that can record mouse movements and click, and repeat them
  9. DOOM guild's raffle

    i want number 21 please
  10. about Next

    Today *O* was organizing a contest in KF for people bellow 50 in Att/Def. Next came and spoiled the contest! Such a behaviour is very very unfare. Could Next be banned?