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  1. Who remembers....

    Talking to other people in the guild I'm in, I realized that, in terms of EL, I'm old. I was just wandering who else remembered things from a while ago, when EL was a diffrent place. For instance, I remember when you got hit by a teleporter while harvesting, you got sent to Naralik, or having to click each time you wanted to harvest something, instead of clicking and waiting. So, how else out there is 'old' and remebers these things?
  2. Joker riddles

    The idea could be used on a seprate NPC. The first part would be finding this NPC (The Sphinx?), the second would be answering it's riddle. Beacuse of the difficulty involved (in finding and and answering the riddle) the items handed out would be better than average.
  3. Named death bags

    I'm not sure if this has been suggested before. If it has, you have my apologies. I think that death bags should have the name of the person who dropped it attached to it. This would make it eaiser for kind hearted people to return the bag to the owner.
  4. Plans for the future

    I apologize if anyone has mentioned or suggested this already, but I have an idea for the whole "some want it futuristic, some want it medeval" problem. There have been games where the storyline suggested an advanced race of people that 'fell' and forgot how to use their technolgy. We could have something like that in EL, with people using swords and shields, but with land mines and advanced ruins lying around. Some players could even 'learn' to pick up mines and reset them, or to make their own.
  5. Lord_regis And Naamah's Wedding

    The Pictures: The happy bride and groom. The service Sorry if I left anything out.
  6. What new games are you most looking foward to?

    Stargate SG-1: Alliance
  7. Bot

    I had read the rules about bots, that they couldn't build up skills. I have a question about that. Would a bot thats designed to harvest fruits then go to the major harvesting areas and drop them in a bag be illegal?
  8. St. Patrick's Day

    Not entirely true, Arnieman. Legond tells that he chased all the snakes out but one, which would explane the fact that there is only one type of reptile in Ireland.
  9. Shadowfax and Bipolar

    Yeah, one memorable day of sitting in Vermor Castle and summoning deers, seeing how many it would take to kill a skeleton.
  10. Regarding the forums

    I volunteer to help with the forums if Ent and Roja decide to keep them.
  11. Free MMORPG's

    What are the URL's for Kal and Conquer online?
  12. Free MMORPG's

    Don't get me wrong, I love EL and plan to play it for a long time yet. My curious nature, however, drives me to try other games as well. So, if you know of any free MMORPG's (of any type), please post the name and URL of the site here. I appreaceate the help.
  13. Another try at getting the market right

    Lol, I'll use El for a study in my Economics class.
  14. Another try at getting the market right

    Thats intresting, beacuse I played Mu online for a little, and the prices there were outragous. Perhaps its the fate for all on-line games to undergo massive price inflation when its population gets too large.
  15. St. Patrick's Day

    Just wanted to wish everyone (at least those who celebrate it) a happy St. Patricks Day.