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  1. I voted yes...not that it'll add anything at this point ;) At this point I think the farther people have to reach to re-cap will only prove to re-vitalize the server. If it doesn't then nothing has really been lost. If it's truely a "dead server" then there's no reason not to change the cap as it can't negatively effect anyone........unless it's not a dead server...

  2. I vote for it. Bottom line we need more stones in game. Regardless of who physically buys them at the shop they will eventually trickal throughout the server either through direct sale/trade or through sale/trade of manufactured items.

  3. OUT

    Tg outside clear

    SK outside clear

    TD outside clear

    WS clear

    PL clear

    MM clear




    Nc pk cave clear

    Fluffs in manor (sk) where ogres are and I also presume wheere the fluff spawns are too

    Vermor clear & sewers clear (ws)

    TIT mine clear

    TD cave clear

    MM caves clear




    PV clear outside and in ogre cave..underground clear

    Idaloren outside and in underground clear

    Kusamara clear

    EVTR and mine clear


    srm clear

    Bethel clear fero cave clear

    Arius outside clear

    Irinveron and PB cave clear

    Glacmore and Insides clear

  4. What sort of market is there for crafting items? Training armor/weapons seem to be pretty popular items. But, with the exception of moon meds, is there a market for low to mid level crafting items (rings etc.)? If there is that might be something we could offer on Donkeh to supplement what Canned and Odin sell. I know most primary characters probably have high enough magic for tellie to portals. But maybe rings would be nice for lower level alts.

  5. It seems we're all agreed that a somewhat radical change is what is needed to transform the PK server into a higher population count server. By nature radical changes carry a relative amount of risk. The pro's and con's of the current idea have been extensively discussed, and it seems most of us have formulated an opinion on it. Maybe it's time for we PK people to vote on the current revised proposal and see if it passes. If it does, that means most of us are willing to accept the risk. If not, we have an opportunity to formulate a new plan. I suggest we move to a vote and see what happens.

  6. I like the premise of the idea, but I agree, it could easily backfire. Would it be possible to somehow reduce a/d levels for transfers to 70's or 80's? That way at least the high level pk players still hold persuasion over the transfers, but the transfers aren't building a new character? The basic idea being allow them to transfer their characters but at a more comparable level to the current pk players. Just my 2.5 cents.

  7. Yes, both items are installed at the default location. The crash occurs directly after double clicking the .exe. It comes up with the initial EL splash screen with the blue loading status bar. It crashes immediately after this comes up. The status shows "Initializing OpenGL Extensions".

  8. The EL client crashes immediately at initialization.


    Processor Speed: 1.7 GHz Pentium M

    RAM: 2000+MB

    Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon x300

    Hard drive space: 80GB

    Version of Eternal Lands running: 1.7

    Operating System and version: Windows XP Media Center


    Contents of error_log.txt*

    [19:02:58] Error: Server profile not found in servers.lst for server: Lands\el.exe". Failover to server: main.

    [19:02:58] Using the server profile: main


    Internet connection speed: 649 kb/s (DSL)


    I completely disabled my firewall and antivirus software. The only taskbar item I have running is Daemon Tools. This is a fresh installation of Windows with freshly updated drivers.