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  1. Tuxedo/Astrocreep banned

    I will get it fixed, I belive I already know where the problem is
  2. Tuxedo/Astrocreep banned

    was it just one type of message or did all of them have invalid length? i tried to connect tux yesterday evening and it got broken pipe right after receiving server motd and trying to send a #gm stating it's back online. so i assume it would be the chat messages which are broken? and thanks for removing the ban
  3. Tuxedo/Astrocreep banned

    when did this happen? I haven't used or even seen the exploit code you're talking about. I do know it was posted to our guilds forums by this "1337 h4x0r friend" and it was removed pretty quickly by placid. could I possibly get some more info about those corrupt messages my bot was sending? by the way, how can my own character or my bot get exp tables broken if they both have been sitting still on same spot for days, not getting any exp I apologize any problems cause by my bot, and I can assure you no exploits were used I'll get my bot fixed as soon as i find the problem, in the meanwhile it will be only on test server (if i still have access there)
  4. Suomi Finland Perkele

    http://anarchyonline.com/character/bio/d/1/name/astroc kyllä tuohon nyt alkaa jo pääseen sisälle, alkuun oli hiukan pallo hukassa nanojen yms kanssa mut kyllä tuo jo sujuu tehtävät nyt ehkä on hiukankin turhan monotonisia, vois kuvitella että niihin kyllästyy nopeesti.. tiimitehtävät taas on aika jees
  5. Suomi Finland Perkele

    nyt on asenneltu ja testattu, vaikuttais ihan hyvältä... tosin menee hetki ennenkun tohon peliin pääsee sisälle, ensivaikutelmaltaan helvetin sekava. mutta eiköhän se siitä... atlanteanilla pyörin myös ja hahmon nimi Astroc
  6. Gauntlets

    didn't there used to be a weapon like this ages ago (before the "economy reset").... or am i hallucinating?
  7. Suomi Finland Perkele

    näkyis jopa olevan "officially supported" cedegalla.. kai tuota vois kokeilla eikä tuo kamojen hajoaminen mikään huono juttu ole, tosin sais kyllä olla enemmän diablon tyylinen systeemi
  8. Simple Solution For An Apparent Problem

    we would need multichannel support to make this work, that would propably solve the "offtopic" problem in market channel as well because you could be on #3 and #4 simultaneously this may have been suggested a million times before.... but in my opinion, before adding any more channels we need tabbed chat system which allows you to follow as many channels as you want
  9. Suomi Finland Perkele

    johan tätä on vuos väännetty, kyllä tätä nyt pelaa ennenkun turpaansa ottaa... varsinkin kun vaihtoehdot tällä hetkellä aika finaalissa. epäjärjestelmällistyttämättömyydellänsäkään!
  10. Software Mode

    i managed to miss the resolution post, i was playing at 1280x1024 (windowed) so yes, you're right, for 800x600 that ain't normal... currently playing with my GF6800, FPS around 200-300 depending on place.. i keep limiter at 40 and it has never gone below it
  11. Software Mode

    4-12 fps sounds normal for that card, i used FX 5200 for couple weeks while my problematic GeForce 6800 took a trip back to store for replacement. i recommend turning off shadows and reflections, that should double your FPS to playable level
  12. Linux?

    personally i've tried slackware, redhat, mandrake, debian and gentoo... currently using the last mentioned, started with slack ~8 years ago.. if you're allergic to text mode (console), go for Ubuntu.. it's based on debian and comes with graphical tools for installing software. http://www.ubuntulinux.com , 1 full sized CD image (~600MB+) another easy way out is redhat's desktop versions successor fedora, but their software packaging format is somewhat confusing (rpm). it's easy to use but so many distros use this same format and they're not compatible with eachother. http://fedora.redhat.com , full sized CD image(s), don't know how many of them. if you don't mind a little extra work and having to work with console commands, get original debian.. the netinstall CD image is a bit over 100MB, but you will of course have to download all the software you need separately (using apt-get; eg. "apt-get install mozilla-firefox"). http://www.debian.org of course there are such less known distros as arch linux or the one entropy mentioned earlier, but if this is your first linux install.. i would recommend sticking to a mainstream distro until you're familiar with the system, the more users the better support and forums are your friends
  13. Major disaster

    yay, plague would be neat.. and even nicer if it's contagious to other players and even monsters/animals. also random chance to get tapeworms from certain types of foods... effect could be similar to power hungry perk, but cureable.
  14. Grrrrr Linux again (installing)

    chmod 775 means you're changing files permissions as follows: first digit 7: all rights (read, write and execute) to file owner (you) second digit 7: all rights for people in the group third digit 5: read and execute rights for others 4 = read, 2 = write, 1 = execute.. so 5 is 4+1 which is read+execute, 7 is all.. and so on
  15. My graphics card

    i saw a similar glitch once Screenshot Mother nature got pissed off at wraith?