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  1. Loosin my Rag :(

    Ello im on a new laptop a fujitsu siemens - Windows Vista - Intel Pentium Dual Core .....What ever that mean's i dont know alot about comps . Iv been playin El for bout 3 years now and never had a problem with it ......after this update it doesnt want to work Problem No1. when i logg in all is Grey/White and usally i just change resolution and all is well and im away but now it comes up with Eternal-lands has configured a problem with a little working bar .....then couple sec's later it sayd program had to close ..... Problem No2. i uninstalled it and Reinstalled it and now it open screen then instantly closes Help me Please!! im loosin Faith
  2. Once Again

    i am just writing because im not very happy because once again iv lost my second char now. first off all it was Aston_Boi now it is my char EkZ i lost Aston which i spent so much time on and then gave up EL then i returned and got EkZ spent alot off time on him then i gave EL a little rest.......and i just return and appentley EkZ is locked! i dont have no clue about this i havnt even had EL installed on my computer for the last year............ really un-happy about this can anyone please see where im coming from i do not want to spend all those hours again training a char........... Why is EkZ locked ? Can i get him back? Please take a look at this EL community because it could happen to you. Many Thanks Aston (EkZ)
  3. Once Again

    oh my god.....what is going on iv lost 2 chars now and both times for no reason...Why is this all going on me when i havnt done nothing i state now i know the rules i have been playing long enough.......why would i waste the time and money on name change and all that hard work and many hours on a char to abuse it....answer me that please? i am a responsible adult with a family etc....i dont cheat i dont see the reason to cheat and i certainly dont break rules. please can i have my char unlocked.....i am very up-set this is happeing again.
  4. Once Again

    it wasnt exsactly a year ago.......DaZe is my name for a counter-strike(game) .....whats that got to do with it. i know the rules very well i have been playin EL since server 1 and lost my char AsTon_Boi back then.........so whats goin to happen? because i know i havnt done any illegal multiplayer stuff of what you have said.
  5. Once Again

    never heard off them.....dont know what you are going on about.....and i swear down my little boys life i dont kno....i dont lie like all these little boys on here......so can u tell me why u asked that and what is happeing with eks please.....
  6. Once Again

    lol iv lost you .................:S confuseddd!!!
  7. Cant connect

    when i Open Eternal-lands it says i cannot Connect ? ? Whats goin on ?
  8. Cant connect

    Is anyone going to help me ? or not ........... have i been banned for some Weird reason can someone HELP ME! im havin withdraw symptons!!!!
  9. Back ....If you Rember me

    Ello All Im back once again .......thats if you remember me (Aston_Boy) (Aston) (EkZ) << thats me pop in say ello if you rember me if not pop in say ello anyway
  10. oh yeh and Help plz :)

    well yeh im back but iv forgot my Password for Ekz .......:S Ent or Mi can you help me plz Plz reply A S A P ty
  11. Any Thing New coming?

    Ello ~All is there any thing new cming and big...like a big update or any big chnages coming im just wondereing about it
  12. Any Thing New coming?

    Rofl! thats why i cant connect i was going to come on and ask why i cant get on lol! whats is this update any new!?!?! Get back to me plz
  13. Reunion!

    OMG!!!!!!! No one remeber's AstonBoy!!!!!!!! i was in WOLF! come on guy's upset me now Who remember's me!!!!!!!!!!!! ..................AstonBoy!!!
  14. Shivar

  15. Reunion!

    What about me you forgot AstonBoy ^_^_^_^_^_^_^*CRIES*! im a old school player!
  16. I Wanna Change My Name!

    ello! i want to change my name on EL i know i have to pay 5$(Usd) Etc....but who do i talk to ETc.....and can i do it through pay-pal? Get back to me! Plz! l8erz
  17. well some people know me as Astonboy or Aston and iv posted to get Aston back and roja has said he can't do nothing because he has no proof!so if any one c's Aston on the game report him to a mod n cant u guys check ip's or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im trying to think how i can proove it's my char n if my freinds can help me i would b much greatful! plzz help me!
  18. I Will B Back!

    well guys im back but not so soon im trying to get my char back who ever remember's Astonboy or Aston come in n say hello i will b back on the game soon so all my freinds how is you all doing n even if you dont know me n ur new to me say hello i dont bite lol .....................so Ello Ello All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Im back......................................l8erz cant wait to c who remebers me!!!!!!
  19. Help me get Aston back plz peeps!

    lol love you too spock!! !! !! !!ill b big again soo n just gimme time i have a new char his name is >>>EksMan>>>so pm me!!when ur on!
  20. I Will B Back!

    lol hello all how are you all doing??lol n yes the 10k will b repaid m8 dont worry just let me get my char back n get up on my feet n then i will b back as a strong fighter!!!!hello jens how u bin???!!?!?!?!l8erz all keep posting for me!
  21. Help me..Roja!

    I'v come in here before roja to get my char back and you got back to me n never done ny thing bout it can you plzz help me!
  22. Help me..Roja!

    omg lol your calling me a scammer!!!!!!!lol i was playing this game from right back in the day m8!! !! !!so dont b calling me a scammer plzz!
  23. Help me..Roja!

    nope im not that s2pid lol! <_<
  24. Help me..Roja!

    when the new server came i made a char called AsTon n i left for a couple of weeks then when i went to come back on it says my pass is invalid and my freinds have been saying they have seen me online and it isnt me so iv been hacked so can you help me plz!i asked for your help a couple off weeks ago and you said you would get back to me and you never did?!?!?!...................
  25. Help Some One Changed My Pass!

    some one has changed my pass i just posted in the genereal chat.....so ent roja or leaner can u help me get my char AsTon back...??????