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  1. gone for weekend

    He is a texan i knew it
  2. Eternal lands video/ad

    toy thats what i was thinking this thing NEVER happened it was supposed to happen in april DUH, have u never looked at the DATE! :roll:
  3. re-release old models

    that would be sooo fun:)
  4. Guess the Album!

    that better? or do u want me to delete how to do it?
  5. window resize rysnc bug

    this just started happened resently but when i change the window size *any size incliuding making it full sceenor not* the game lags and has to rysnc.
  6. window resize rysnc bug

    ok thank u ent.
  7. window resize rysnc bug

    it didnt use to happen to me, any way to fix it?
  8. Guess the Album!

    all u got to do is edit the link u gave us u said http://img55.photobucket.com/albums/v169/c...ucazi/guess.gif and all u have to do is take the last part off and im in ur album so the link would be *link was taken off cause im nice and cause he asked*
  9. I suggest a potion maker cloak, im the [TM] potion maker and it really sucks ot have lvl 40 potion and still fail some so i suggest making a perk or cloak that gives a +5 to potion lvl. mabye less than 5. orange could be the color. i suggest a monster drop very rare.
  10. Quick Bar

    or crtl 1,2,3,4,5 ect works to use them quick
  11. The Future Of The Rangers.

    Sam u forgot a guild, u frogot Jerk jeviks guild whnen the heck was it formed, and it is till in game...
  12. Quest for the Lost one

    me i guess, mabye me and moon can be partners? :shock:
  13. worst album covers

    lol what about these its a take off of this sry for the skin on it if u can c it im sry
  14. CO's amazing race

    Was very fun hope somoen got some screenshots i want to c the kaos in vc and rat house.
  15. Show a pic of yourself!

    vart wow u look sso um YOUNG!! lmao
  16. Show a pic of yourself!

    is it me or is that flower wall paper? and hell im not showing my pic im bald *crys* i used to have soooo much hair* i went over my eyes and farther* now JROTC took it away. :?
  17. CO's amazing race

    evil moonie :twisted:
  18. CO's amazing race

    me and moon are partners
  19. I miss this game

    one of the most weird fun games i played was x-com the 1st one i tryed all the others they sucked the 1st one rocked. ANd if u kno where i can get a copy of the 1st one tell me i miss mine and cant fian another
  20. It is all in a name.........

    mine i made it up, and its the weirdest and funniest name out there
  21. lol moonshadow got banned

    i just find it funny moonshadow got banned, for makine a noob chaccter, and leloo thinking his was scamer
  22. I miss this game

    ya that was a good game, now x-com intercepter *barfs* wasnt that good chesy grafics
  23. _a_e_i_o_u_

    [TM] cept sabaka want s u to have 50+ stats lmao
  24. THe best game=Comander Keen

    anyone rember the 2d game comander keen with his spaceship. ooooo man that game rocked