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  1. Rule 5 alterations

    Would it be that difficult to implement a guild storage system? If a guild registered with a npc storage char (for an in-game price) for the use of a guild storage, the guild tag would be registered with the npc and anyone with that guild tag gets the extra "guild storage" option in the npc storage window, which acts like a normal storage, except the contents are viewable by anyone with the guild tag. And it'd be beneficial to make it so you need a rank above 6 before you can withdraw items (to stop scamming, looting etc.) - any guild that cant afford to register for this system might be tempted to use the current system yes, so dont make it too expensive, and if anyone is caught using the current system they could be given x amount of days to come up with the money to register a guild storage (after the deadline the guild storage char is banned regardless). I expect it is 'not possible at this time' due to programming reasons, but at least consider something like it. Most games offer some kind of guild storage. If you want to control the situation implement something you can control instead or creating rules that are more flexible than a credit card that can be mis-interpreted and misunderstood quite easily.
  2. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Huey Smith & The Clowns - Dont you just know it
  3. Talk Like a Pirate Day!

    Iron Sam Flint A pirate's life isn't easy; it takes a tough person. That's okay with you, though, since you a tough person. Like the rock flint, you're hard and sharp. But, also like flint, you're easily chipped, and sparky. Arr!
  4. My Heritage - Face Recognition

    Its not that bad Helga.. I just ran your forum pic through it, you're Norkys Batista in real life (Model and actress). And Beorn.. you're Matt Damon, ignore the face recognition program
  5. My Heritage - Face Recognition

    I cant quite see it myself lol, although the Monty Python link is quite ironic. Ni!
  6. My Heritage - Face Recognition

    http://www.myheritage.com This is not one of those jokes that tells you that you look like a monkey, it scans a picture you upload and gives you the 10 closest matches from all kinds of celebs and stars. So, who do you look like? 72% Phillip Seymour Hoffman 58% Jack Osbourne 57% Edmund Husserl 52% Nestor Kirchner 49% Pierce Brosnan 46% Scarlett Johansson 46% John Wilkes Booth 45% Lech Walesa 45% Christopher Lambert 45% Patrick Kluivert
  7. Armor vs Defense vs Damage vs etc.

    #arm is a useful command when you want to see how your stats are affected when equipping armour etc.
  8. New weapons and Armours

    Can these new effects occur when making older weapons and armour (iron plate, tit serp etc.) or are they only for the new weapons and armour?
  9. Eternal Times Newpaper

    Just so you know, the forums are giving the following error as I submit my details to register: Failed sending email :: PHP :: DEBUG MODE Line : 234 File : emailer.php and even though the forum says my name is registered, I cannot login.
  10. Global advantages

    Have a random chance for an event to be triggered (similar to special days) that spawns 2 NPC's, one in each continent, at a set place on one safe map. Both NPC's will offer the same thing on both continents. Whichever continent completes the task first wins and the event that is triggered will only be in effect on that particular continent). When the NPC spawns at the beginning of the EL day, players have the whole of the day to donate any items the NPC is collecting (preset list to be made). If at the end of that day the NPC has enough donations (again, a preset amount to be determined), the NPC triggers an event. As for what event is triggers, depends on what the NPC is collecting. If he's collecting gold coins, and he gets over the amount he needs, anywhere in the game where you can receive gold coins (harvesting, monster drops etc.) will be quadrupled or higher. If he's collecting furs (any kind) summoning exp will be boosted by a percentage for the day. If he's collecting leather items of any kind, manu exp will affected. Silver/Gold rings - crafting exp boost Potions - potion exp boost So on and so forth for each skill, except a/d (getting to it). Maybe the percentages on c2 could be more than on c1, to populate c2 a bit more? If however, the NPC doesnt get enough donations at the end of the day, he has a random chance to: - destroy them - give them to joker - sell them - any other suggestions Now as for a/d the NPC is going to ask for specific things. A lot of specific things, and these things will change each time the NPC appears and is taking items for the a/d event. For a boost to both skills, the NPC would require things like 50 ELE's, 20 Iron Cuisses, 100 Titanium Long swords. The more specific and varied the items the better - these items should be manufacturable items, as this not only provides a demand for alch/manu services, but it'll create certain dips and booms in the economy where certain items that were given to the NPC are in very high demand, and become rare items. Given the fact that the players wont know what items are needed until the NPC spawns, there's no way of knowing which items to mass-produce. There should probably be certain factors involved. Things like not having the NPC's spawn at the end of a special day, each event the NPC triggers should be different up to 3 events, so that 2 of the same event dont occur within 4-5 times of the NPC spawning.
  11. Requesting a siggy

    Better, but Beorn's is still my favourite. I'll give it a few more days then pick one
  12. Lawsuit: Aluwen vs. Mortos

    LV's Quiz in WSC Meeting Hall always tended to be a good crowd-puller, mainly because anyone could participate and there were a range of prizes, but I havent seen such an event for some time. Lately the big events seem to be invasions or fighting-related, which is fine, if there was a range for these events, and not just the top-end monsters for the top 20-30 a/d people. Yeah, anyone is able to join in, but at the end of the day you're not going to enjoy a fighting event if you cant fight. I just think there should be more events aimed at other aspects of the game. Take summoning for example.. there's hardly ever any summoning events, and with such a range of monsters you can summon, summoning arena's and plenty of summoners about its amazing no one has organized such an event.. of course it'd probably have to be the EL Summoners vs. Chaoogie but thats not the point Maybe its time to take matters into our own hands and start some small scale events?
  13. Lawsuit: Aluwen vs. Mortos

    I like the concept from an event point of view, but as its been previously stated, gods just aren't ideal for this. However, to expand on what Innovinril posted... Back when I was in college years ago, we entered a national competiton called Trial by Jury. Each college would be given a portfolio of a real life trial (excluding the results, and all names/places etc. changed), a day to prepare, and then all the local colleges taking part would meet at a court house, and mock trials would take place between all the colleges, until only 1 was left. The college had to have its advocates (lawyers/solicitors etc.), witnesses, and a jury (the jury would be 6 and 6 from each college). The winner was declared depending on the verdict of the jury.. it had to be a majority verdict, so you couldnt just always vote for your college to win! If you won, you went on to the next round.. a new case, another opponent, so on and so forth. There would also be a Judge present at each trial. He would explain to the jury their duties, and once the verdict is given, give a bit of a (made-up) statement to the defendant, then give the colleges a review of their performance. Now, if you replace "college" with "guild", you've got the foundation for a regular event for guilds or groups of people to sign up to, all that would be needed is some thought-out scripts to base each trial on (similar to what you did above), a variety of judges (mods?) and enough planning to hold regular trials. The downside of course, is having enough players online at the same time for a trial to take place. You need 12 jurors (at the end of the day, could be randomly picked), 1 or 2 advocates for each side, the witnesses, the judge and some pre-prepared scripts so that each side has time to prepare, witnesses to learn their lines, effectively cutting down the actual length of the trial. If enough people actually got involved it'd be nice to see some major trials that would have an effect within the game depending on the outcome, maybe trigger a special day, have one of the gods perform an invasion or some other event. Some interesting RP'ing ideas in this thread, I hope something comes of it
  14. Requesting a siggy

    The font on the last 2 I really like, but the backgrounds aren't really what I'm looking for. Also, I know I said I had no specs, but it'd be nice to have "proud leader of GarD" on the siggy, like elite did on his.
  15. Requesting a siggy

    Hmm, not bad, I like the siggy, except there is an S at the end of my name - cant work out if its there or not, looks like a dark outline of one?