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  1. NMT Perk vs. NMT Cape

    My suggestion is: Get the cape. When you have higher oa (100-120+ oa), decide to get the perk or not then. You may decide you need the pp's for something else when you are higher level (and regret taking the perk = reset millions of exp), and when pp's are harder to come by. Why spend millions of gc on NMT?
  2. NMT Perk vs. NMT Cape

    As long as the NMT cape remains unbreakable, I would'nt take the perk. The cape is only 350-400k at the moment, compared to the millions of gc you would need to buy it. imo, any training done below chimeran wolves does not need NMT, its more of a luxury. I would consider any positive perk a waste of pp's when there is a cloak for the perk - even if I did have spare pp's and didnt need them for my p/c. But if for some reason the cape is unusable/made breakable then I would do like you described above and buy the perk - hopefully that is not before I can kill Yeti.
  3. Red Dragon

    Nice. Hail the top summoners - new owners of KF.
  4. How to make pk maps crowded

    Exactly - you suggested people only train on PK maps - unlike you, who trained on a PK map, but on Ogres. imo PK is dead because of neg tanks like you. I don't care - don't know why I bothered to post here. An irrational suggestion like this would never get implemented anyway. Sorry.
  5. How to make pk maps crowded

    No, I don't. When you trained in PK since ogres I bet you didn't do ALL your training there, you must have trained on mobs also. You could PvP in KF few years ago, you can't do that now. PKing and training are two totally different things. Anyway, what you suggested was unreasonable. There are ways of making PK active without turning EL upside down. Look at the 'PK server' thread in General Chat.
  6. How to make pk maps crowded

    So? Does that mean those fighters who don't PK would have to PK? Making XP gainable only on PK maps would clearly make fighting totally PK orientated. If you want more PK I suggest you PKers change your attitude, for a start.
  7. PK server

    Yes, I would be interested in playing - and yes, I would pay the fee. Great idea Ent! Even though I normally don't PK on the main server, I would try out the PK server. EDIT - Since it is a PK server, and the the economy won't be such a large factor I think it might be fun to have unlimited gc and everyone has the same stats. That way everyone can have the same amount of fun all the time, and can just focus on PK skills. I see shortage of money, and the fear of losing armors/rosto, as the main factor for PKers not PKing as much as they would like on the main server. Just a crazy thought.
  8. Skeptic Perk

  9. Skeptic Perk

    Hi all. I'd like to use this thread as a follow up thread from http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=36837. I've considered taking the Skeptic Perk and have already started saving up 30kgc for it. I don't like astrology all that much, even though it adds a bit more dynamic to the game for many others. It makes training/PvP too complicated for me. I don't really know how it affects PK since I avoid PK. I'd like to use this thread to see how many fighters are thinking of doing the same. Have you have decided to take Skeptic or not?
  10. I can't dance - do or don't

    imo gelly and ICD arent good for a fighter unless you are a PKer with high stats (like 120s a/d high high oa) and can become a perk tank (take all negative perks) or if you just mix.
  11. Skeptic Perk

    No yet, but probably will. Back to training again, and want no complications. Thanks for perk option.
  12. Training a/d with lots of reasoning (archer build)

    In training, defence exp is the best for oa (with def god its good combo) plus its good when you can pvp with someone as well. Focusing on defence exp also helps you get to fluffies asap. I've never tested it but I presume as long as you have high instinct (high reaction cross attribute that makes you dodge more hits) you can suck lots of def exp out of monsters without landing too many hits. Your dexterity (determines the amount of successful hits you land every round) from low reasoning/coordination will be very low so you will kill the monster very slowly. If you take 100% reasoning, you will not be able to defend yourself as you wont have any reaction cross attributes. 50% reasoning and instinct is the same as 100% coordination (coordination has both dexterity and reaction). Maybe I will make an alt to test instinct build. Hope I helped.
  13. Forum registration

    BaxCy and Kjata of DRAC please. Also, if possible, i'd like to request a forum name change for myself to Hydro, in accordance with my name change ingame. I've already tried contacting forum authorities. Thankyou in advance.
  14. How to make money

    many n44b fighters are power hungry and dont develop a strategy, so they get anti perk before yeti and cutting off easiest source of gc for trainig supplies (blue lupines, trik npc) thats why they are poor, anyway you can get both good gc and decent xp the changes in drops i think are a way off getting fighters to do something other than a/d anyway i make money from training cause i make my own supplies (2 inorg+4vegetal nexus) - Hydro