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  1. storage blowout sale

  2. Shocker is a spawn serper

    i agree that this current shocker guy is... lets say not a very polite person. this is what happened to me few days ago: the feros cave wasnt very crowded, and i was roaming around the southern doublespawn and the one that spawns just a little east from the double. i didnt use a weapon, so most of the time there was 2 feros of them 3 alive. then came shocker, placing himself at the double spawn starting to kill. i didnt care, cause (at least when u dont use weapons) 3 feros is pretty fine for 2 people to share. then, when i waited for 1 of the 2 feros he just killed (with sword, ofc ) to respawn and started killing it myself, our conversation started... well ofc after that he started to attack every feros that i fought, even if there was other free ones running around considering the feros didnt even switch to attack him and that somehow i always ended up on the feros' bag and gained not so bad exp either i was making fun of him not a big story, but this thread sort of asked me to share this. cheers!
  3. The Harvesting Shop!

    6k sunflowers please
  4. The Kilaran Field Clash 2

    i'd like to join (if i'm around)
  5. Sale of cool items.

    defense potions + coord potions @ 25 each?
  6. Auction: Titanium Greave of MIRRORING!

    290k any hint on what would be a price you would like? i'm not trying to be impolite, but why dont you set your starting price there?
  7. Swammy and Salt harvesting shop

    10k white asiatic lilly pls
  8. Storage!

    i want the deer furs pls
  9. Selling Storage Items

    i'm interested in the attack potions as well. i'll start with a 25gc/per bid
  10. selling artificial removal stone

    yeah, w/e - sold stone to bot for 250k.....
  11. selling artificial removal stone

    ok doesnt seem like theres much interest, so i end this earlier: August 22, same time that my first post has been created at.