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  1. Selling Red Rose

    5-10k pm me ~~~emmeett game name~~~
  2. help

    i kinda think that is a ripoff like seriously make a recovery system i played this game for fun now your saying if i want the password cause i forgot it i have the option to pay 5$ i think ill play on my new account
  3. forgot my password

    title says it all where do i go to get it back
  4. help

    i forgot my password for el not the forums the game and need to now where to get it back
  5. IP ban

    okay well i played along time ago and same with my brother only one computer and he said i think we are ip banned i said what the beep did you do cause i quit and he was playing still then i thought ill log on in about a couple of mounths and im still banned i wanna now why and my name is nomercyman and i dont now my brothers but i now he didnt do anything, I will never do whatever i did ever again and am very sorry for any actions that i have caused
  6. unlock my account plz!

    hi my name is nomercyman i went to school one day then when i got home my ip was banned i said what the and was madd and then i wanted tp play then i got madd then quit for like 3 mounths then played a diffrent game me then now here i am trying to play again