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  1. GC Drop Rates

    This is mostly aimed towards players who solely mix or who only do instances/invances/daily a/d quests. For what reasons do you not train a/d? Is it too much of a risk? Do you not enjoy training a/d? Is it too much of a grind? Is there not enough incentive to train a/d for you personally? What are your opinions? The reason for my questions is that there is little to no incentive for me personally to train a/d. Sure, having a high a/d is nice but is the grind really worth the time? In my opinion, if gc drops were increased I would be more inclined to grind out more a/d levels instead of sticking to just doing daily quests. In the long term, do you think this would add a few if not more people to the small pool of players who try to or enjoy participating in pk? Theoretically, how would other aspects of the game change if gc drops were increased from monsters across the level spectrum (low levels to high levels)? If you made a slight profit as a mixer who also trained a/d would you be more inclined even out play time between mixing and training a/d?
  2. Hey all, currently attending college in the states. I started playing again for kicks but I cannot connect to EL while using the university's wifi. The wifi requires a user id and password to connect. 90% of my day is spent on campus either in class or at the library studying. I would like to be able to connect to EL to afk harvest and what have you however I have been unable to find a way to connect to EL. I've tried a vpn called SpotFlux which works but it was just a free trial for a few days. I would rather not use a third party program to be able to connect but if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Also does anyone use Learner's proxy server or know if it would work with this particular situation? I doubt I would take the time to talk to the university IT guys to try and connect to the game, it's not a huge issue for me but I just thought I would see if anyone else has encountered this before. Thank you, busch (ingame)
  3. my pk suggestion

    I like because there has been little to no incentive in pvp, which defeats any purpose of pvp imo
  4. Was scrolling through my list of books read and I was thinking it might be nice/convenient to have the Knowledge tab cleaned up and sorted. For example make it so you are able to go to the tab and have a list of your skills (Fighting, Magic, Potion, etc.) and have some sort of drop down into their specific books. Eg: Potion (click)+ Advanced Potions Potion of Body Restoration Potion of Vitality Manufacturing (click)+ ...etc. you get it. Clean and efficient. I didn't search much for similar topics so muh bad if this is already suggested.
  5. GODZ and Warlords (wWw) merge to form GoW

    I agree with you on a number of issues in this game (which I'm sure are being fixed as we speak...lol lil joke that was) Anyway what I meant to say is I thought u had more sense in u korr, thought u wouldn't stoop to the level of this pack of brainless gits that call themselves godz.. But I don't play so dun mind me mk Keep me informed on how these educational masterpieces fit in with wWw
  6. I lol at this whole topic. Why must mixers complain when all of fighters gc goes back to them? They are the only ones making profit, they are at the bottom of the chute and all the money ends up sliding back down to them in the end.
  7. brute wars =D

    New pupil: DickLickMaster ! omg...
  8. Selling NMT

    500k Oh wait you already sold it...that's too bad
  9. Selling NMT

  10. Some game!

    Ghey how noob stats + mega weapon owns good stats + decent weapon
  11. Selling NMT

  12. Selling NMT

    Auction ends in 4 mins pls
  13. laptop

    That's all I could find about it :/ And is the drivers update under the sticky on the Help Me forum? (the topic by Derin) If it is I tried that but it had no option for Vista..only XP and other stuff.
  14. laptop

    Mobile IntelĀ® 4 Series Express Chipset Family