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    I'm auctioning 50k he's Start price 425k Min increase: 5k BIN price: 500k Post here or pm me in game
  3. 50k Air ess AUCTION

    Auction over.. Orick has the air ess on him now.. Next auction 50k he's will probably start tomorrow..
  4. 50k Air ess AUCTION

    Auction ends today at midnight, about 14 hours to go.. New auction coming up, so this has to end.. Next auction will be 50k he's...
  5. 50k Air ess AUCTION

    I'm auctioning 50k air ess Start price: 450k Min. increase: 5k Buy it now: 525k Auction will last for a week.. Or when bin price is offered... Place your bid here or pm me in game
  6. NMT auction

    Cape at bin price (520k) on mercandy bot in DP.. Auction will still go on for a week..
  7. NMT auction

    Got an NMT dropped by a fluff today and im auctioning it! Start price (since dubro didnt want me to start my auction at 350k i changed it, thank dubro for that) Start price: 480k min. increase 1k BIN price? Give me an offer i can't refuse.. Auction will run for a week, highest bid will get it..
  8. Last of my storage

    I would like all the empty vials, but im probably online just as little as you are, so don't know if we can close this deal, but i would like to reserve them..
  9. small storage sale

    42k sound good? lmk, slepnir ign. Sure, will try to catch u in game
  10. small storage sale

    Selling some stuff.. 3k srs 1 efe 1 ewe 2.5k raw meat 2.5k bones 1 red robe 1 white red striped baggy pants It's not much, but i need gc's more then the items :-)
  11. Air ess Auction

  12. Air ess Auction

    for this last day minimum increase is lowered to 2.5k
  13. Air ess Auction

    I'm auctioning 30k air essences.. Start price: 270k Minimum Increase: 2.5k Buy it now: 300k Enjoy the bidding..
  14. Auction

    Bump, guess noone needs health essies, so i will burn them myself, last day to offer, otherwise i will delete the auction
  15. Auction