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  1. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    I was doing the harv daily and the NPC in PL told me to pick Daffodils in Irinv. with this message: For today we need 100 Daffodils. They must be harvested from Irinveron, at 481,1151) Who are you?2) Goodbye These coordinates are wrong and should read 481, 115. Thanks!
  2. Your favorite xmas gift as a child or adult

    I got a Mrs. Beasley doll when I was little and I lover her fiercely...I was 2. THen I got a Baby Tender Lovin' Care who I adored so much, she had to be replaced. She ate and wore the cutest little diapers. Hands down, Jewelery is my fave, but I am past the toy stage of life-of my own. Now I have to buy them.
  3. Bur can cook

    Bur said: " I've got _____what can i do with it or OMG!" JRD Replies: Are you making fun of me? Even though you didn't use my name, I think that comes from any one of my several panicked pm's...and you always save my uh....skillet! Still waiting for a pan of brownies... Post your BBQ recipe, too, mmmmmmm... ~JRD
  4. Selling Human Removal Stone

    Pm me in game or post here SOLD in game for 235k gc Thank you JRD
  5. Do saws break?

    What is the matter with you??????? Shhhhhhhhh
  6. Additional Clothes

    "Baby needs some (pretty) shoes" -JRD speaking of herself "Pretty in pink", "Pink-it's the new black", "Think pink" -suggestion of pink dye being implemented while Radu was scoping JRD's Red Snap Charity Bush in PV to REMOVE it. Pink dye is the least he could do......... The only reason I don't wear my clothes more often is because I am in C2 most of the time and I am always AFK and Lenny likes to gnaw on me. Not to mention no strappy shoes to wear...
  7. rayla bjed us in trassian

    It won't make a difference, but for the record, there was 7k sulf in the bag. oh well...what can one say? JRD
  8. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    I would like to order 1k water essies please In game name is WeaverJRD Thank you!
  9. 100k Lupins for Sale

    I have 100k Lupes for sale, .5gc each. Sold in quantities of 10k at a time or all! TY! PM me in game or post here. Thanks, JRD ******ALLLL GONE*********************
  10. Buying Monster Magnetism

  11. Buying Monster Magnetism

    Hi! I am looking for a Monster Magnetism Cape...pm me ingame or reply here! Thanks
  12. Valentines Confusion?

    That wasn't the point SpleenFeeder, the point was the confusion and denial of there being confusion! That was a bit of an insult, too.
  13. Valentines Confusion?

    Seems to me that that could have been stated upfront because indeed there was confusion! I still appreciate the service!
  14. Vitality Removal stone-For Sale

    Thank you, this item has sold! Please close topic!
  15. Vitality Removal stone-For Sale

    Auctioning one Vitality removal Stone Auction Will end Thursday, November 1st at 6:00pm est Minimum bid is 12kgc and Buy it Now Is 19.5k! Thanks and happy bidding! JRD