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  1. A little rant

    They perscribed strong pills but it still feels awkward. I have no pinkie finger on my right hand O.O
  2. A little rant

    I freaking cut off my finger!!!! and serain is banned. Gonna go change my dressing now! >.<
  3. Selling fire ess ings!

    the snaps are sold!!!
  4. Selling fire ess ings!

    The snaps are gettiong very lonely in my storage. cmon we need a buyer for the snaps!
  5. Selling fire ess ings!

    The roses have been sold@!!
  6. Selling fire ess ings!

    me and Best_Collector are selling 50,000 Red Roses and Snapdragons! We are currently selling the flowers for 0.50 gc each. We are still getting sulfur so be patient =D ps: i messed up the title. we are selling the stoof for $$$ not FE's ^^
  7. A mystery

    count me in! this ought to be fun!
  8. The Big Bag Race!

    awsome! im so gonna save up for skelly keys!
  9. a map designed especially for battle

    no i mean a map with a smeg load of arenas and a arena were you can pk eachother in teams. like you lose no stuff and respawn just outside of arena. ya know. for fun. ps: btw, nice sig
  10. theres should be a map made especially for battle! there should be arena somewhere on the map. a HUGE arena. there could be many arenas. one just for 1 on 1 combat (non-multicombat arena), one with multi-combat, one that has two portals in front of it. you cant just walk in the arena. you gotta go through the red portal or blue. red portal puts you on the red team. blue puts you on (suprise!) blue. then there could be like a lil newbie arena for low lvls. there should also be a small town with shops that sell only combat based items. rings,fighting books,summoning books, armour,weapons,potions, and tickets to go watch the carnage from a safe place! (only for the huge arenas) tickets should be a bit cheap. about 100gc each maybe, and when you use it it teleports you to the bleachers or benches that you watch from. I think the map should be called the valley of conflicts
  11. About my rabbit.

    excuse me. this my seem dumb but what do i have to do to get rabbit out from under the picture of the knight. can people edit it? or is it like a ranking. ps: please dont kick me in the shin for posting this!
  12. Help me name my cat!

    call em bluekitty! =) (and to thelethalmoo... beef. XD
  13. Duplicated formulae

    whats the ingredients for white fabric?
  14. how should i start out manufuncturing? i need good exp for lvl 0 lol
  15. about my forum account...

    nvr mind.. i got it changed =D Thanks to aisllin =D (srry if i misspelled)