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  1. Possible Invance Rehab?

    Some more comments from me. - many of the comments I read are only relevant to the 120+. The other invances have different problems, most proposed changes would just make them worse IMHO. - gatekeeper currently does not need any special bonus up to the 100-120 : he/she just needs to go invis if mobs approach, and usually risks much less than the other players. If the gate is really swamped with mobs since the beginning and he/she dies, then the invance is usually lost anyway. The 120+ is different as some mobs have TS, the gatekeeper is a much tougher jobs there I guess. - putting a constraint on the gear on entrance is fine, if it is done only at the beginning (when you pay the amber). Unless a completely different scheme is developed, checking each time you reenter may prevent people from getting back in to get their DB. It happens often enough that we want to allow (in the end it's their call to loose a rosto or risk loosing the whole armor valued 4 rostos or more). - checking at each minute the gear of each player (let alone I think it would be a pain to implement in the server, but I may be mistaken on that) may kick you off the invance right after a piece of your armor breaks. This doesn't look fair at all. Cheers xam
  2. Possible Invance Rehab?

    I voted to keep invances as they are. First, let's not confuse the 120+ instance with the other ones: the 120+ should be split IMHO, too many players, too many high mobs and too demotivating for low range players. That is also related to why I'm not overcapping: 120+ seems a regular invance, but much more danger than fun to me esp. with my current build. For other invances, the reward currently working is purely a/d. If you take it out, less people will show up, and the 100-120 range is always in trouble when looking for people. Hence I voted for no changes. If you replace the bonus with a hit/dodge based bonus, things _may_ work but only for fighter/tanks. What about rangers and mages and summoners? They would probably not show up (then good luck with some of the high mobs in the 120+). PROPOSAL If a hit/dodge bonus is considered, I can propose a similar method which is more balanced among the player types. I would assign a final bonus for all fight-related abilities (att/def/range/summon/magic) in proportion to how many hits/dodges/spell/summons you made. Or, different implementation, to the amount of xp you made in that ability during the invance (takes some care to check at least that you are within the invance map most of the time, so that no powerleveling at restock time is possible). Example, simplified with a/d/summoning Let's say that att/def bonus bonus is 2k per level, and summon bonus is 100 per level. So if I am 100/100/50, my maximum bonuses are 200k/200k/5k. Case 1: I go as a fighter, make 1000 hits, 200 dodges and 1 summon. <Normalize the vector to 1, multiply for the max bonus> I get almost all the att bonus, ~40K def bonus, basically no summon bonus. Case 2: I go as a tank, make 1000 dodge, 200 hits and 1 summon. Same as before, I get most of the def and a bit of att final bonus. Case 3: I go as a summoner, make 100 hit, 100 dodge and 100 summon. I get 1/3 of each bonus, so 66k a/d and 1.66k summon. Case 4: I go as a cheater, getting less than X hits/dodges and summons. I get no bonus and a warning. Radu has to decide what is the value of X of course. Notes: if I am a weak fighter but powerful summoner (summon 80) means I get more summon xp (but my creatures will be much more helpful for the team). The reasoning applies to magic/summon/ranging etc. By deciding what is the maximum bonus per level per each ability (the 2k per level or 100 per level in the example) we can calibrate things so that invance is a nice bonus but cannot be used too much for power leveling. The counters for the invance should count actions which are helpful to the team (e.g. count tank rabbits but not plain rabbits... but sometimes white rabbits ARE useful) Despite I think the method may work, it remains to see if this is what people wants: maybe invances are still a way to level a/d for characters which are more devoted to ranging or mixing, for them it's better to leave them as they are. Cheers xam
  3. Spell commands using alt+numbers

    Hi all, it is possible that the client is not to blame. IF using Mac OS X (at least up to snow leopard): 1) the OS captures some keystrokes which happen to be shortcuts. If you enable the shortcuts, the EL client never receives it. This happens for many key combinations, check the keyboard preferences. 2) UNDOCUMENTED FEATURE == BUG ; changing the number of screens via the Spaces preference also resets to enabled the hotkeys for the space selection, and those hotkeys are exactly alt+ number. So here is the bug: add more spaces, e.g. up to 4, and you'll find that alt+2,3,4 are trapped by the OS; change to 8 spaces, and you loose alt+2 ... alt+8. If that is the case, you need to go to the keyboard prefs and disable those shorcuts again (everytime you enable additional spaces). You may find more useful to leave the alt+ arrows shortcuts enabled, if you don't need them for EL. Hope this helps xam
  4. Farewell Candi, may your Spirit find a restful peace

    Sad news to hear, I'm sorry for her family. She will be missed. xam
  5. +1, but remember the WR needs red or blue cockatrice feathers for best contrast xam
  6. I'm not playing lately due to work, but I can see from the forums that EL is still the same great fun as ever Wonderful idea VV! I also have a suggestion for implementing some risk in attacking the new mob, giving him a few special attacks: Can steal your GC while in combat, Can break some items, On a successful special attack of the Rhino, the first character of the password of you char gets changed, and you have to discover what is the new password to get back in game Till soon xam
  7. Stuck up MAD guild

    Not all my experiences with MAD are positive, obviusly, but let's tell a little tale. The first time I went after a Castellan (last mob of a Bethel uncapped) I had no idea about the team organization needed to kill one with minimum risk. I still can't dream to tank or hit it today, then I went with arrows. The team told me not to shoot at it (I had not full AP)! I was a bit puzzled, but I happily shoot at the giants only. You can bet my help was not needed by the team at all, but I still got a small share for the arrows at the giants, so I got some ranging XP for free in the end. Thereafter, I re-checked casty stats and understood why me ranging on inspiration would have actually hurt the team. Now I know what would have happened if I insisted instead to have it my way, if I kept shooting at the casty healing it / making it spawn giants at the worst time, and if I assumed I had a right to a full share regardless of my willingness to collaborate with a team (who knew better than me)... ...except I don't think I'd complain on the forums anyway cheers xam
  8. Latest Android client (14/10/2013)

    I haven't tried the Android client yet, but long-pressing home should bring the list of recently used applications; it's just a guess, but if you can click the client there maybe you get back to the same instance of the app (i.e. the one you already logged in with). Good luck xam
  9. Selling storage

    I'd like to buy the day of alfred nobel stone (95K). But it's sad to see you leave. xam
  10. tweaks to the global quest

    I like the extra special days global, but why not having another possible outcome of the global? The proposal sounds nice. So it is 5% more gc drops (which is hardly going to be non-zero on small mobs; unless rounded up, then it is more good for low-level chars, which I agree). For other items I understand the increase is 5% of the current chance you already have of a (normal/rare/very rare) drop. Is that correct? I see a potential risk: will it be the low-level players or the high-level ones to run after the increased chances? I'm worried that it will mean, for instance, even more serping and bag stealing in the dragon's dens.
  11. Selling "few" items

    Posting for xam; PM or mercator ingame to meet 7993 diamonds at 3.5 each = 27976 gc 10K white asiatic lily @ 0.50 = 5000 gc 10K lilac @ 0.50 = 5000gc total 38kgc
  12. Maia quest is usually worth when it comes out. Either using furs sitting idle in sto after Haidir quests, or buying some for a little over the price maia pays, it is still a nice extra summon xp. Other quests IMO are not interesting unless you do the items yourself, and limitations of levels and nexuses may render those completely antieconomic. Edit: I forgot the Arona library quest, which I also usually do. Note that you can wait to complete Dorel's quest on special days for extra instant-reward. That makes it a daily you will only do once in a while. Anyway, I think it's not necessary that each daily is attractive to all players the same. I think it's fine like that : there are specific dailies or NPCs which not all players end up efficient to exploit. Having the option to pass makes Dorel usable by all (not like Xaquelina if you don't have enough EMU to bring the cactuses back xam
  13. New Buffer Spells

    Magic is a system different form alchemy. Unless we propose to rework it all (unlikely to happen) the magic levels will continue to work the old way: hard constraint to cast, and failsafe when you are 20 levels higher than the required; ordinary failure does not use up mana and essences. Except that, there are spells which fail against the enemy defenses (and in that case you lose the essies). I am in favor of buffer spells to promote teamplay; IMHO this should also promote a proper mage class someway, otherwise pure a/d builds (tons of restores) will still have the lead, and no significant teambuild will result (a couple of fighter could easily buffer up all the team). There should be some limitations like preventing the caster from being buffered, and maybe even causing a penalty to the caster (e.g. an a/d penalty ? self poisoning?) requiring high magic level to cast (thus promoting mage build which have magic > a/d) providing high magic xp but requiring a lot of mana (so encouraging the use of mage dresses and Crown of Mana) I have no better ideas (and did not read the full thread, but I agree the power of buffer spells needs carefully set boundaries) I think we should look for constraints that carve a role for mages in the battles, without the need of a strict class system (e.g. many non-extreme tanks can easily be fighters and vice versa, but once you gear and fill you inv for one role you try not to switch it; if you have to dress as a mage and bring a stock of SRS with you, maybe you will shoot some arrows but you will not that easily switch to a full plate to tank or fight).
  14. Nexus potions

    They can be completed by transfering nexuses from human too even at this moment. That's my very point: there's no need for potions, unless you want to make it cheaper. I already explained why they would also benefit allrounders. Of course it might benefit also fighters that have shitload of extra gc, but I see more benefit for allrounders with mixed fighter / mixer build. For pure mixers it might not be so useful, only in rare occasions. They would also benefit allrounders who want to complete some quest. Which is something they can do already with a few nexus transfers. Pure fighters instead may not always do this for the lack of nexus (apart human). So allrounders would be able to save a couple of nexus transfers with a couple of potions, while fighter would be able to do more things without spending pp into nexus. I don't think this is actually better for the game. I think EL needs more news for tailors (e.g. an extra set of STO slots dedicated to clothes, to revive the clothes market) for mages (new spells) and for other classes too (but this is not the place to discuss them).
  15. Nexus potions

    Do you understand how ridiculously expensive hydro mining would be with those pots if you had 0 inorg nex? Actually everything would be just way ... It's allowed to use your head and think before you talk. I repeat, there's simply no sensible way of using those potions for fighters if they cost as much as radu planned. Edit: It they really really want to complete some tutorial by using those pots, let them waste millions of gc. Edit: Oh anyway in theory fighters would be able to do most of the tutorials just by swapping human nexus to other nexuses with transfer stones. Actually I don't understand why NH just doesn't do that if he has such an urge to finish the harv tutorial. So only use for them would be "serious" mixing and that would be just too expensive unless you already have some nexuses and are using the potion only in rare cases as radu said already. It is allowed also to try and understand what other people write, instead of answering to what other people did NOT write. I never wrote about the harvesting tutorial, I wrote about the quests that give perks. And these COULD be completed with nexus potions saving money. You are allowed to do the math yourself, instead of crying about the harvesting tutorial. Reducing the required nexus by means of a lot of GC is an advantage to fighters only. If you don't get this I don't know how else to say that.