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  1. Plenty more pots coming if you want to make more! (Damn, now I'm three weeks behind Segor.)
  2. Who the hell are you?

    We should change the name of the thread to "Who the hell isn't Woodeh?"
  3. PK Greetings!

    Since we don't have a "greetings" section, I'll use this thread. I'm going home (Washington, DC) for a few days, so I'll be away from the computer. I should be back on Wednesday. Happy PKing!
  4. Emote codes for the client

    Piper and Dent have my favorite ideas so far! **blows kisses
  5. Question about the economy

    Then what the fuck is the point in having bots? Could bots have an auctioneer option? Items generally sold in multiples could remain like they are, but higher end gear generally sold singularly could be sold at auction. Example: /bot wanted /player Hello! I am selling the following: 700 HE 6gc each blah blah blah Be sure to check auction items as well! /bot auction /player Hello! Welcome to my auction! I am selling the following: Crown of Life...current bid 35000...auction ends in 3 hours 12 minutes...buy now price is 90000 /bot bid Crown of Life 40000 /player Grats! You have bid on the Crown of Life for 40000! If you do not have the gc in storage at the time the bid ends, the item will go to the next highest bidder. Good luck! 3 hours 12 minutes later... /player Congratulations! You have won the bid for the Crown of Life! 40000gc has been deducted from your storage and a shiny new Crown of Life waiting for you! Or something like that... Bot owners could set the minimum bid (listed as "current bid") and the number of hours the auction is to be held.
  6. Should Canned be moved

    Where is the monopoly police when they are needed? Bot owners organizing to set prices? Maybe I'm too newb at economics, but if the vendors in the economy are keeping prices artificially high, isn't the incentive to buy less and make more, which will just end up killing the entire economy, as apposed to letting the market set their own prices? There are very few "monopolies" even possible (unless you count Tanta and her damn CoLs) because of the make-factor, as you mentioned. I see your point about the potential to have too many independent players not trading, but keep in mind, that players, as well as bots, are benefiting from keeping prices above base cost of materials (as most items are priced on main). This is incentive to specialize and share in the profits, which requires leveling quickly, which requires time-saving techniques such as buying lower-level items like what the bots sell. Maintaining higher prices on the bots helps players profit. What kills the economy is when bots start undercutting players. Bots should sell items for more than players. Bots already have the advantages of being on 24/7, advertising regularly, being conveniently located, and having a higher number of suppliers. They are the middle man. How many times on main do people get frustrated because they've worked really hard to be able to make something, only to hear "but such and such bot sells for Xgc," forgetting that such and such bot has a guild of 75 people holding events to make the item in a couple hours. Personally, I believe it is the responsibility of the bot owners to maintain prices that ensure players are being paid what their time, levels, skills, and investments deserve. I don't own a bot, but will gladly pay more for my HE if it ensures that I get my price for SRs. Ah, dammit. Yet another post that's too long for anyone to read through.
  7. Should Canned be moved

    Yes, but we also usually have 2 continents, 20 people, and 10 of them clustered in VotD, so it makes sense. I've been thinking about it, and I think he's fine where he is. If you're going to change anything, I'd talk to Handy about maybe splitting up what the bots sell. For example, if one bot sells HE and the other bot sells SRs, you both might see more traffic for those two items.
  8. Emote codes for the client

    That makes me kind of sad. Only one other person at a time can see me? Could there be a command placed in front where everyone in local can see you? Something like #local %dance?
  9. Summoning Stones

    I agree. I'd rather see this skill used more than less. More costly is not the way to go, especially since that the way it is now (4x normal price).
  10. Summoning Stones

    Neat idea! I voted #1, but if this ever becomes an option, I'm all for it. I generally am opposed to cooldown, but this is still would really help out summoning the old fashioned way.
  11. Halloween Event Idea

    Actually, the way this sounds like it's being set up might put a little pressure on those guilds that are recruiting to give out better "treats" than the guild next door. This idea sounds a lot like Rush Week at university.
  12. Showing off

    Really nice screenshot! Grats!
  13. Who the hell are you?

    \o/ Mokona! I hope you're thinking about being back a bit more. The last I heard, Sistema is in art school, so RL has swallowed him.
  14. Donkeh - New ^v^ Bot!

    Excavator Cloak: 0gc Please
  15. Resource shortages idea

    Brash assumption here, but I'm guessing (hoping?) the PK server would not get this "update". I think it's worth giving it a try on the main server, but our resources here on this server are limited already since we have a much smaller base. (It took about three days to find anyone who would harvest sulpher for me. ) Our economy is strong because we don't have guilds working together on projects for much cheaper than individuals. PK server mixers get paid ingredients + time + skill. That being said, I've always thought this type of idea would add in interesting challenge to the game. By keeping the PK server as it is now, those who don't like the challenge have another alternative. I myself might have to come back to the main server every now and then to see how it is working out. Additional idea: NPCs could get sick, go on vacation, take their cats to the vet etc... Please forgive me if any of this has been said already, but I've been reading the thread for half an hour and ended up skimming the rest.
  16. Well isn't that special

    Very nice! Grats to the mystery shopper! I've seen at least two people in the last hour who want to buy it, so it is certainly the prize item of the server now.
  17. PK Greetings!

    This forum doesn't have enough emoticons to express my emotions! You seriously had me thinking the worst. The last I'd heard you had fallen off a bus... I've missed you, I've missed you, I've missed you! Welcome Home! -Sy
  18. Harvesting/Alchemy/Crafting/Manufacturing/Potions

    I harvest afk sometimes. I'll keep looking for you.
  19. Can we have a revote

    That was me. I voted for Satan to have his bot (#3). Segor is sticking with his original vote for no bots, so he isn't voting in this poll. Including suskie's vote, it's now 7-6 in very slight favor of allowing more bots. This could go either way...
  20. Can we have a revote

    You're all right. Fewer rules would allow Satan to stay in Thor, enjoy his bot, and put money in radu's pocket. Fewer rules also keeps us closer to the original intent of this server. All good things.
  21. I orginally posted this under Handy's event and we started talking about it on the server, so the idea has grown a bit: Here's what we've come up with: 1. We might have to play twice. once with high level mobs (cocktrice perhaps) as flag and once with low level (shy rat that won't attack?) 2. We need team captains to spit the teams. 3. We need find a day when most of us can play. In order to split the teams neatly, I'd like to nominate Woodeh and Handyman as team leaders. NOTE: until they accept, they are NOT team captains. Therefore, you can't jump up and say "I'm on Woodeh's team!" Just say if you'd like to play and when you're usually online.
  22. Anyone up for Capture the Flag?

    Contest ends once one team controls all the dropped HEs. Probably! I'm interested in seeing what sort of role fate plays.
  23. Can we have a revote

    Well, the way I see it, there are two sides to this. On one side, I believe the original idea was limit the number of bots on the server. The upside to this is that we may end up with a few more guilds rather than two or three mega-guilds. The other side to this is what I believe you're saying: people are forced to choose between their guild and the opportunity to have a bot. I'm undecided. I'm not going to be a bot owner any time soon, if ever, so I'm not voting now. I'm interested in hearing other arguments.
  24. Anyone up for Capture the Flag?

    Well, I'm not sure if MrHide is going to be here or not on Sunday, so let's call that idea Plan A. Plan B (and/or idea for the future) There are two bags on either side of a map (probably one of Kit's bottleneck maps). Each bag is filled with as many of one item as there are players (for example 6 red scarves in one bag and 5 pirate scarves in a the other). At the start of the game, I will place the two bags in the map, and then tell the teams where to go. This is for two reasons: 1. I need time to set up and it's easier that way, and 2. I don't want anyone knowing what the items in the bags are before they show up. Once I announce the start of the game (same time as always), both teams go to their bags and grab one of the items (the flags). The object is to get all of the other teams flags back to your side. This way I figure we are combining Segor's idea of killing the whole team (possibly a few times depending on drops) with Kit's idea of a bottleneck map. Rules: 1. NO ROSTOS 2. NO GOING TO STORAGE (I know this doesn't seem possible to regulate, but it is since we all take the same paths from the UW and usually see each other. This way no one can pick up extra flags and the game will require more teamwork since we'll have to share.) 3. NO KILLING OUTSIDE OF THE MAP (because of rule 2) 4. DEATHS THAT RESULT IN THE EXCHANGE OF A FLAG MUST BE ANNOUNCED ON CHANNEL 1. (ie "Kit killed me and got my flag!" or "I got Bkc's flag and all of his leather armor muahaha!") This one is mostly for accountability but also so we know where to look for flags. Here's the nice part: If you break a rule, future games won't include you. There are thousands of channels on which I can host a game and hundreds of maps for me to choose from, so it will be easy to enforce. Nice, yeah? Not to mention that your team loses... Thoughts? Suggestions?
  25. Harvesting/Alchemy/Crafting/Manufacturing/Potions

    I'd like to order 100 beaver fur please.