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  1. a/d and attribute cap READ B4 U VOTE

    No, I don't want the shop opened either. High-end weapons and armor should come through blood, sweat, and tears. Fighting should be about skills, levels, attributes, etc..., not weapons and armors.
  2. a/d and attribute cap READ B4 U VOTE

    I vote NO, do not remove either. I thought our teams did great against the dragon and giant yesterday. There will always be bigger and meaner creatures to kill and teams will be required. The a/d cap is about overall gameplay. If we keep upping the cap, there will always be players on top whose levels can never be reached. Edit: Also, don't forget that for your voice to count in a PK server poll, you must state what you voted for so we can verify that you actually play the server. At the moment there are 8 votes, but only 2 posts stating a side.
  3. Personally, I hate quests. I'd rather just hand Mortos some gc and get back to training. I can see the purpose in some quests, but I don't really see the purpose in quests for quests' sake. One of the reasons I love this game is because I don't feel like a trained monkey punching the same pedals as the monkey before me. If we add a bunch of new quests for new players, won't that give them the wrong impression about the game? Here's the only new quest I think we need: Welcome to the Questman! Let's get started. See that little question mark icon? That's the encyclopedia! Ready for quest #1? Open the encyclopedia! Congratulations! You have completed quest #1. Ready for #2? Read the damn thing. End of quests.
  4. This auction is for a Godless Perk Removal stone. This auction is going to be conducted differently than most, so please read these directions carefully. The auction will begin here on forums. The starting bid is 280K. The close of the auction will be LIVE in game on Sunday, April 5th at 3:00 PM CST, 20:00 GMT in channel #123456789. This means that the final forum bid is not the winner. You must participate in the live auction. If you cannot be available at the time of the live auction, please choose a trustworthy friend to bid for you (a stand-in). Be sure that person knows what your max is and won't bid any higher. Stand-in bidders must be named in this thread or in a forum PM to me (if you'd like to remain anonymous). I will not be anyone's stand-in, so please only PM me the name of the person who will bid for you. All are welcome to watch the channel of course, but please do not speak unless you are bidding. If you have any questions, feel free to post them below. BIN price: 900K Edit: time change due to conflict (welcome back Handy!) 2nd Edit: decided on the channel
  5. Storage Clear Out !

    Titanium plate, cuisses, and greaves (1) please!
  6. Auction: Godless Perk Removal Stone

    Item sold! Please close the thread.
  7. Adopt a newbie program

    My boyfriend finally created a character about a week or two ago, and I've been sitting at his shoulder going through the game with him. I had completely forgotten just how complex this game is. It seems like every time he says "I want to..." I have to then say "Well, first you need to read three books, buy the sigils, get the nexus, etc..." So, I think this is a great idea. Sign me up! I'm ready to help. Idea for radu: Could rabbits, beavers, and rats have a few more rare drops like 1 BR, an iron sword, leather boots, etc? I know it doesn't make sense for rabbits to carry leather armor, but if a fluffy can manage to fit those cloaks under his fur, I'm sure his cousin can work it out, too. Edit PS: And I completely agree with Llywar! We should all be buying newb quantities and also letting new players know that those bones they leave everywhere are worth more than the meat they are selling in the tavern.
  8. Alchemic Supplies

    Very attractive store! I'd like 2K air ess and 1k energy ess please.
  9. Auction: Godless Perk Removal Stone

    I think it should be fun. I've run quite a few of these auctions on the PK server, but I haven't heard of anyone doing live auctions on the main server. I think of it sort of as an event and auction rolled into one.
  10. EL Polls

    EL has the best pollmunity! However, that being said, I'm not going to vote because my EXACT feelings on the subject are not available in the poll. That's not very pollite. Personally, the pollicies present are pollarizing the pollmunity and polluting the purity of the poll itself. That's pollposterous! (no pollflames please, I'm just pollspressing my pollpinion)
  11. Welcome Idria! ^^ I agree completely with what you're saying, and from what I know of the philosophy behind the game, I think the developers do too. It's so frustrating to play a "free" game and have something closed off to you because you don't have real $$ to pay for it. I love the fact that p2p races do not have any special advantage over non-p2p. Horses, maps, and other items that would otherwise be closed off to have-nots is very frustrating. Unique items that can then be sold in game, however, are then accessible to the $-less because they can be bought with gc. I think these ideas are great and should keep on coming. I voted for more p2p races. They are very attractive, add to the beauty of the game, and help with personalizing characters. I do not have a p2p race because my current favorite race is elf. I've often thought I'd like a fiercer looking character, but the female orchans aren't quite the right blend of fierce and feminine for who I see my character as. More choices would be great! If new races are added, there could be a premium on them for the first month or so.
  12. Gold membership

    I'm on my way out the door, so I can't finish reading yet, so I apologize if what I'm adding is redundant. 1. I think it's a great idea and I am going to purchase it. 2. I like it primarily because there is nothing being sold here that can't be attained by non-paying players (the game is still free in its full version). (I do NOT like the idea of p2p maps or anything that would limit non-paying players.) 3. The only issue I have is the idea of the different name color. I don't want newbies to think I'm a mod, and I'd rather not advertise that I have real money to pay in paypal. I fear kids standing in VOTD asking me to buy them something in shop, which already happens to me enough with characters for the PK server. All in all, I'd rather see the $$ in radu's pockets, so sign me up.
  13. Cotm

    Out of curiosity, who has satan now?
  14. Can't Connect to Server

    I knew it! My boyfriend did the same thing. Some time after he installed it, he downloaded the Windows Service Pack 3 and suddenly we couldn't connect to anything. I posted here and we still haven't fixed this issue on his laptop. Internet Explorer is the only browser we can use. We had to delete Firefox because it stopped working, too. It seems that the only thing that is different is that when I try to run "telnet game.eternal-lands.com 2000" in the DOS window, I get a message that it isn't recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file. We deleted AVG and we still can't connect to anything.
  15. Bandit Raids

    Well, you've sparked my interest!
  16. Nothing New?

  17. No Rosto Days.. Ftw :)

  18. Nothing New?

    Well, I did jump on PK_Server_Info guy for about 20 minutes or so and had a LOT of pms with questions. As soon as I sat down in Nordcarn (didn't say a word in local), I immediately struck up two conversations. We can't use that character, but it did show that there is a lot of interest! I've answered a lot of questions on my main server character before, but since we are actually playing and leveling those characters, we don't always have time for the chat. What might work is to have a bot that gives links to websites with more information and can perhaps give out names of those people with main server characters who don't mind answering questions. I wouldn't mind having my name in there, and I'm sure there are others. The script could state clearly that these people are neither mods nor official representatives of EL. We're just players who want to make sure that EL community is aware of alternative server for those who would like to try something different. The problem, of course, is getting the bot.
  19. Nothing New?

    ^^That was very eloquent! I think in part the server hasn't attracted the numbers that it should because of a lack of understanding about what the server is really like. Hardcore PKers create characters and leave because there isn't enough PK action. This will true until we have 100+ active players online at any given time. The maps are simply too large. Even then, PK is not and will not be the same as main. The PK server is not the right place for those who only want to fight. In my observations over the last year, these are the characteristics of most of the people who stick around and enjoy the server: 1. Not new to EL. We do not provide newbie help and you have to know the game well enough to be able to change up some of your normal routine. 2. Not afraid of death. You will die. The interesting thing is, it won't happen as often as you would think. Many of us don't attack new players, but that doesn't mean that you can get comfortable harvesting roses in VoTD. 3. Likes the idea of PKing occasionally. Some players don't PK at all, but most of us do. But we're not the people you would find hanging around KF all the time on the main server. We're the ones who occasionally poke our heads in just to see what's up. 4. Wants to level in a mixing skill. Right now, we need high levels in ALL skills. There is no cooldown, so this isn't that hard. One thing I've always found interesting is that this server attracts a lot of women. I would speculate that that has something to do with the multi-tasking aspect of the game. I usually have two or three goals I'm working on and since I can have multiple players, I can work on them all at the same time. We also tend to attract adults. I'm not sure why. Any speculations on that one? There are many people on the main server who would love this one, but we need to be able to advertise to them. I'm not leaving the server. I have resurrected my main server character and I'm active there as well, but I am going to continue to build my characters here. I have lots of goals. Once SyAnide hits 100 a/d, I'm going to try that whole ranging thing I hear so much about. SyWren's potioning business in booming and I want to spend more time manufacturing. We're in a lull and it does feel like the server is dying, but I'll play it out. I have Hope, too! (So pretty much what I'm saying is what Hope is saying, but she said it better.)
  20. Guess the player name!

  21. I've been wearing mine for almost a year. Haven't you seen it?
  22. OK, this suggestions is coming from my unending frustration of constantly going back and forth to NPCs to buy large quantities of pickaxes. My last suggestion was met with indifference, but I know I can' t be the only person annoyed by this, so I have two small suggestions. 1. Stack pickaxes Why aren't they stacked? What advantage does the guy with 400 pickaxes have over the guy with 20? I must be missing something, but I, for one, don't bring more than about 8 pickaxes with me, and only that many for a huge project. It's an emu thing. But, Lordy. How annoying to walk back and forth from the general store. And that guy taunting me..."Would you like to buy 100 pickaxes today?" Yes! Yes I would! 200 actually! I'd like to do all my shopping at once, in bulk! Isn't it good for the economy if I can buy LOTS of items at once? If that suggestion is no good, how about this: 2. Items bought from NPC are stacked for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, if you haven't dropped them in storage, you freeze in place until you drop them in a bag. Pickaxes poofing in bags is even better for the economy! And my sanity. And it's sort of funny: "Your bag broke! All of your items have fallen out. You cannot carry these anymore."
  23. Buying Non-Stackable Items

    Oh yeah, this idea is a lot better.
  24. Macintosh OS X client 1.8.0 bugs thread

    Video card: ATI Radeon X1600 OpenGL Engine Vendor ID: ATI Technologies Inc. OpenGL Version: 2.0 ATI-1.4.56 I knew I was missing something.
  25. Macintosh OS X client 1.8.0 bugs thread

    I'm assuming this is a Mac issue since I haven't seen it reported anywhere else, and I'm the only one who seems to be experiencing it. When I hit alt-m, my screen goes white. I didn't have this issue on the old client (the map just popped up). It's been getting worse. The white screen lasts longer, and occasionally even boots me from the game. Instead of listing all of my video options, here's a screen shot: I'm playing on OS X on an iMac.