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  1. request to make a messenger bot to rate trade bots

    From my understanding of the OP (which could be clarified somewhat), the idea is not to rate bots (that is definitely a slippery slope), just to save people a journey to one they can't use. The challenge is to prevent this being abused for market purposes.
  2. request to make a messenger bot to rate trade bots

    I was just suggesting that if a player went to a bot and found it out of gold or slots they could report it so others could see. If every bot is consistent at displaying this anyway, then there isn't a need, but I'm not sure this is the case. The problem I foresee is players misreporting in order to direct sales away from a specific bot. The only way around this is requiring many votes before displaying the bot as out, which defeats the point anyway. Any suggestions?
  3. request to make a messenger bot to rate trade bots

    I coded/own Trustbot and could fairly easily add a noemu nogold command so that players can report trade bots which are out. However, I am very reluctant to make the bot ping other bots which would be the more accurate way of obtaining this information (bots talking to other bots seems wrong for a whole host of reasons). This new functionality would need to be approved by Entropy though. What information would you like the bot to give back? I was thinking along the lines of /Trustbot status <bot> "Hi! This bot was last reported by x people as out of emu/gold y days ago".
  4. Horray for Penguins!

    The riddle has been solved! Big congratulations to Elveron for spending the last few days soldiering away at it! The answer and how to get there is written up below, in case anyone wants to work it out on their own Thanks for playing my little puzzle.. hope you all enjoyed it! Honorable mentions to Krones and Gnewbie who got 5/6 of the words and Aledezar and Lord_Kikinak who made a lot of progress on the first day. Trustbot also tells me Riphath got pretty far too. These people can collect an ELE off me to make up for the portion of their lives they lost to this riddle Happy Past Penguin Day!
  5. Horray for Penguins!

    Final Hints! 11) Once you have the 6 words, "clothed" will help you put them in the right order (it does not however mean anything more than that - remember hint 5), 152 152 will give you the final answer 12) If you are having trouble finding a certain relation, the first half of the clue gives you his name, the second his location (i.e. what map he is on).
  6. Horray for Penguins!

    Some more hints: 7) For hint 6) You will not need to guess the bot or the command to give it, the information is hidden in the image (try using a plaintext editor - e.g. vi or notepad - and searching for a LNX bot name) 8) Keep your eyes and ears open. Unfortunately these penguins have not been quite so open standards as we would like! (try renaming the file and see if you can listen to it). 9) The 6 6-letter words you are looking for are the names of 4 NPCs and 2 Creatures. Once you have these you will be able to work out the final answer. EDIT: 1 more clue for today, as far as I know, all the other words have been worked out by at least 1 person. This is the only one I don't have proof of 10) The directions hidden in the middle of the image lead to 3 Harvestables and 3 NPCs (some are indoors!). The 6 letter word from this clue is the name of a creature. Use hint 5) to help. People are getting close now. If you think you have found some of the 6 words you can PM me for confirmation, but I will not accept guess spam. Prize pot now at: CoM, Tit Serp, 20kgc.
  7. The Last Journey

    Thanks for the event Vanyel! Darn Monument_5
  8. Horray for Penguins!

    Hi All! Hope you've been having fun with the puzzle! Some people seem almost there.. I think the time has come for some pointers: 1) The NPC Tick is not involved in the riddle in any way. This was, I think, an unplanned red herring 2) You need to keep your eyes and ears open for this. Penguins also like commenting on their music. 3) The clothed hint and "coords" are for when you have found the 6 words. It will help you put them together to find the final answer 4) 2 people have been fRamed. one more obviously than the other. the oriGinal Banner is here: http://el-wiki.net/File:Morcraven_Marsh.png. It will help to make comparisons. #EDIT (no new posts) 5) If you zoom in to the image you might see some directions. Try taking the first letter of the things they lead you to. 6) There are 6, 6 letter words hidden in the image. Putting these together gives the final answer. The automatic penguin involved in the puzzle will give you 2 of these, but only has 1 command related to this event. (some people have been trying lots of words) Prize Pot: Com, Tit serp + 15kgc. The gc will go up by 5k tomorrow. Good Luck!
  9. YUMI Harvesting Service

    10k silver ore please
  10. 1k White Tiger Furs

  11. PK Character Contest

    I'll play (for any account) if I'm around..what time are you planning to start?
  12. Notepad glitch

    Thanks blu! The delete thing that asgnny suggested doesnt seem to work for me. I also havent tested this with other odd characters etc.
  13. Notepad glitch

    If you have some text in the notepad that contains a &, save it, then close and reopen the client. Everything after and including the & is deleted. Might happen on other special chars, but not checked.
  14. Mule Glyphs

    Hi, Am selling mule glyphs to order, batches <= 80 glyphs please, but you can order multiple times. Prices 0 - 20 glyphs @ 240gc each 21 - 40 glyphs @ 235gc each 40+ glyphs @ 230gc each
  15. Selling 1k White tiger furs and 3k Raw meat

    will buy all the white tiger fur, Minion07 in game.