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  1. Signature & Avatar Sets

    Hey, nice work, but as graphic designerm yself I'd like to give you 1 hint: When you create signatures "without borders/background, keep all images in it "intact". Example: Part of his cape thigny and legs are missing. You do this with almsot every graphic. Try to put "complete" images in the signatures I used to sell sigs too on these forums, some while ago, but I kinda quit... So don't take my comment as something negative, but try to work on it and improve your skills
  2. the Return of W&W

    I registered on the forums and left an app
  3. TY Chosen

    Lol this thread should be moved to my SMEG fridge xD
  4. *** @Drakoon's@Graphic@Service@ ***

    Thanks I really lack time due to work lately, so yeah...
  5. *** @Drakoon's@Graphic@Service@ ***

    I'll work on it asap. Its taking longer than usually in the past, because of work. Sorry for the delay
  6. COL auction

    Imo you should already be happy IF someone offers 65kgc, good luck with it
  7. ELiD (Your Personal EL Website/Profile)

    The ELiD is something total different to getting a host to create a random website. The ELiD is for people who want a website dedicated to EL and be part of the ELiD community. In other words, your comment is considered as SPAM. Try to understand my project first before posting...It's the meaning that people can only edit the contents of the ELiD sites, not build a website of their choice. Because of this, a premade design and coding, it only requires certain details for each customer to be changed. Therefor this service is as cheap as 5kgc. So the people with an ELiD website can decorate their website with any content of their choice, but the design and setup remain the same. It's not really a website, it's more like an EL ID card or passport, with some nice features. ------------------------- Currently working on 7 orders, still 93 free VIP spots to be guaranteed.
  8. ELiD (Your Personal EL Website/Profile)

    Ok, I'll start on what I can start. Send me the character pics asap. I've also got about 5 ingame requests. Just place your orders! The first 100 orders get a VIP rank, which will have some special feature. This VIP can only be honored by donations in the future, so grab your chance now! Also post if you got questions.
  9. *** @Drakoon's@Graphic@Service@ ***

    it wasent a request i was just asking if it was possibly xP Oh, well nobody mae work of it anyway, so by this: it's possible
  10. Preview: http://www.drakoon.com/ Basic Package Price: 5kgc (5000 gc) Content: your personal link (drakoon.com/yourELuserNAME) and 2 pages with content of your choice! Example contents main page: skill stats, skill targets (goals), shoutbox, poll, friends, enemies, etc! Example contnets other pages: storage (buy/sell), guestbook, pictures, games, etc! Premium packages not available yet! Guild packages not available yet! The first 100 customers get a VIP rank, which will have some special features in future (VIP rank will be added on website) Order your own ELiD website! EL ingame username: (must be your exact username ingame) Main Page contents: contents you want in the 3 tables on the main page Extra page content: content of your 2nd page & title (for links) Add-on's: buy additional pages for only 5kgc each, request info on layout design changes ID info: PM (!!!) me your personal info (like on the preview about me) which you'd like to share Photo: Add a pic of your character Info Always wanted to have a good looking fancy website, but never managed to create or buy one? Now your dreams can be honored! I've been working on this project named ELiD, which stands for Eternal Lands Identity. See it as a website + profile dedicated to EL matters. You don't need any website knowledge to manage one, because I'll do it for you! For only 5kgc you can get yourself a basic package, containing a main page (see preview link for example) and 1 extra page. All customers will have the same organized main page, with an "ID card" and 3 tables which can be used for any content of your choice! The 2nd page is the same design as the main page, but without the tables and ID. You can use it to show the stuff you got for sale, for example. In other words, the ELiD is a very expanded (web-based) gossip! Want to know info about someone? Check their ELiD! How can this service possibly be this cheap? Simply because I've invested time in creating 1 basic template design used for all customers. It only requires minor detailed changes for each customer. Terms - Every EL account can have 1 ELiD. The dedicated EL username will be put at the dots of drakoon.com/... - ELiD is dedicated to Eternal Lands, so it's supposed to contain EL stuff. Though, its your own website, meaning you can also put different content on it! (No adult and crap contents) - You can't edit your ELiD yourself, but have to request me (Drakoon) to edit your site. Though it's possible to get a certain script installed giving you the possibility to edit the contents of your extra pages (not main page). - Your ELiD website contents can be changed as often as you want, without any extra fee! Only add-ons cost extra payment, if requested. - You can only buy an ELiD website with EL ingame money/items, no real moeny as USD, euro's etc! Add-on Pricelist - Content Manage Script: 10kgc - Additional pages (max 6): 5kgc each - Graphic changes: unknown, depends on the changes you desire...
  11. *** @Drakoon's@Graphic@Service@ ***

    http://www.drakoon.com/preview.html Preview version is almost completed! Check again!
  12. Red Dragon Armor

    Missed that line, thanks Blee ;>
  13. Red Dragon Armor

    Crap comment from veiks... Anyway, how much d oyou value bronze torso + cuisses + greaves + gold crown? IF you accept it as bid ofc...
  14. *** @Drakoon's@Graphic@Service@ ***

    http://www.drakoon.com/preview.html I updated the preview page with probably the decided basic design. It's as empty as it can be, but it should give some idea about it :> Opinions please!
  15. Siggy/Avatar

    Indeed. Also, Im working on it but my gran is coming over this weekends so I might have it finished a bit later than I expected, like monday.