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  1. In-game references

    I know there's a lot of references in EL, but I don't think anyone has ever tried to document them. These are the ones I can think of offhand: 1) the fluffy rabbit from monty python 2) the grue from gamer lore 3) the death messages from the parrot sketch 4) the death message from south park 5) smeg from some old tv show (red dwarf, no?) 6) the message you get upon entering a certain house in dp (holy grail again) I must admit, some of these (grue, smeg) I had to look up on Wikipedia </sheepish> If you have any others, post here with what it is and where it's from.
  2. Partial Storages

    If you did that, why go to them if you could go to another free? Time = gc.
  3. Platinium Coins

    I would love to see this happen; one kind of currency is so boring and ordinary. One thing, though: a THOUSAND bronze coins for a single gc?! Not gonna happen. Even a clump of dirt would be worth one gc; what's the point of a thousand of them? But what I would like to see would be this: 100 gc now is worth 1 gc later. Let's call the later ones fgc (future gc) 10 bronze ~ 1 silver 10 silver ~ 1 gold 10 gold ~ 1 platinum So 1 bronze is what 1 gc is right now. Now I understand that this is a rather far-fetched idea and is unlikely to be accepted, but it's the suggestions forum.
  4. use of different heights

    If this is possible, it's a great idea. But one thing: The devs wanted all races to be equal and not have advantages/disadvantages between each other (other than fighting books and p2p races). Even with the spell, I think this might be considered a no-no. But again, IF it is possible.
  5. Quote of the week submissions

    I actually know some people (Americans for generations, all of 'em) who like British English better than American English. Actually, I do like the way some of the words are spelled ('centre' looks waaay better than 'center') although I am a little estranged by the accent.
  6. Little Dekke!

    Congratulations!! I bet he'll look even MORE adorable (is that possible?) when you send him off with his leather armor and sword when you're done training him.
  7. Macintosh User Group [MUG] Client 1.3 Poll

    From various reports, OS 10.3 (Panther) users cannot run the current version of EL. In EL 1.4, it was spotty whether-or-not EL worked for Panther users. Basically, I do not have reliable access to a 10.3.9 system in order to program for it. Grrr. I suppose I'll just have to learn programming or something. Or I could try to make friends with a programmer and have them figure it out for me. Guess I'll just have to trust in luck..
  8. Macintosh User Group [MUG] Client 1.3 Poll

    I don't mean to be offtopic, but I have been wondering how the new client is working out for Mac users, especially those with OSs 10.3 and back. Have you had any problems, and if yes, did you fix them? Anything one could do to change a Tiger app into a Panther-compatible one?
  9. Quote of the week submissions

    Uhh…the national language of America is English. They DID do it, though it's a rather dumb move.
  10. Intel Mac Client Version 1.5.0

    Yes. See this thread http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=38676 Bad news..I opened the disk image, which looked promising enough, but then the program just quit when I opened it. Maybe it has to do with having an old OS, but that never stopped it before. What to do? The point of having that forum topic was to post bugs there regarding my build. What OS do you have? Windows 95? What hardware do you have? Palm Pilot? You have to give me a little more to work with. Only OS X 10.4 and greater are supported. If EL version 1.4 worked for you under OS 10.3, well, consider yourself lucky. All other questions regarding my build should be directed to the quoted thread. Apologies for that. I am running 10.3.9 on a non-Intel machine. Sorry I didn't make that clear, I just have been a bit worried in the last few days that I would not be able to run EL again for technical reasons.
  11. Intel Mac Client Version 1.5.0

    Yes. See this thread http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=38676 Bad news..I opened the disk image, which looked promising enough, but then the program just quit when I opened it. Maybe it has to do with having an old OS, but that never stopped it before. What to do?
  12. Intel Mac Client Version 1.5.0

    :/ Just followed Fedora's instructions, but it still says that the program is damaged/incomplete. I think I should just wait for 0ctane to come back and then redownload his version of 1.5; this is very complicated. *wishes she was a geek*
  13. Intel Mac Client Version 1.5.0

    I don't want to appear stupid here, but I am confused. Which link should I follow to download the complete client for my 10.3.9 computer on PPC? I am confused by all these links and things. Thank you
  14. Which part of the brain do you use more?

    I voted for Right, but I am sort of both. It kept switching back and forth, a bit like me, as I am right-handed (left brain) but it is easier for me to dribble basketballs and such with my left hand. Never really knew why.. I find it rather interesting that EL seems to attract more right-brained people than left-brainies. Maybe it's because a lot of out-of-the-box thinkers prefer a classless game to one that sets a more rigid structure for character formation.
  15. More stupid EL jokes (vol. IV)

    lol i actually laughed with this one The French have a funny idiom, which, when translated literally, means, "to drown the fish". It actually means "to complicate the matter". Oh, and I loved
  16. Platinium Coins

    Yes, we should definitely have a use for platinum coins. Things grand, expensive, or pretty should be purchasable with them. And just so it's out there, why not be able to melt them down into platinum? It could be used to line other items, or even be the main ingredient. Another idea is...not on topic.
  17. Elemental Rage spells

    Very good idea. I think all of the regular spells would be feasible, though as for the other ones...I hope they are! A few possible changes: 1) Convert the Air Essences in the Regular Damage spell into Earth Essences. We usually attack with metal or wooden weapons, which come from the earth, no? 2) We already have Life Drain, why Bloodleech? 3) A lot of these spells would only be useful in PK, where everyone casts Magic Immunity. Couldn't there be a way to break this spell? Other than that, very good idea!
  18. New playable race unveiled!

    Quote of the Week, plz? ;p
  19. Changing base appearance

    I did a search for this, no answers, so I figured I'd ask. I heard that there was a mod who could change your base appearance (clothes, skin, hair, ect.) for ingame gc instead of the normal IRL price. Is this true, and if so, what would that price be?
  20. Changing base appearance

    Unfortunately, I do not have a Paypal account and do not plan on getting one. I was looking for a way to get around that situation. :/ (As in strictly ingame gc, not cash, credit cards, ect.) No, there are other reasons than being a child with ebil parents. It has more to do with laziness and such other reasons..
  21. An attribute of a true hero

    The one thing a hero needs, be they one in RL, EL, or fantasy, is themselves. A hero doesn't have to be like Hercules; Rosa Parks was a great hero. She only had herself and her will, and she became a hero. And even if you go by the fantasy novels and such, you'll still find that many heroes were just normal people who decided to take a stand (or a seat, in Ms. Park's case) and changed the course of history.
  22. This is what I would like to change. We need some sort of mag immu breaker, so that the mage-warrior has a real place in the game. I know people have been pushing for this ever since that spell was created, but it's still a good idea. Another possibility is the Spell of Physical Immunity, which I consider to be a very good idea, especially the part about choosing phys imm or magic imm.
  23. If I scammed you I need to know

    Well, if you took screenies of everyone you scammed, just PM them and give 'em their items back if they accept. I think most people will.
  24. After 180 level

    Just to clarify: I thought Roja said we were never going to have pets. Has she changed her mind?
  25. Rosto Killer

    If that wasn't sarcasm, I'm scared.