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  1. EL 5th Birthday Bash Final Details

    work made me miss it (which sucks) but gratz to all winners and i hope to make the next one "happy birthday EL and all EL-coholics" -antiflag
  2. selling

    Selling a vitality removal stone pm me here or in game -antiflag SOLD
  3. armor

    Selling steel set and titanium set pm me here or in game (no helms or shields) will trade for dung or saltpetre sold close please
  4. Post your funny songs

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdsqBoom68o...feature=related couldn't resist
  5. Selling

  6. NMT auction

    steel and tit set
  7. Siggy/avy/alch shop

    Keeps st00f with the saint
  8. Which part of the brain do you use more?

    my question is how does she keep her foot up for so long does that mean i use the middle of my brain?
  9. Signature & Avatar Sets

    Awesome job saint its much appreciated and i will refer others to use your services
  10. Modable S2E Sword Auction

  11. Signature & Avatar Sets

    Well i like your stuff so here we go name: antiflag pics: avatar obviously gonna need scaled down http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb237/b...s/untitled1.jpg signature and also gonna need scaled http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb237/b...inalsiggy-1.jpg colors: are good i think but feel free to play around with them font: would like old english lettering but is not a must pm me if any questions thnx so much
  12. BUYING

    what do you pay for these items
  13. Tinkerbelle

    I got a harv medallion and bp cloak off her and only spent 1k gc but that was 5-6 months ago.
  14. Reasoning Removal Stone

    is cycloonx your in game name as well? if not what is it
  15. Reasoning Removal Stone


    whew it wasn't just me
  17. Celebrating 5 skills at or above 100

    searched where i'm pretty sure sure bag was and all i found was a pker so someone prolly found it and never posted so pls if you found the bag in NC pk cave plz post.
  18. Help support a good cause & win prizes

    another great contest count me in as well
  19. Search for the Pirate Booty

    count me in