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  1. Mage class idea

    So you're basically saying...a more or less support class? I like it, but it still doesn't fit with the "mage" idea does it? Since this way everyone will be able to do it, therefor making this whole forum discussion pointless? Also you can only cast as fast as your finger and mouse cna move . I'm still stuck on the idea of keeping it a 100% bypass, but adding extra magic defense to armours or armour. Warlock Cloak will have a point to it, magic protection will have a point, maybe tuning down some spells like Harm, if it is a bit out of control, maybe adding more support/offensive spells that will make the mage class more enjoyable, all at the same time keeping it fair for the melee/warrior class. As for the magic level...that's simple, to do higher level spells, you need higher level magic, same goes with damage. I think adding support spells, would make PvP/PK extremely popular because it wouldn't require only the ability to kill, but the ability to support your fellow warriors in the background. Just all thoughts of mine. To get rid of any outcries against the 100% bypass. Which I am for 100%! *Edit* I think I see what you're saying Macal.
  2. Mage class idea

    Back to you Wiz . It still makes it rather pointless if you're not getting successful hits to match theirs. While the melee PKers are enjoyoing rhe fun and joy of killing other players and ants...you are stuck at home training your magic...and to me summoning and magic are a lot alike...though summoning has more to choose from exp. wise. You'll still be spending a ton of time training your magic so you can actually do something to the others when the time comes. And you're still forgetting the magic defense of items and spells factor. I admit I do like your idea of strategy...and this will certianly make the game of pk a bit more strategic, party pks will be a bit more complex, since you would now have two different types of characters to confront on the field. I say, keep it the same, add new attributes to items and such. And this possibly may put more and new spells in the game . Will be interesting for sure.
  3. Mage class idea

    To Wizzy: I still think that if you're going to have a % based on level, you'll be wasted as a mage because it takes a incredible amount of time to get that high for one, and a incredible amount of GC to do so. There would be little point, except for those who already excel at PvP and most likely wouldn't want to spend the GC or the reset just to make a mage character. I think people are leaving out facts such as magic defense, and possible tweaks in the growth/strength of offensive spells. You need EMU to carry which is coord/phys, you need health and mana which is will/vit...but yeeah.
  4. Mage class idea

    Some kind of spell overpassing MI would definitely help, not sure of how that would be but for sure that would help in pk. I still think that Magic level should be more important than attributes, anyone can harv for a few hours and max out reasoning, but takes quite some time and a lot of gc to lvl magic. The way that I think would definitely bring a "mage class" to the game is making ppl work on their magic lvl. Say once u hit 75 magic and get your magic nexus to 12 or so u can automatically over pass MI by 50% get to 85 magic n 20 nexus n u can over passit 100%. Just a suggestion. I have a question though...what would be the point of having a mage class, if you're spending so much on nexus...then on ther perk. Only to have not enough PP to power up other attributes for a very long time...since unless you're incredibly quick with the mouse, as, as far as I know there isn't automatic magic caster, so you'll most likely get hit with two attacks from a melee weapon, to your one harm or mana drain etc. Or you're expecting everyone to be a pure mage? Which would still leave out key attribute ssuch as coord...more than phys in my opinion. But still you need emu, as well as a dodging/defense plan as a mage. Just a thought. [
  5. Mage class idea

    Heh maybe things like Warlock Cloaks and what not, may finally come into play ^^.
  6. Mage class idea

    I think it is a great idea! I especially like the "half mana" idea. I am not a pker yet...but do intend to, and actually right now trying to find a way to be a mage type character, without being totally knocked back by the magic immunity. I have wished, and they have been answered. I also like the 40 pp idea...since mana drain, harm, and poison can be overwhelming on the battlefield. All in all, I would really love to see this ingame, and see how it plays off After seeing some other postes, I decided to edit this a bit. If people can do 120+ harms, maybe tweaking certain spells down a bit may be an idea...or putting new items in the game to combat those numbers? Or any ideas to make a more fair playing field.
  7. Also buying,,,

    Better question buddy...why do you care so much? Leave posts like that out if you don't mind. Pointless questions from pointless people annoy me ^^. Good day sir.
  8. Also buying,,,

    I am also buying fox furs ^^.
  9. BUYING***

    I am buying lots and lots of brown snake skins...not sure about the price, but from what I see they are around maybe 6-7 each? Anyway, i am buying them...so you can PM me in game at Ariet, or if I'm not on, which I'm not most of the day most days. Just message me here. Thanks!
  10. Selling NMT

    ^^ Yes, but a friend owes me...so...and stupid me messed up Well it's gone at anyrate.
  11. Selling NMT

    Selling No More Tears Cloak.
  12. Trading Therm serp for NMT cloak.

    Therm serp is no longer available...the dragon is still up for grabs at 240k. ****SOLD*****
  13. Trading Therm serp for NMT cloak.

    240k? Sure.
  14. I am trading a Thermal Serpent Sword for a NMT cloak, or selling it....as well as Selling Red dragon cuisses, greaves, and mail...full set 250k. PM ingame Ariet, or just reply to this topic ^^.
  15. Level dependent summoning

    Me personally love this idea! I don't use summoning all that often, and I would rather die than use summoning stones...and to make it level dependent will put a much bigger motivation to actually work to level up summoning than to be lazy and use stones. Two thumbs up from me. Pr0 idea. As always adjusting will most likely be required, as it usually is in fresh ideas, but I think this is awesome.