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  1. Did i get banned?

    I was trying to get on yesterday and today, but either I'm banned or I forgot my password. I already searched the forums for a topic for closure, but I didn't find any. So if one the mods could tell me, i would appreciate it.
  2. 10,000 Days

    Besides the songs with long intros, if your a tool fan you can get into any song. If your liked Lateralus you MUST get this album. other bands: Circa Survive Revelation Theory paramore Filters days of New Flyleaf Finch Trustcompany Fighting Instinct Everclear Alkaline Trio Senses Fail All American Rejects Death Can for Cutie Dismembermant Plan As I lay Dying Postal Service Matchbox Romance Nural Dir En Grad And that is all i have to say, so long and farewell
  3. New Tool Album

    Of course it's not as heavy. Undertow and opiate were the only two heavy albums they relased, with a few songs off Aenima being an exception. Their music has changed. Now The reason most tool fans have bad reviews, is because the long intros of nothing. But I guarantee you, it is one of the best albums I own, that's for sure. Of course Maynard is my god, so I dunno how much I can vouch for.
  4. Lyrics I've written

    You can use them if you want, I just thought it would be better to have it 100 percent original. Thanks for the praise though, but you gotta think that my freetime I sit down and write. I've got quite a few songs, don't write them down much anymore.
  5. Lyrics I've written

    way short, keep working on it though and that won't be a problem. Edit: Some of the words can be better matched, or replaced. Unhurt for example.... you could make that two stanzas if your not following a specific pattern. Here's two ideas... if you want to use them fine, but you probably want something original for this piece. You saw me looking backwards in this stormy-weathered light And though you'd do the same you can't admit that this is right We're still dancing on the edge of our mountain of words And we know just what to say to------------------And we know just what we've got to say, get by unhurt --------------------------so we don't break each other's hearts. But you're not going down ------------------------And we know.... you're not going down-----------------------------So that we can get by yet another day No you're not going down-------------------------And I'm here to say you're not going down-----------------------------You're not going down today..... So you move away and then you say it was me all along You move away and then you, you you move away
  6. Oldbie Poll

    Most of us still know more about this game then you, even after we left. And were exxperienced it all unlike you. As for Satan's sentence totally agreed, beside the negative end which is Satan's like. Prolly because he can't be a ass to anybody in real life without getting his ass handed to him.
  7. Oldbie Poll

    If you jsut mean like talking on top of the Votd houses. Need some help, count me in I'll gladly do any events that are all talk and maybe a bit of clicking, but not so much clicking as talking. Yes i like talking, sadly for all you soft ears. Gadai if this in any way goes to pking, i pked many a n00b, i even joked my favorite h obby was Whack-a-n00b. Now i got a few items, this way and ltos of gold. However, anybody that would pm me asking for their items back, recieved them, and if they didnt' cuss me out, usually recieved my friendship and respect. If they cussed me out they got nothing, unless they cooled down a bit. Your signature even tells me that XD, you and your teddy bear (gir yes i know what gir is Invader zim rox i just got a invader zim t shirt) take over the world. Your proving once again, how much of a hypocrite you are, donp has no life... when it seems that you are very much the same. Either way we may not have spent as many hours as you, but we've seen all EL has and HAD to offer, before all these updates. Aerowind+Tumma~~~Move on bud, or join aisy man. Sorry to breakit to you, you will NEVER again see the old el you loved, even with a oldbie server, there is no way all the old community will come back. Gadai+Mr mind+others~~~~I applaud your fight, but neither side gains any ground. You are locked in a stalemate in which the winner will be the most stubborn. and neither side will fall to the other's beliefs. Nitpicking your topic (and wishing he could see elise again)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Spockie
  8. What do EL players drink?

    i don't see blood on that list anywhere
  9. Oldbie Poll

    i really didn't want to get started on this game, me and hazor just sat and talked about it awhile. Aisy, i love you, but your dillusional. The game itself causes the community. People tend to be more hostile, because there goals are set more on beating each other, then reaching a certain spot. It's not like i want lvl 50 alc so i can make tit bars!!!!! It's i want lvl 51 alc, so i can be better then so and so. Truly The all level fail items thing, is stupid. There's some people that take alchemy, as more then just a "money-maker" it's a way of life, or more simply put, what they enjoy in the game. I know that's how i was before the reset, i wanted to make tit bars so bad, i just worked and worked on alc everyday. There no longer, remains a goal for these crafts. No reason to get 19 levels above so i don't fail. The only goal is to be better then each other. The only craft this goes without is fighting, which is already the most hostile craft. book prices, outrageous. let's lower income and jack the prices. About 3 days after the reset i was like mind 30s nearing 40s harvest. WHY? i read diamond book and sat all hour. But that's beside the point, by the time i make 25k to read all these sub books and stuff to harvest quartz, I'll already be at the level to harvest emeralds. So i think the game is partially to blame for the community it has brought. I don't know the answers, i don't know if fixing these could fix anything, it's just a start. Not to mention the whole random event crap, to stop macro. That just kills newbs, and you really think any of those clients you made it to stop don't have auto heal? Or did you tilt nature a bit in their favor? surprising what a client can do, and how it can easily be assigned to harvest if it is not. And heal once it reaches certain health. As for the whole oldbie, !$^* (crap). You might as well give it a rest, there's no reason to whine, moan and ***** over it. Your not getting anything accomplished, they're not gonig to change the game. And the way you present yourself is less then becoming, i wouldn't turn a eye to you if you complained. Instead get involved try to make a difference, make ideas. The game is moving forwards not backwards, we'll never have that old el we loved back. I would rather see you just quit, then be so miserable wallowing in it. That's what a lot of us have done, moved on. For those of you not willing to give up, aisy, soldus, daxon. These are your rolemodels, i commend these people. Learn from them , don't become them, but become like them. Make sure your arguements are well written, not that yours wasn't aerowind. Try to introduce new ideas, that could better the game. In the end we all must realize development is out of our hands, and in the devs. We cannot control them, but we can sway there minds with good ideas, and brilliant debates, not complaints. For those like me, we have given up hope on the devs, i am sorry ent, roja, learner, rogue.. I deeply love you all, but your advancements forward, have ruined the game for me. I have moved on. (With this please let all these topics rest aerowind and any other "oldbies") With love to all my EL friends, i shall never forget the times we had.~~~Spockie
  10. Oldbie Poll

    And what of me aisy? one of the most popular people in all of el's history.... not that i'm bragging about it, i did thank you all for being cool people for a reason.
  11. Oldbie Poll

    I voted one, but i'm not gonna mention it all, i left nearly a year ago now, so i'm not gonna comment on the game. I will say thank you, everyone (cool people, the ones that wont' make post "oh thanks so much spock i know you adore me, after this post"<===satan) for making el fun while it lasted.
  12. Newb Stories

    Donpedro helped me first day, and of course i went to pk and annoyed people till i owned the world =)
  13. I want to be a scammer

    That's really sad, i guess i should say good job satan. or as teh british would say cheerio mate!
  14. Most likely to...Part trois

    ME -------------------- 2. Most likely to stay in the forums long after they've quit the game. 3. Most likely to still be talking about "old EL" a year from now. 5. Most likely to refuse to ever get married in game 7. Most likely to be the next to be denoob'd 9. Most likely to be the first "town drunk" STONER? 14. Most likely to organize an EL reunion in 10 years. 16. Most likely to be the biggest Flirt / Tease 17. Most likely to be the biggest Moaner / Complainer
  15. Old EL Screenshots.

    hehe, look what i found http://www.freewebs.com/eternal_wolves/events.htm *sniff* this made me cry what's up guys BROTHERY!