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  1. Click here if you want to win a full sunshinee set

    then he won't pick the numbers that 50 people have silly...
  2. smeging eh..

    21. Player characters that are made to be "mules" and/or bots existing for the sole purpose of cheating by trading with your main character, bagsitting, etc., are not allowed. If found they will be locked and you will be punished. Trading from the same IP with different people, such as family members or friends on the same network as you is allowed however. Smooth....
  3. Great War Chapter III

    I'll join up if I can be on the blue team I'm already in Twin. E.S.
  4. of bots, and the doom of the economy

    they pay cash for those bots sir is that maintenance fee enough?
  5. New rule about bagsitting/mules

    Curious... I was under the impression store bots were paid for and had to remain stationary... I mean having a *does math* 10080 load seems like an awefully big advantadge over players who have a hard enough time hauling their mere 200 load worth of whatever ore back to the storage...back and forth, 50 times, to match one haul of your bot. Granted you did pay for the extra space, and you are controlling the character, but if you are truely trying to balance the economy, hauling around 2500 iron ores a trip doesn't seem to be the logical way to go about it sir... (IMHO) While I will acquise that I have used a secondary character to sit a death bag, I will say that I can live without it... and will... I will, at the same time agree with you that this rule is horribly worded... for example... in the RULES on Bagsitting subtitled section, it notes that only sitting death bags for another account and/or trading between the two characters are illegal, and characters made for such a purpose are to be deleted... It at no time mentions using a store bot to haul ores for a guild... Or using a "Mule" to haul ores back to storage while you continue to mine... Perhaps by *clearly* defining this old rule, all they've actually accomplished is making the waters a bit more murky... 2 Cents. E.S.
  6. Ore Suggestion

    It makes sense, but would only be used in mass quantities were the prices for items was adjusted, or higher level items were made sellable... And THAT would only be practicle if monsters stopped dropping completed weapons or armors... You have a good idea sir, but one that will more than likely be *forgotten* in due time... 2 cents, E.S.
  7. How many got a Rostogol stone so far?

    Miss Roja would it be possible to limit these Stones to 1 per character? I.E. If you have one in your storage/inventory, you will not be able to find another? This solution would be desirable to most players I believe, as then there wouldn't be an excessive amount in the game and people would tend to not sell them, rather keep their own... 2 cents, E.S.
  8. Godless, great deal or horrible mistake?

    The 5 pickpoints you get at the start come from the 750 experience you are given with 3 attack and 3 defense, so they count with your overall experience. However, I agree that the godless perk, while benificial for a low level player can have a negative effect once you reach higher levels. As such, it forces players who wish to gain the benifits of the perk to reset... <_< Just part of the game I suppose. E.S.
  9. mm perkers

    So you're saying that I cannot claim that your system, while it would work, would not at all effect the players who take other's death bags in the way you seem to think it would.... You have no facts to support this, only that you theorize that newbies wouldn't wander onto dangerous maps without mm because they would die... My facts are that they will, because I have seen them do it. I have SEEN them do it, I HAVE SEEN THEM DO IT..... I see, my logic is flawed because my eye's don't count. Yet what proof do you offer that they wouldn't go on this maps, unladdened... It's not as if these maps are *Over run with spawns*, instead it's a simple matter of skill to avoid these high level monsters, which believe it or not is not all that hard. They only attack if they are motionless and you are within their range, which is roughly 4 tiles depending on the monster... I am not saying that because they have MM, they don't wander more freely.. they do, but MM does not just effect those players who want to take your stuff when you die... It also effects many players who have no intention of taking your stuff... Again, for the record, I've seen it happen... 2 cents, E.S.
  10. mm perkers

    Lol, it was sarcasm, but at any rate, more realistic would be a level based increase in dropped items... i.e. OA level/5 = number of items you WILL drop each death, now which of these items that get dropped depends on a random roll... but that's not really the point of the post it was merely to take his suggestion to the other EXTREME... 2 cents, Swiss
  11. mm perkers

    Yes I can, and I have. Its up to you to convince me I'm wrong. I like this line... it sums up everything nicely... In reply I'll say that the MM perk is fine as it is, and you've done nothing to convince me otherwise... actually all you've done here is complain that someone stole your death bag. Which, in and of itself, is faulty reasoning. They did not steal anything, you died... the items were dropped from your inventory as a punishment for death, to be picked up by whoever happened upon it. As for my data, I only need 1 peice of information.... *points at member number* I'd say that qualifies me as an expert as far as dying goes... Hmm, how about a counter point, with death, you drop items, someone else gets them causing you to buy new items, thus helping the economy... Perhaps we should change the drop rate to 100% of items in your inventory instead, let the bag jumpers really get their money's worth... Convince me I'm wrong... Edit: After re-reading most of the post, I've decided I now see what the true problem is... you are all confusing the typical behaviour of a typical NOOB (not newb, there's a difference, trust me) with the slang term we use: BAGJUMPER. Taking someone's death bag, while perfectly legal, is NOOBish to most of us, the vast majority see it as only common courtesy to return lost items of our fallen commrads, or at least to sit the bag while they return. However, there are those who do not follow this particular custom... they choose however the "Finders Keepers" ethos, while childish and annoying, it is there right. A BAGJUMPER however is the person who lurks around storages or harvesting areas waiting for a player to lag out to the grue or be transported elsewhere by mama nature, only to pounce on the victims bag full of whatevers... this too, while annoying and childish, is legal... but really, removing MM wouldn't help that now would it? 2 cents, Evil Scorpio
  12. crafting

    The first one is supposed to be a fur belt I believe free... the second was the leather Great Idea btw... I like it... and it can be extended to other things already in the game . . . 2 cents, E.S.
  13. mm perkers

    I believe Miss Aisllinn is saying you are wrong because there was a time when there was no MM perk, that she was there during this time, and that your opinion of what the game might be like without it is very different from what it ACTUALLY WAS LIKE without it... An opinion based on EXPERIENCE rather than... say fantasy... But at any rate, there were just as many bag jumpers back then... carrying nothing at all, they just didn't wander over to ROT... it was occupied, which ironically no one does now anyway, MM or no... :-S 2 Cents. Swiss (Since I know you're asking yourself right now, and by doing so, adding validity to my point... ROT is the Ruins Of Tyrimn, the first PK map. No one goes there now, so if you wanna train without fear of bag jumpers, spend a few days there with me I hate being all alone all the time...)
  14. Rostogal stone?

    So you're saying that I can take LV out back, carrying one of these stones and when 50 people try to kill me, I won't loose anything??? How is that not bad for the economy? Unless it were made to not function on a PK map, I forsee many complaints about this in the near future, especially considering the rate of drop... Mass exodus to the Pk maps, where you kill someone who *for shame* doesn't have this stone, get their items, then die, and keep both yours and theirs.... hmmm. yeah. 2 cents, E.S.
  15. How many got a Rostogol stone so far?

    I know at least 3 people who have 4-5...