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  1. Please help me.

    Please tell me Why did i get ban? And for how much time? My nick is saper. Im starting play and writting name and password and click log in. Im waiting and i cant login. I dont know why? Please tell me. Sorry my english is bad.
  2. Please help me.

    Funny judging of saper is for me about steal and removal Goks Char... This is the best friend Goks and my And I doubt it that it robbed him yet not known thereof password. And saper not deleted Goks, was with in goks when yourself withdraw the Goks, Cause? Someone stol his bag... Goks make new alt (lothil) and trasport expensive items to him before delete Goks, and he has returned the rest to sister(Ania96) trade in the same IP. I saw nothing about it and i login at they. Ania96 was guilty me 13kgc and she gave me back on the same IP. I broked rules5 And we were locked. I know that I have broken rules5 when i was trade with ania96 on the same IP. But I did not know about the rest of incident. Please unblock my Char MyDaRa. My english is bad ;/ I write on a accont saper because my has be deleted... MyDaRa
  3. Please help me.

    Hi. You said you unban Saper. I try log on but i can't. Pls do something with that!
  4. Please help me.

    REPLY POST !!!! PLEASE... n/c
  5. Please help me.

    And reply please
  6. Please help me.

    Reply, reply, reply. How long i can waiting? lolz
  7. Please help me.

    Now you can reply.
  8. Please help me.

    Ok. We can wait, but please tell me when Entropy come back? Thanks any way.
  9. Please help me.

    Please reply post! I'm waiting...
  10. Please help me.

    Please reply post.
  11. Please help me.

    Hi. I review new bans policy. I write these post for me and Fazy. Ok i'm start.. Chajal-it was be char of my cousin. He logg in my computer 3-4 times. Saper-it's me. I played all the time. Klima9- it's my 2 cousin he logg on 1 only 1 time on my computer. Kinga_pl-it's Fazy's sister. Kiu-it's Presti_pl he played 1 time on my computer. He is my cousin too. Anka_pl-sister of my cousin. She played from time to time. Now she have computer in home. She have new char. Fan_of_dean42- Presti_pl in second char. I don't now he played on my coumper. He must do these 1 time. Fazy-my pal and my cousin. I've been playing at his flat he's been at mine. We break de rules of MULTIPLAYNING. I know the rules of EL and i realy sory. We have ban 1 year. Please unban Fazy and Saper. Anka_pl, Kiu, Klima9, Kinga_pl, Fan_of_dean42, Chajal you can deleted. We realy sory. We like to play EL and we don't do these nex time. I thinkink about 1 year is really sufficing punishment, for all our faults. We know EL rules, never do these again. we have hope that their will be unbanned. Thx and wait for reply.
  12. Please help me.

    Please reply post.
  13. Please help me.

    Hello. I'm writing in name Fazy and me. We wait year already for unblocking Fazy and Saper. We are really like playing Eternal Lands and we have hope that their will be unbanned. I thinkink about 1 year is really sufficing punishment, for all our faults. We promise, that it will not repeat it. We have another IP now. Another characters, who's was banned can be deleted. We are waiting for answer. Sorry my english is suck ^^
  14. Please help me.

    Please reply post.