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  1. Elise

    Bye hoaxer, Bye Gohan, Ember, Soldus, Fury and SirDan, I'll miss you! Bye literary-anthropomorphism-of-evil.
  2. Elise

    I indeed deleted my character. Someone already re-created it, so if you see Elise online, its not me! Hope whoever it was won't abuse it. Bye bye friends, I'll be around in PlaneShift if you want to come visit me.
  3. Random Spawns

    Am I that transparent? I don't want to stop other people training, I don't even PK. I don't need low levels to die, I suck enough at PKing to die at high lvls too. I just want fighting monsters to be fun. I might even start playing again if this happened. I do understand why high level fighters and PKers might not like if all spawns were random, but I think this game should be fun. It should not cater only to the needs and wants of power gamers.
  4. Random Spawns

    Yes please I want completely random spawns... I've wanted this so bad for so long. No more standing in one place when hunting fluffies!
  5. Better fighting exp

    I think getting exp per kill like so many other games is the boring default option. I really wouldn't want that.
  6. Ore spawns

    I think it could make it much more fun. Maybe you just aren't explorer?
  7. How about if you can upgrade your guild to greater guild after it has existed for more than 6 months (and whoever upgrades is level 60)?
  8. Server messages

    I think the point she is trying to make is that when you see it all the time it gets rather annoying, and I agree with her. I hope it will be changed or the bug will be fixed soon.
  9. Ore spawns

    Would it be possible to make it so that veins that are further away from the exits (deeper in the cave) have more ore than veins near the exits? So basicly the deeper you go into the cave the better chances you have of finding an ore vein that has enough ore for your needs. The point with this would be that maybe the full time harvesters could occupy the deeper and darker places of the cave and people who are only quickly harvesting some ore can do so near the entrances.
  10. EXP needed to lvl?

    Well experience levels in el don't work the way you think they do Koltsoi. Just accept it and move on, as there's nothing wrong the way it is.
  11. Ore spawns

    I voted yes, because this is something I would very much like to try out and see if it works. If it can be implemented well, it could make harvesting more fun and develop it towards a real skill.
  12. Thank y00! :)

    Grats on the new summoning level!
  13. Guild politics channel

    I love this idea! Very good thinking Earl. I think the rank restriction for the channel should be high but the channel shouldn't only be for guild masters.
  14. Disengage Rings

    Loth you need to lay off the carrot juice! Good otherwise but I think the Greater Dis Ring you describe here is a bit too strong. 5 sec flee time and no exp loss would be enough imo. How about change it so that when you use a (normal) Dis Ring, the other person can still move around but not attack you?
  15. Many people have suggested using shortcuts to overcome the difficulties with the new interface when it comes to fighting. There are however some real problems with shortcuts: Many actions are not configurable to shortcuts. Most notably the attack-icon is missing, which is of prime importance in fighting and PKing. Also the new Use With -icon is missing. Some shortcuts are hardcoded, like ALT-X, F5, F6,F8 and F9. I tried to set Walk-shortcut to ALT-Z and Use-shortcut to ALT-X... I might try programming these changes myself but I can't get the latest CVS to work.
  16. For less spam

    Well the other ideas sound good but this last one, because an answer on the channel benefits everyone on the channel. There are some people who for some reason might not want to ask some particular question on the channel but rather wait until someone else asks it.
  17. New interface

    Well for me, if I use an item in inventory or quickbar, the cursor changes to use-icon in the main window. Further, now I have to make sure I have the use-icon selected in both the inventory and quickbar windows before entering PK. That I often forget to do. Also it seems you can't use alt-leftclick as a shortcut to attack someone/something anymore. Well like Saro said it's hard to get used to this new interface. I think it will take a long time before I stop instinctively double rightclicking on the quickbar.
  18. New interface

    Try PKing someone. Maybe you'll find out.
  19. New interface

    I also don't like the new interface. It's cumbersome when I'm fighting fluffy because now I have to constantly change between the normal and finger icons. It's bad in PKing because you can't quickly use any item anymore like you could with double rightclick. Also I do prefer to use the mouse alone because with shortcuts I have to take my eyes of the sreen.
  20. Party With Scarr

    We were having a nice harvesting party in the Nordcarn cave, me and my guild, when Scarr decided to join us. We had really fun and decided to invite some Chim wolfs too! Too bad Scarr had to leave early: Well Scarr, maybe you better not join our party next time.
  21. Party With Scarr

    It's fast? Then why so few people have summoning over 30? You can't get any gc from summoning and you need ELE's to summon the strongest monsters. To make it fair, how about killing a Fluffy requires an ELE and killing a Chimmy requires an EME? :lol:
  22. Removing map notes?

    No Problem - even though it was indirect help.
  23. The new nordcarn cave map :)

    Thanks Shy! I wish all the maps were like this.
  24. Some things about the new version...

    Turning off shadows worked for me. No more laggy TG.
  25. Update test, part deux

    Tried the command line var and it worked.