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  1. New Update Rokcs!

    The main reason I play games....is to escape from RL, to escape from this fucked up world we live in. So why change EL into that world? This also scares of a lot of newbies, why would they play a game that takes hours to do something or make something...when in the end you just fail 50% of the time? I already have a lot of things to do and hardly any time for EL, maybe it's best to just quit...or only chat...EL right now is more like a graphical chatroom for me then a game to achieve something in. I hope this gets changed back or altered...
  2. First Day Acomplishments

    On my first day...I got all kinds of stuff from Ali and Lobonar so I could train on rabbits without dying xD I also did Faris and Garis with some help...I followed Lobonar all over WS without knowing where I was. I didn´t even know about the map
  3. What's Your Religion

    wow, thats exactly how I think about it...well said!
  4. Yet Another Quiz.

    W00t! Dwarf! Dwarves pwn!
  5. Is This Legal ?

    rofl, where the hell would a newbie get thousands of gold for an answer? I wonder how many people will actually fall for this little scam...
  6. Altar Of Sacrifice

    There are some people out there in the low 30's that have high phys/coord and that attack higher level players, they sometimes manage to kill people with 20 lvls higher. Would that be karma loss for the high lvl guy? Or will it stay the same because he was attacked and he didn't attack? I don't really like this idea...but I'm not a pker so it wouldn't affect me much.
  7. "economy"...

    well...I'm not too fond of the idea either, but if we want a better economy thats one of the things that has too happen. first of all a new system is needed since right now things are bad. Afterwards it's all up to Ent, he decides to wipe or not. Btw, why leave for something small like that? It's a game, not your life.
  8. Tougher Monsters?

    I experienced the same, gobbies became a lot harder, might just be my reset and lower phys/coord, but I was doing gargs easy first with just a little bit higher phys/coord and now I get hit by gobbies for 14 sometimes and they hit a lot more... <_<
  9. "economy"...

    well there should´ve been higher fail rates and higher recommended lvls right from the start...OR the old system, not the recommended level crap, but you actually need the level for it. That system rocked, back then you really had to level up for high level items and since you did the work, you would be repaid with making many expensive items which you could sell for good cash. So maybe another item wipe is needed and the implementation of the old system for lvls again...although that will get a lot of bitching again. But hey, it's a beta, time to perfect it I say...
  10. Laggy

    When I logged on this moring I had massive lag, my ping skyrocketed to 5700 and was above 1000 most of the time. When I logged on a couple of hours later I was back at a nice 35 MS I do get the feeling that the server has been more laggy since the crash, I used to never get resyncs and never get any lag. Now I actually get eaten by teh Grue sometimes
  11. Warning

    ok..thats not nice... I´m a dwarf and I have never scammed or stolen anything. Why would you even want to say that? Bah, I feel like declaring a holy Dwarven war against you...but that would mean I would have to actually do something...consider yourself lucky
  12. Favorite Bands

    My list would be too long to post...so I´ll post a small fraction of it The Offspring Muse Iron Maiden Metallica (older albums, not St. Anger) Children of Bodom System of a Down Apocalyptica Nirvana etc... This is what I've been listening to lately.
  13. Where Are We?

    Den Haag (The Hague for you people from other countries) in The Netherlands.... So many Dutch people around here...
  14. AQ test for hardcore EL-players

    14...now what does that mean exactly?
  15. R U B I

    you could be a little more friendly to someone that helps you... besides...doesn't harvy sell those?