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  1. Bell South Canada got a character creation ban

    eh, at least in these threads going off topic doesn't make that much of a difference, since there's no big on topic conversations anyway. I just hope ent doesn't go too far with ISP bans because then no one new will be able to play. It kinda sucks for those people who are just unlucky enough to have that isp, but then again, i don't know any better way. Off-topic: how does an anti-spiritus partition get rid of killerlamb?
  2. Bell South Canada got a character creation ban

    fyi, no one cares about aol. period. They waste perfectly good cds. i find it amazing that aol keeps using the same marketing strategy of spamming their cds, making version after version with minor changes, and offering more minutes that people can't even use (to use up all of the hours within the time limit you would have to be on almost nonstop) when it obviously isn't working? And people, don't be cheap and just use free trial after free trial. Seriously, i have a reliable ISP for $9. Don't tell me you can't afford that. Anyway, i wonder if anyone new will be able to play in the future with all these isp bans.
  3. Ants

    People seem to be so used to the generally friendly community that they get mad at the people who aren't so friendly. Occasionally, people even try to get PKers banned if they don't return their stuff! Anyway, I'm going to stop talking about this, as it has already been discussed, and is getting off topic. Also, the idea is that these bots are like ants, and ants don't live alone. These particular bots are designed to scurry around and pick up stuff, just as ants do. Plus, they are designed to work as a group.

    I agree. I know that they are busy with the game, but it's not that hard to keep the website up to date. I wonder why they even bother having a "screenshot of the week"
  5. numbers above health bars

    I wouldn't want it so you could see your enemies exact health. If you know absolutely everything about your opponent then PK maps just turn into "prey on the weak, and run when someone who can kick your arse comes by"
  6. Insanity Test

    Fine, here's a sanity test: http://www.penddraig.co.uk/pen/tests/sanity.htm
  7. banning astonboy

    1. He did not violate any rules 2. This is quoted from a mod: In short, this forum is for people who are already banned. Abuse is for people who you feel should be banned.
  8. Nederlander si teh banned

    I have an idea to stop blocking. Place a sort of invisible teleporter on each bridge. It would be the same as one of those one way blue teleporters, and it would teleport someone to the side of the bridge. The only difference is that it would only teleport them if they stood there for 10 seconds. I don't know the code for the teleporters, but I think it could be done by modifying the teleporter code slightly.
  9. UI improvements

    Perhaps instead of having equipment slots, you could add an equip button. The item would still be in with the inventory, but a symbol would show that it is equipped. Sort of like Morrowind.
  10. Some random ideas...

    1. Poor newbs. Although I was thinking a while back, how about bear cubs? feel free to kill it, but bears become aggressive. 2. That would suck, especially if you bought them. 3. There is no way to change walking speed for a person or group. Any change to walking speed affects everything.
  11. Ants

    No, it is not stolen. By using bags you fully accept the risk of that happening. All you have to do is keep everything in your inventory and it can never be stolen. Anyway, it's an interesting project, and could even lead to better monster AI.
  12. Microsoft patents the doubleclick

    I say let them waste money. Seriously, isn't it enough to have like 75% of all computers running Windows??? Now they are starting to use dirty tactics to get rid of their competition. This probably isn't getting them any money, and is ruining their image even further. Not only that, but if they try too hard to get rid of their competition, they then have to deal with the U.S. Government and antitrust/monopoly laws. If not for the fact that you almost never have to worry about compatability with Windows, i'm sure a lot of people would turn to other, better OS's.
  13. Microsoft patents the doubleclick

    I was trying to make up an example. So please respond to what I was trying to say rather than scrutinizing my example.
  14. Microsoft patents the doubleclick

    The patent system really needs to be redone. It is quite easy to abuse. For instance, oil companies place patents on fuel efficient cars and hold that patent so that the car can't be developed. Also, they often do patent stacking. Say the time limit on a patent is almost up. Competitors of whoever owns it would be able to create their own version of that product. What companies will do is place a new patent on some aspect of that product. So if someone had a patent on the computer and it was almost up, they would patent the motherboard.
  15. Meep!!!

    When a thread veers off, you turn that into a new thread, and let the old one get back on course. If you want people to know that a game is good, go to offtopic, and put in a thread titled "another good game" or something like that. That way, people who want to know about bans don't have to read about FF11, and those who want to know about another good game don't have to find it by accident in the bans forum.