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  1. game wont start please help!

    i got that problem too, but when I tried another computer, it worked fine. Make sure your folder isn't read only. Hope this helps :!: Everyone here is always complaining
  2. Nederlander si teh banned

    Make the offenders pinadas they will remain pinatas until they get all their stuff beaten out of them. That should teach them and make the good people happy! Also make sure they can't dump their stuff :twisted:
  3. Seling noob items..........

    need the following items: :arrow: fighting buddy (around 18/20/16) :arrow: body rests :arrow: wooden shields (need about 25 but ant would do) :arrow: any bones anyone wants to get rid of :arrow: leather and thread (will give gloves in return) :arrow: anything else you are willing to give me :arrow: dead wolf clan members (can be found at the votd entrance of KF) willing to PAY! Private message me if you are willing to give me anything.
  4. Ants

    I like killing the Ants by summoning creatures. Then I take their stuff. Then I wait for them to get out of hell and I summon another creature to kill them. That is fun. You might want to fix it. Me