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  1. selling BP cloak

    im selling my body piercing cloak for 2.5k pm Froggy in-game to buy
  2. did my topic get deleted?

    nope not yet
  3. cool pic

    LOL :lol: :evil:
  4. cool pic

    stop spamming my topic make a spamming topic or something :twisted: :evil:
  5. cool pic

  6. unanswerable question..

    there goes my brain out the window :DEAD: oh it came back oh no its about to explode again :oops:
  7. cool pic

    its not supposed to be :evil:
  8. cool pic

    take a look at this
  9. How do u round off corners??

    Oh right :?
  10. How do u round off corners??

    rtfm?? :?
  11. How do u round off corners??

    Have a look on the DP map beside the stone bridge theres like semi-circles on the edge of the land :?
  12. How do u round off corners??

    lol i dont know how to round off corners rwrite here if u know how
  13. FADE

    if any1s interested then pm me and ill see wat i can do
  14. Avatar

    yup u have to put a web adress in
  15. unanswerable question..

    im not