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  1. The Goblin training area (near the NC entrance)
  2. Good idea... Edited the first post
  3. I have killed Bob like 13 times now (he killed me when i was still a newb)
  4. an ANT bag-jumped me

    just 3 letters express my feeling on this thread, L, O and L
  5. Sorry, my bad... Quite a while back it used to be Gypsum (i still have it marked on my map)
  6. What was your first guild?

    My first guild was ~OX~ in the Old EL(god bless its name). And in the New EL, i think Lord.
  7. I have been in the Gold mines too long so I have named the 4 goblins that live there. I have named them Mort, Jonas, Kenny and Eric. Stan and Kyle are best buddies, they spawn together, eat together, kill newbies together and sometimes they kill Kenny accidentaly (you bastards...). Kenny lives in the eastern gold mine, butsometimes wanders off to meet Eric. Eric hates Kenny, because he is the "Goblin Tramp" and Eric hates Kyle too, for being a "goblin jew". Eric lives near the entrance to the 2nd part of the gold mine. Many people like to kill him to get to the precious Coal to sell for 300gc ea on the RS market.... yeah...... I have killed Stan the most and Eric the least myself. Post your opinion
  8. telekinetic portal in crystal cave

    Hallucinogens are not to be taken regularly! Yeah lol.... Don't do drugs, even in game... You might drop dead and there would be the good ol' NES GAME OVER screen and your IP will be banned for doing drugs and not giving any to teh god...
  9. How old are you?

    I'm 13 years old... Pretty young compared to others.
  10. Dvar again

    The "stone" wasn't actually a stone. It was Dwemeri's iron helmet. At that moment Dwemeri ran from the tavern and shouted: "Bob is coming, Bob is coming! All men, dwarves and elves to arms!". He looked around and murmured "Now where did i drop my helmet" and spotted Grogan lying on the ground and asked: "What happened?" "Nothing, I just tripped over a stone." "Hehehe. That's not a stone, that's my helmet. Don't ask how it got here. I have a bad drinking habit and.... Anyways can you help Portland defeat Bob?" "Who is Bob?" "Bob is a goblin terrorizing Portland" "We are here to defeat him!" "Let's go then, I'll join your party." They heard shouting "BOB IS IN THE STORAGE!!!!!!"
  11. Once a dwarven warchief went to kill feros with 5 of his best dwemeri soldiers. In their travel, when they stopped at Aeth Alfan to eat, one of the dwarven soldiers heard a scream coming from a nearby ruin. He said, Stegodth was his name, "I'll go check what made the noise." It went a hour, and two. The war chief Theralld murmured "Elves..." and said to his men: "Gotahh, Rydylyn, you come with me to check where Stegotdh is. You, son, will stay here to guard and Ryhlin(the only female warrior, sister of Rydylyn) will stay here with you." "But father!" Thorgrinn answered "I want to come with you!". "No, son, you will stay here and if we are not back in 10 hours, you will go to Idaloran and take the ship to Valley of the Dwarves. There lives your grandmother, you will have to live with her if I'm gone." Then Theralld took his Dvarium Greataxe and went to the elven ruins with his men. There he saw blood everywhere and orcs feasting on Stegodth. Theralld yelled "ATTACK! YOUR EVIL DEEDS SHALL NOT BE FORGOTTEN YOU FILTHY ORCS!" When they killed the orcs Rydylyn whispered "Those puny little orcs couldn't have killed Steg. It has to be something stronger." "Feros?" asked Gotahh. "No, more like giants," answered Rydylyn "more like giants." Now they noticed the size of the ruins. "There could be giants here, but how did they get here? The entrance is much smaller than giant babys!" They heard a sound coming right for them...............................
  12. Whats your reason?

    My reason for choosing this name is because i am a Dwemer in TES4:Oblivion.
  13. Some pics of "cute Knut"

    Don't be so jealous! Actually, the baby IS kinda cute, but not when he grows up.. Till then...
  14. elder scrolls

    I really DO worship TES... My (new)char in Oblivion: Lvl3 Dwemer(custom race) blaster. Main skills are:Destruction, heavy armor, blunt(axeman), block, athletics, illusion, blade(incase my blade brokes or i need to draw out my mehrunes razor). KOTN is complete for me, as all the subquests that came with it (razor, deepscorn, frostcragg). I'm starting main quest now.