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    girlz girlz girlz =D<br />and girlz<br />girls also<br />dont forget girls<br />oh wait,only ONE special girl now :)
  1. Croc Hunter - Steve Irwin Dead

    You would think so but he was too experienced and snakes/crocs are too predictable. He could always slip or something though.. In water things are different, its harder to evade for one and i would guess he had less experience with fish.. This was a nasty accident, real bad luck, it's sad he is gone =/
  2. best moment inyour life ever

    fainted? why? did he turn out to be a hot chick?
  3. Players lenght

    haha, this looks kinda cool
  4. best moment inyour life ever

    Interesting topic. Funny, but i cant think of anything that would really stand out.. hmmm But i could name my top 3 WORST moments in a sec
  5. The Eaf Championship 2

    oh you are so sweet but no thanx
  6. The Eaf Championship 2

    actually no, it went to the top, Chickengeorge with his huge p/c was the champ, i was about to pick a new low champion to start a new round but then george got kinda banned, i didnt have time and was quitting etc..
  7. Titanium armor

  8. quit el

    bye bye pookie
  9. thank you EL

    Thanks for the memories and a chance to meet some cool people
  10. The Eaf Championship 2

    http://www.freewebs.com/theeaf/ History updated
  11. something funny happen to me.

    so u gonna say anything? or go to jail?
  12. Guess whats so funny at this pic :)

    don is the only one too shy to get naked i guess that's THE helm? btw, did it die?
  13. Your Desk

    I had that once.. for a month or two, then both my thumb and the mouse were busted.. wont go there again
  14. Happy 18th Birthday Scarr

    werent u 16 like 3 months ago? happy bd hon
  15. peace day