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  1. Completing the crafting and manu tutorials

    Maybe you doing something wrong? I found much more bindings in that two years. In last week, while you cry here on forums bring this topic, I found 4-5 bindings (yes, lately rates are very good - usually all stones much rare). I hear some people found a bit bindings too. You don't really need bindings for instances. Bronze set (or steel/tit parts with bronze plate) + col + halberd + tit serpent should work too. Maybe some people like server like it is now? Rostos and vial molds can't be compared with bindings. I am sure everybody could live with bindings available from shop, but server will lose another unique thing which differ it from main. By the way, what advantages will be reached with binding sales? I mean for more that one player.
  2. Completing the crafting and manu tutorials

    Current rate of bindings is more that fine now, not worse that year ago (link). It is possible to do that quests on server for them who wants to show off, in fact bindings not problem here, harder to get levels, nexuses and saving stones. So, in my opinion there no need to sell bindings from shop. Who wants to get nice armor - could get it now, some achievements should be really Achievements.
  3. watch more than one skill in the stats-bar

    Also, now on resolution 800x600 there none skills visible for me. Actual image size: There enough space for one skill bar and it was visible before.
  4. NPC

    I logged like 10 hours after bindings was placed. I sure that 24 hours after there were bindings to find. Some of us even stopped after first find for a while, giving others chance too. I know that yesterday dht found bag. There definitely was enough time. Maybe there still some bags around. But instead, some just preferred to cry instead of looking for some. And from dht's chat_log, some of bindings which was found in guild:
  5. NPC

    While some people invested a lot of gcs to get that 'power and wealth', what did you do?
  6. BINDING auction

  7. Xmas events today 9pm GMT

    Thanks Handy
  8. binding stone

  9. Instance today anyone?

    I am in
  10. BUY

    I have for sale 2 reasoning and 1 will stone, they are on bot Pollina now
  11. Elven bow auction

  12. 1.7.0 Map Bugs

    Walkable tree at South Redmoon Island [195,185] (outside map) Map name cont2map16.elm
  13. Elven bow auction