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  1. Expiring bots, November 2013

    Fashions has been paid...Trans Id # 5RK0801137967602E
  2. Expiring bots, April of 2014

    Fashions has been paid..Trans Id # 5RK0801137967602E
  3. Ummm....?

    Im sorry if you are still thinking over this matter, but I was wondering if it is already decided, or something. Ive been looking at this thread 2 x a day the past few days and watching all these other threads piling on top of mine. Am i not going to get my account back? Or are you still deciding? Sorry if i am being a pest but eternal lands was my favorite past time... I enjoyed playing with my grandmother on it. Sorry about the rules i broke, it wont happen again
  4. Ummm....?

    Is that permanent? Sorry about the rules, I forgot about those. I just said once in public didnt i? Then i tried my friends but they didnt want. The reason i was trading items from glontol/glontol2 was i thought glontol was permanently banned so i made a new one. Then one day waaay later i just tried to log in because i was bored. So i gave the items on my old one to my new one because i decided to keep the new one. I wasnt aware i couldnt do this sorry . I promise it wont happen again.
  5. Ummm....?

    For some reason, when i got on EL one morning and my username/pass didnt work. I typed in the password and it didnt say anything. So then i made a new account and it worked so i know its just that account. Why is this? What have i done wrong? plz respond!
  6. Houses

    What if there was a place in some city where each charecter enters and they are in there own home. They could build furniture and accesories for it. People could buy/trade furniture for there houses. People could invite friends over to their house to talk in private and do things. Maybe we could make games you could purchase for your house like boxing, or card games. It could cost money before you own your house, then you can keep building more in it! Please consider my idea ^^.
  7. My introduction.

    Finaly! thank you sistema
  8. My introduction.

  9. My introduction.

  10. My introduction.

    Oh I read ALOT. My fav authors are... Philip Pulman ( ^^ ) tolkien , brian jacques, and many others. Thanks for compliments!! Now if someone would just tell me how to quote...
  11. My introduction.

    Ok just waitin for someone to comment and critisize Cant wait to start writing some of those storys you outlined
  12. Scullsyk the Mighty

    Now, I havent made it yet either, but i think your story sounds pretty good. Just make sure its about a story not stuff you do in the game, like "mining ore for money" or "killing armed goblins" Other then that, sounds great! Cant wait to hear more from you.
  13. My introduction.

    Thank you all so much. I have thought about what you all said and have edited, revised, added to, and read over this story several times..I think this one might make it. I have read all your storys that made it and i am very impressed. I dont know if i will ever be as good... but then again im only 13 . Well... here goes! The Lone Warrior My name is not important. Actions speak louder then words. I have never known much about myself and have always been driving to find out more of my past. I am strong and quick tempered and always ready for a fight. But soon, my life was about to change. One day I was some how transported to a strange island. At first I was angry, killing all the creatures and demolishing farms and crops I saw there. Then the people rebelled and hunted me down. I was a prisoner until one day; a fair maiden came to rescue me. I did not know her at all. She persuaded the guards to let me go. As we walked on through the forest she told me to be silent. So I obeyed. Finely after what seemed like an eternity, we arrived at a large ship on a dock. I had never been here before. When we road the ship, in no time at all we arrived at a fast new land. She said it was called White Stone. We traveled on and on through the woodland. Passing many creatures like White Rabbits and Pumas. Then she told me to stop at nightfall. So we set up camp. I asked her what her name was but she did not reply. I fell asleep shortly afterward. When I woke it was sunrise and she was no where to be found. I panicked and ran about in search of the fair maiden. As I searched I found an old city. It lay in ruins all around me. I walked on and found 6 large pillars of stone each with an angel beside it. Curious I inspected it some more and found a statue of a horse with wings. There was a great glowing light radiating in front of it. I felt as if it would take me somewhere. But I could not find any way “in” so to speak. Frustrated I fell asleep hoping things would be clearer in the morning. When I woke up this time the beautiful maiden was standing watching me. “So you pursued me?” She asked, her voice loud and powerful. I started to stutter, “Y-yes, w-who are y-you? Why am I so a-attracted to you?” She laughed and said, “All beings are attracted to me, for I am the goddess of Light, Defense, Life, Truth, and Love. I summoned you here as I do to all promising warriors-” “But what for? What are we supposed to do?” I interrupted. Smiling she continued, “I need you to uphold the greatest task in this world. Monsters are raging all around this world killing countless innocents. You must bring an end to this. Find a way to defeat the monsters once and for all.” She cast a spell and suddenly I found myself wearing glittering armor. A great sword in one hand and a large shield in my other. “Now go, and fight. You cannot die for you are an eternal; deathless. Just as they are. And all in these, Eternal Lands.” So I journeyed from that desolate land with one task in mind: Kill Monsters. It seemed like the only way of life from now on. Food lost its taste, all fun of my life seemed to seep away. All I could concentrate on was my one goal. I fought hard. One day I died, fighting a skeleton, and found myself in a hellish place. There was lava all around me and I found half my items were gone. In a rage I ran through that place looking for a way out. Before long I found a great portal. As I stepped through it I found my self back on the island that the goddess had saved me from. When I stepped out, I was greeted by an Elf. I didn’t catch her name. She asked me if I was sent by Aluwen too. “Who is Aluwen?” I asked. “She is the goddess in the temple who sends adventurers on the Great Task.” I nodded. “Then we should join forces! I have a guild fully armed and ready to fight!” She said, excited. I asked her what a guild was and she laughed. “A guild is a team of people who are very strong. We go about doing the god’s will. This sounded too good to me to be true. I always thought this quest was mine alone. But it seems others were sent too. I agreed heartily and we walked off to the ship. From then on my life was better then ever. As I said earlier, names are not important. Actions are greater then words. That is why I shape and carve my destiny and history by getting stronger and combating the Evil Ones. It is what I do, I am an Eternal.
  14. My introduction.

    1. They you so much Lyanna, your advice really helped. I will try to do more of those things this time. Still working on making more "lovable" charecters lol. 2. Can someone please tell me how to quote? I really just dont know how.... Thanks, Glontol.
  15. My introduction.

    dude........... Fine. If you want me to spend days and days and weeks and weeks and years and years for an "introduction" so be it. I thought you'd rather me spend my time on a real story