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  1. resyncs question

    I face same probs sometimes, but i always resync when getting out of EVTR Tavern.
  2. The Kilaran Field Clash 3

    Me join bro, dont forget
  3. Buying 10k HEs

    Hi, I am buying 10k HEs, post with offer price. The best price gets my order.
  4. Buying 10k HEs

    Got what I needed.
  5. Buying 10k HEs

    Still buying 10k HEs, offering a price of 8.5gcs each.
  6. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Magic Removal Stone at EVTR iron ore
  7. KF CLASH - II

    That's like 5am-ish for me, so don't really know if i can make it... but maybe. Come on Kor, u never sleep anyways
  8. PK arenas change

    Great idea indeed
  9. NMT idea

    If NMT has to be degradable (which is not a bad idea imo), and the drops are increased and price goes down as well, then I will also agree with the idea of having the Brod removed from EL, cause as others have already stated.
  10. BARD

    Great features error Good Luck on ur new bot o/
  11. More realism - rotting items

    Dont u have any other work to do? If u r too bored of the current system, go play other games, rather than making this game rot/rust/degrade. Thanks
  12. EdNovel and PrincssTitanium to Marry

    \o Congratz Buddy o/
  13. Auctioning 1 Vegetal nexus Removal stone

    Ah crap, i havnt noticed it ended, my bad :/
  14. Auctioning 1 Vegetal nexus Removal stone

  15. Trading 1 Antisocial Removal for 1 IEDP Removal
  16. Exchanging Anti Removal with IEDP removal

  17. Artifical Removal Stone

  18. Artifical Removal Stone

  19. Artifical Removal Stone

  20. Artifical Removal Stone

  21. Screenshot Thread

  22. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    Yes, but with limitations
  23. Real Life Imitating EL

    Some shops gives discount here at my City during the time of festivals (India, Calcutta). Enjoy the pic