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  1. What Is An Mmorpg?

    A MMORPG is a a group of likeminded people from diverse backgrounds and geographic locations meeting in a graphical representation of a world forming a community which allows for supporting and occasion combat situations.
  2. Harvesting

    Yes, this is a pain. 13 veggies in 1 minute kinda sucks. However, I think this change will help out alot in the long run. Yeah, I'd like to see it faster, but at least you have autoharv built into the client now. I know there are some/many who hate it, but I kinda like it. Makes the harvest skill more meaningful. Aelric
  3. Here is a suggestion that could be useful for the guild_commands. #guild_online - would list who is currently online within the guild. Would be nice to have for all guild members I think.
  4. Okay, I have a few constructive things to add now. Took me awhile to get over being angry for being sent to a PK map and losing a Powersaver cloak even though I was at the keyboard. 1. Things happen while harvesting(minus pick's breaking) at a very alarming rate and cause too much damage or reward. I watched one player get hit by a bee for 10 points...A BEE!!! How can a bee cause 10 points, while a punch from a noob does 1? Is it a killer bee? Or I've watched a player get hit for 18 pints because mama nature is mad, yet the next second that same player is rewarded! Not to mention that harvesting is the best, safest method for noobs to get going. Now they face death from monsters and bees while harvesting flowers. 2. Breaking pick's are a good thing. It will drive the price up which is a good thing. But going through 5 pick's in 15-20 minutes is not good. The timing on the above two needs major adjustment as does the reward/damage done. Harvesting is not like fighting in that it doesn't happen that frequently. Harvesting is done in the hundreds of items by many people, while fighters don't hit as frequently and have a delay between fights in which their items are damaged or destroyed. I know that macro'ers are causing problems, but this may be one step to many at this point, killing off or severly limiting the abilities of legit harvesters. Sorry if there was too much rant in that. I tried to keep it down. At this point I am not going to be going online for awhile, as I've lost to much while harvesting fruit for my personal consumption.
  5. Next Banned Temporarily

    Then it no longer makes sense to me to even try and reason with you. Entropy, I would HIGHLY recommend that you not reinstate NeXt, and I would STRONGLY encourage you to pursue this through whatever legal steps you can. This activity should not be allowed, or you are relinquishing control of your server to one players whims. If you would like any help with anything regarding this, please feel free to PM me, or send me a message here in forums. I'd gladly help out where I can.
  6. Next Banned Temporarily

    NeXt, Are you really this dense, or are you just trying to piss people off? You really do not understand that attacking a server, regardless of how light or heavy, is justifiable? I'm sorry. I did not realize what I was arguing with.
  7. Next Banned Temporarily

    There, you just threatened again.
  8. Next Banned Temporarily

    NeXt, you really really don't get it do you? You are continuing to threaten Entropy's business over and over. Your threats alone should be more than enough to ban you. You say your sorry, but continue to threaten the server and Entropy directly. You SURE don't sound like your sorry to me. I wouldn't care WHY you did it. All I would look at is your actions since it happened. If you have apologized instead of swearing and ranting, you would likely have gotten right back into the game. You are a threat. You will continue to be a threat for as far as I can see. You do not understand the consequence's of your actions and how they affect others.
  9. Next Banned Temporarily

    NeXt, It doesn't matter if it was a light attack or a full out attack, your INTENTIONAL actions caused the situtation regardless of who did the restart of the server. If YOU had not done the attack, the server would not have been rebooted, correct? You obviously do not have any consideration for others, or you would not have done this. sam7337, I take it your okay with the behavior of NeXt? You think it was okay for him to get mad because he didn't get his way? And your fine with the fact that he screwed over alot of people? I would have agreed with you on one more chance, but that was BEFORE he launced an attack on the server. His action is unjustifiable and Entropy SHOULD permenently ban him, and pursue legal actions against him if possible. Entropy is providing a free service to everyone, and trying very hard to make a go with this as a business. NeXt's action seriously jeperdize this, and should NOT go unpunished. I know you will not agree with me, sam7337, as your friends with NeXt. But you do have to look at it from Entropy's point of view and see that there is alot of risk in allowing something like this to get by.
  10. Next Banned Temporarily

    NeXt, if you were wronged, is seperate from what you did. Your response hurt not only Entropy and the mods your mad at. You caused problems for ALL players of Eternal Land's. So what you have a better computer than the server EL is on. Mine is likely better than yours, yet I didn't DDoS you for screwing up the game and making me mad. You may well have lost the game players, which could affect the overall success of the game. Maybe Learner was too harsh, I agree with his actions based on the logs I've seen and your reactions in the forums. But, it's not my place to decide. Personally, as a sys admin myself, I would boot your butt and file against you in a heart beat. I'd make sure you were busted for this, because if somebody makes you angry here and you do this, your going to do the same to somebody else. And next time what's to say it isn't something important? Entropy, is EL the only thing running on the server that was rebooted?
  11. Banned for helping Learner

    If anybody had asked, I would happily have told them. :wink:
  12. Banned for helping Learner

    This is true. It's also not a big secret.
  13. Banned for helping Learner

    Thank you Ent. About how long before this will take affect?
  14. Banned for helping Learner

    One is my home IP which works, the other is my work IP which worked at least through mid afternoon on last Friday.
  15. Banned for helping Learner

    I was helping Learner, and will be again, create his Ants. I got banned for this without anybody even bothering to ask me what I was doing. I do believe that somebody has way to much power and very little forethought on it's usage. I realize that people need to be stopped from doing destructive things, but MAYBE you should actually check what they are doing first?