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  1. training guide

    Well, unfortunately I already got all nexus, and I'm not resetting again... like I said, I don't mind if it takes awhile to get back to normal. As long as I'm on the right course, I'm happy. So if I read correctly, get Phy/Cord up to 20's first... then Vit...then Will?
  2. training guide

    Ok, my stats so far are p/c 8/14... everything else is 4....and I'm sitting on 4 PP. I'm burning Titanium Bars in school for PP's. Before my reset, I was fighting Trolls... that is how I got up to att/def 51/60. But I didn't get there using this guide... so my pick point placement was all screwed up.I think my phy/cord was 36/36... I was killing them too fast, and taking lots of damage. I had to get all my nexuses first, so I know it'll take me awhile to get back to trolls... but thats ok. I still believe this guide is the best plan of action for me. I still want to manu stuff, but I also hope to fight the dragon one day. =) So as far as PP goes, I thought you needed to bring them all up at same time LOL I would much rather load up HEALTH right away! So you suggest I get phy/cor up to 24/20 first... and then start raising Vit to 24...and then Will to 12?
  3. training guide

    Hey MP... quick question... should I readjust my PP placement? My att/def is kinda lopsided (51/60)... I didn't have this guide way back when LOL I reset to apply your guide, and so far working nicely... just want this to be my LAST reset LOL. I will not take ANY neg perks again... so might take me awhile longer to get back to normal... but ty!
  4. training guide

    Could you give me the location of this cave please... I'm doing great with the penguins, but getting tired of running from Yeti LOL EDIT: Ok, went to Spider Cave... large spiders were giving me +37 xp...same set up as with penguins...and they hurt me. Going back to penguins ;-)
  5. training guide

    I cannot thank you enough for this guide... I was placing my PP in the wrong place, and killing way to quickly. This guide is PERFECT! I seem to have very long battles with little/no damage to me. I made a new character to test this guide out, and he's doing awesome... so good, that I decided to RESET JimP (promised myself no more resets). Thank you again for this.... JimP PS: Just to give more info to this guide... Phy 8 Cor 8 Rea 4 Will 12 Ins 4 Vit 24 Att 25 Def 24 I am fighting Chinstrap Penguins and getting Att+41 Def+42 Wearing Leather Torso, Aug Pants,leather helm and boots, Unicorn Med. Taking little damage... getting lots of xp per penguine...battles last awhile! What little damage I get, I use HEAL spell to up my Magic. Don't have to cast often... usually just keeping belly full of food is enough. Getting +451 Att +615 Def = +1066 xp per Chinstrap Penguin! Once more... thank you for this guide! PSS: Took me awhile to figure out what TS meant (True Sight Potion). By taking pot, and failing, it temp lowers your DEF, hence more xp!
  6. Yew for sale

    3k+ 4k+Yew for sale 10gc each
  7. New spawns

    Ok, I voted Ferros, and I am no-where near ready to train on them yet... but if there is a shortage in the game, then thats what I want. But definitely not in a PK area...because I have no interest in PKing...or being PK'd.
  8. Sky test 3

    Ok.... I did this, and had little effect....besides making the game seem a lot smaller. A ship that I could see in the distance is now gone. I did this, and this did seem to have some effect... FPS went up a little. I turned it down to 50... and my FPS went to around 20. Is this going to be a mandatory upgrade? Or will we be allowed to play No-Clusters? I understand this is still in production... but will those of us having problems be able to TURN-Off-Sky?
  9. Sky test 3

    Ok...was having problems with sky2....so tried sky2no-clusters....ran for a looong time... but then un-expected crash...runtime error...send to microsoft? lol Sky3 seems to be running fine so far....beautiful sky images... saw a really cool sunset!!!....crossing fingers....this is all on my Laptop. EDIT: Ok, running smooth for 8+ hrs now...but huge drop in fps. Sky is a very interesting effect... not sure if its worth the FPS loss. FPS dropped down to 5-12 fps... too jittery to play. Edit Edit: Could chopping the Harvest Effect down help a little... I don't know if you can see.. but harvest effect mist travels all the way up to top of screen... Also, is it just me, or has the game become a lot darker?
  10. Sky Test client 2

    Woohooo.....No-Clusters SKY RULES!!! LOL Harvesting Yew at night. EDIT: For the record, this was on my Laptop. I tried running ElSky... but had the same results as desktop...ran for a bit, then crashed. ElSky-NoClusters seems to be working fine. What the fruck is a cruster?!?!?!
  11. Sky Test client 2

    Beautiful SKY pics Sammy!!!! man I wish I could run that!!!
  12. Sky Test client 2

    Ok...turned water off (o) ....and selected POOR-MAN settings.... EDIT: PS: I really like how ALL of the numbers are outlined in black now...makes them all pop out!!! Very nice. PSS: Rotating view still feels sticky...not smooth like before. Before, if I rotated quickly, I'd whip around and slow down to a stop... very cool feel. Now, it feels like stuck in the mud...need multi clicks to rotate. PSSS: Did I mention how much I love the black outline around the numbers? LOL
  13. Sky Test client 2

    Seems exact same with EXTENDED CAM not checked... I tried launching without Extended cam checked... I exited to outdoors....still screwey... when I check EXTENDED CAM... it seems to zoom out a little...but same screwey effects. EDIT: Would this have anything to do with No-Clusters? Is there a SKY version that is No-Clusters? (Still no clue what a cluster is, but my desktop doesn't seem to like them LOL)
  14. Sky Test client 2

    Ok...a few things I noticed.... Before Sky....numbers looked normal.... Now, numbers look a lot smaller, and spaced way out.. Also, here are the shots when I left the crypt... and when I tried rotating out of situation... Then EL crashes, and asks to send report to MS. Also, rotation seems like dragging feet in sand....instead of a quick rotation, with one swipe.... I have to multi click/drag to rotate 360 degrees.
  15. Sky Test client 2

    When I rotate screen....gets all screwy...like I'm inside of trees, can't seem to rotate out...even though I didn't walk. This happened near Crypt Enterance in Tarsengaard. I was running No-Clusters before.... with no problems.